Friday, November 12, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, November 5, 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

Ian Ayris, Maggie, A Girl of the Streets, Stephen Crane
Joe Barone, Double Deuce, Robert Parker
Paul Bishop, The Burning Season, Wayne D. Dundee
Paul Brazill, Andy Warhol's Dracula, Kim Newman
Bill Crider, Death by the Day, Lawrence Fisher
Scott Cupp, Expiration Date, Duane Swierczynski
Martin Edwards, The Second Shot, Anthony Berkley
Jose Ignacio Escribano, The Poisoned Chocolate Case, Anthony Berkley
George Kelley, The Naked Sun, Issac Asimov
Ed Gorman, Secret Window, Secret Garden, Stephen King
Randy Johnson, The Lone Wolf, Louis Joseph Vance
B.V. Lawson, Ghost of a Chance, Kelley Roos
Steve Lewis/Jeff Meyerson, A Three-Pipe Problem, Julian Symons
K.A. Laity, Renegade, Mark E. Smith
Evan Lewis, Spurs West, edited by Joseph T. Shaw
Todd Mason, Forgotten Magazines: Weird Tales, ed. Dorothy McIlwraith, Fantastic Adventures, Howard Browne
Eric Peterson, Impossibly Funky: A Cahiers du Cinemart Collection, Mike White
James Reasoner, Gangland's Doom, Frank Eisgruber
Gerard Saylor, Eleven Days (1998), Known Dead (1999), Big Thaw (2000), Code 61 (2002)
A Long December (2003) Don Harstad
Jeff Segal, The Fiend in You, edited by Charles Beaumont
Kerrie Smith, Bergerac: Crimes of the Season, Andrew Savill
Kevin Tipple, Tequila Sunrise, Michael Bracken

From November 5 (And thanks to Todd Mason for rounding these up)

Paul Bishop: Whiteout and Black Camelot by Duncan Kyle
Bill Crider: The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker
Scott Cupp: Pixie Dust by Henry Melton
Martin Edwards: Heir Presumptive by Henry Wade
Ed Gorman: The Crime Lover's Casebook (aka The New Mystery) edited by Jerome Charyn
Glenn Harper: The Coast Road by John Brady
George Kelley: The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 (the new edition)
Steve Lewis's The Mystery File, as usual, has a plethora of arguably FFB reviews.
Todd Mason: Death Qualified by Kate Wilhelm; In Deep by Damon Knight
Ann Parker: Rose by Martin Cruz Smith
Eric Peterson: Men, Women and Chainsaws by Carol Glover
James Reasoner: Tarzan and the Lion Man by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Kerrie Smith: Deadly Variations by Paul Myers

Peter Enfantino's story-by-story run through the issues of Manhunt magazine
B.V. Lawon's round-up of crime-fiction ezines


Todd Mason said...

Cool, though the title of the Beaumont anthology Jeff anatomized was more Shakespeare than Roto-Rooter, simply THE FIEND IN YOU. (Going all Johnny Cash, at one point I wrote THE FIEND IN ME.)

C. Margery Kempe said...

That would actually be "all Nick Lowe" but I am being unnecessarily pedantic. He did write it for his (then) father-in-law. But I like to give the white-haired one credit when I can.

Kerrie said...

Can we give BERGERAC an R please: BERGERAC: CRIMES OF THE SEASON, Andrew Savill (and Savill an i instead of an e)