Monday, January 18, 2021

Still Here

Thanks to Jeff, I watched MEKIMI this week. It's the story of a TV performer who falls for a guy who quickly becomes an ultra religious Jew. She follows him down this path much to the anger of  her family and friends. It's a short series, I would have liked to know more

In catching up online with what happened after the series, the couple divorced and he returned to a secular life. Although I do not understand why women live in a sect where they are expected to spend their lives in the kitchen with their many children, I do admire their non-materialistic life.

And I really do find stories about people wrestling with this sort of decision interesting. 

When I was reading the Cary Grant bio, there was a lot of print given to how much he loved Sophia Loren, although she turned around and married Carlo Ponti. So I was eager to see this film with the two made during this time. It wasn't a great movie, but it was entertaining, light, and you could see the chemistry between them. Although he was 30 years older, she seemed older than 23. It had some of the poorest sets and background I have ever seen in a A movie though.  She certainly was gorgeous. I guess they figured that was all they needed.

Reading the Willie Vlautin book still, (THE NIGHT ALWAYS COMES) which is very good. Also a book by Sue Miller (THE LAKESHORE EXPRESS) on audio.  

Although I have put my name on several lists to get the vaccine, I have heard nothing. One more issue blown as we learn Trump did not have any stored vaccine he promised. Remember when we saved Europe after WW2 through the Marshall Plan. Now we can't save anything or anyone. It's a good thing no one is counting on us to do more than destroy ourselves.

What about you?


George said...

Western NY is celebrating the Buffalo Bills win over the Baltimore Colts. Next week the Bills travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs for the AFC Championship. Go Bills!

Like you, Diane and I have tried to get the coronavirus vaccine. We have appointments for the shot at the end of February, but we'd like to get it sooner than that. This week, all county vaccinations are canceled because of a lack of vaccine. Trump couldn't do anything right and this rollout proves it.

We're getting a dusting of snow today. So far, this Winter has been warmer than Normal with a lot less snow. Stay safe!

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Getting the vacine Thursday. It was arranged through my building management.
Enjoyed Pretend It's A City, a Netflix series with Fran Leibowitz. The Only series I watched this week. Watched A Midnight Clear a 1992 movie I had never seen. It's based on a novel by William Wharton and stars Ethan Hawke. I find Hawke a much underrated actor. It was quite good. Also rewatched El Camino The Seven Samurai.
The only book I read this week was a crime novel by Joseph Schneider called One Day You'll Burn. It was good for a first novel. I do have a Willy Vlautin , The Free, on my tbr pile. Reading Made Men by Glenn Kenney which is about the making of Goodfellas. George reviewed it several weeks back. Also been reading short stories from Barry Hannah.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Yeah, enjoying MEKIMI. Each episode we keep expecting things to happen that haven't happened yet. I enjoyed when they went to the Dutch island in mid-winter and were the only ones there, only to discover that the hotel guy was Jewish and found an old menorah to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah.

Finished the (partly) fact-based Aussie DEEP WATER, about a series of murders of young gay men near Sydney over a 20 year period. Nasty. Yael Stone, who played the nutty Lorna Morello in the first three series of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, was back in her home country for this. She has a personal stake, as her brother died there when she was a kid. Gorgeous scenery of the Bondi Beach area.

No one else has mentioned the over the top Spanish series 30 COINS on HBO, but each episode has its share of crazy.

I'm enjoyed the fun remake of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL on PBS. The guy who plays James Herriot is good, but Samuel West, who plays Siegfried, is no Robert Hardy. I do like the way they built up - and softened - the housekeeper's role.

Watched the first episode of MISS SCARLET AND THE DUKE (also PBS) last night. Jackie liked it but it was mediocre at best, I thought. I didn't care for the lead actress, I guess.

We watched the first (to us, actually #2) of Steve McQueen's SMALL AXE tv movies, LOVERS ROCK (Prime), about lovers who meet at a West London reggae house party in 1980. Very good.

Still reading a lot of short stories (65 so far this month!), mostly in THE BIG BOOK OF ESPIONAGE (ed. Otto Penzler), plus a couple of non-fiction books.

Jackie was driving herself crazy over a vaccination appointment, but there is just nothing at all available here yet. They need to expand production and get their act together on distribution. I'm still figuring April, hoping for earlier.

Wednesday at noon cannot come fast enough.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Oh, we did watch the first PRETEND IT'S A CITY episode. Marty Scorsese sure finds Fran Lebowitz funny, doesn't he?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Hey, my replies are gone.
Loved LOVER'S ROCK and MIDNIGHT CLEAR. I liked all of William Wharton's books, in facts.
I tried to watch MISS SCARLETT but the cc didn't work so I missed a lot of what was said.
Go, Bills!

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Forgot to mention 30 Coins on HBO. A bit over the top but still very enjoyable.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Patti, Jackie would definitely agree with your comment about women in these religious cults.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A sort of nun's life in some ways. For some it makes it easier not to deal with the world.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Also, in reading about the Israeli couple, this shouldn't have been a surprise to her or anyone else. Before he turned ultra-Orthodox, he had periods when he was a Buddhist (complete with shaved head) and then a follower of Shintoism. I guess he's still searching for something.

David Cranmer said...

Theres a Cary Grant documentary called Becoming Cary Grant that was an eye opening watch. As for the Grant/Loren film I never enjoyed it that much. Prefer Charade or Father Goose.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have seen that doc. Very revealing and sad. No my favorites are BRINGING UP BABY, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, CHARADE, INDISCREET, NOTORIOUS, HIS GAL FRIDAY, MR BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAMHOUSE. All of it, pretty much.

Rick Robinson said...

Still slowly recovering from hospital stay. Watched 3 football games, Bills, Saturday night and the two yesterday, mostly boring. Weather here is low 40s, mostly sunny but we had a huge storm last week and there are still trees down and roads closed all over. Thankfully I don’t have to go out anywhere.

Reading E.B. WHITE ON DOGS, a book of essays. I’ve long liked White’s writing, in the New Yorker and elsewhere, and these are rambling pieces about him and dogs in both the city and muchly in Maine. Just got a couple books from the library, will start TUESDAY MURDER CLUB soon.

Gerard Saylor said...

I've no doubt that Trump's incompetence and sabotage will keep haunting us for years. My mother was able to book her vaccination and I think it is this week.
My son is thiiiiisssssss close to completing all his work for this Eagle Scout. Once he gets all his paperwork turned in the last step will be a Board of Review. I'v had anxiety dreams of the past couple months regarding this and he has seven days until the deadline.

I started reading KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES: THE REAL AMERICAN WAR IN VIETNAM. This is not a good selection regarding the pandemic, trump incompetence, and recent coup attempt. And yeah, it was a coup attempt. Fortunately the attempt was a bungled mess like everything else trump does.

I've started watching the first season of THE DEUCE and have been finishing LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and NOS482. One of the DEUCE actresses looked remarkably familiar. I looked her up and she had a smaller part in LOVECRAFT but with entirely different hair. And then, by God, I saw she was also in NOS482.

I finished reading the young adult series, TRIPODS. That was adapted for UK TV 20+ years ago but I'm not sure if it is available streaming.

Eight days ago I turned 50. I took the day off on the Monday after and I am pretty sure that is the first time I have taken a vacation day for my birthday.

Rick Robinson said...

I forgot to mention earlier that while I was in the hospital, my older brother died. He was 81, and did from COVID while in the Alzheimer’s ward of his old folks home. Very sad.

Jerry House said...

Deepest sympathies, Rick. It is hard when part of your past is erased.

Jerry House said...

It seems to be warming up a bit. Everyone is healthy and feeling good so we should be starting to beach again soon. I miss the peacefulness that comes with it.

He has less than two days left, but I still wonder what additional damage Trump can do. He and his ilk have systematically torn our country apart and I m afraid they are not done yet.

Erin, our youngest granddaught, turns 19 in a couple of weeks. It is hard to picture her as a young woman. The problem with kids is that they just keep growing and getting older, while I have remained my ever youthful self. Our landlord called today and said he was concerned about us being quaratined because we were so old. I nearly choked on my coffee. Me, old? Ptah!

Watching LINE OF DUTY, about a British police anti-corruption squad. Very good, but it portrays the entire British police as more interested in internal politics than justice. Also caught the last few episodes of BLUE MURDER, another favorite Brit cop show. That, the Capitol uprising news, and late night comedians round out our TV for the week. No hints on which of these depress us the most.

Reading has picked up a bit. I finished two anthologies, a short story collection, Harry Harrison's PLAGUE FROM SPACE (my FFB last week), and Thorne Smith's only mystery novel, DID SHE FALL? Currently reading a comic thriller by Harrison and enjoying it very much.

Repairs to the Pensacola Bridge are coming along with a March date for re-opening. It can't come soon enough. The long detours make shopping, doctor's appointments, and visiting my oldest daughter difficult.

I expect to hear a large "Woop" coming from your area of Michigan Wednesday noon-ish. Have a great week, Patti!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Rick-I didn't know anything about your hospital stay! And so sorry to hear of your brother.
Gerard-Megan wrote Episode 8 of that first season of THE DEUCE. I wish I could make any progress at all on getting an appointment. Michigan's rollout is incompetent. I have registered at three places and have heard nothing.
My son turned 50 in April. I remember thinking that was a tough birthday.
Jerry-So you are completely recovered from COVID? I have read some pretty scary pieces about the future of Trumpism.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Rick, sorry to hear about your brother. Our condolences.

Margot Kinberg said...

Thanks for mentioning the Willie Vlautin; I do want to read that one and just...haven't yet.

TracyK said...

Rick, I had not heard about your being in the hospital either. I hope your recovery continues to go well. I had wondered how your brother was doing. I am sorry to hear that he died, it is hard to lose a member of your family. My sister and brother are younger than I but I worry about them.

We had a bad day yesterday (Monday) with Glen running into problems with Medicare which he just changed over to at the beginning of the year. Or so he thought. Went for an appointment and was told he had no insurance. But that is a minor annoyance compared what is going on all over, we just hope we can get it straightened out soon.

The vaccine rollout has been incompetent in California also. I am not so concerned about getting the shot soon myself but it just isn't getting out to enough people to make a difference. And so many health workers and firefighters are refusing vaccinations.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

So very sorry about your brother, Rick, and am glad you are on the mend. I saw all four games on the weekend and I agree with you. Boring.

Here in Dallas County as well as across the state the vaccine rollout has been a disaster. I qualify for the shot except for my age so I have not registered because Dallas County says not to do so. They currently have almost 300K on the waiting list and are doing around 1K a day. New vaccine hubs are being set up so we shall see if that helps anything.

Current read is THE ORPHAN'S Guilt by Archer Mayor. The latest installment in his Joe Gunther series. Good book plagued by a reader that is having a very hard time focusing on the book.

Todd Mason said...

I think I had a comment on this thread that disappeared as well. Google treats us all so well.