Monday, December 30, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Enjoyed both of these movies although they could not have been more different. I know a lot of women, especially, will hate UNCUT GEMS because there is no likable character and it is super violent. I know many men will avoid LITTLE WOMEN because they think it is a chick flick. Well, it is based on a novel that is iconic to many women, but that does not diminish its worth. And if you like movies, you should like movies from all genres. LITTLE WOMEN is a piece of American history. Enough, off the soap box.

We got through Christmas and it was about as good as it could be. Megan and I needed a lot of rides. Some from family members, some from friends and some from Lyft. Everyone delivered us in speedy fashion. Megan was tense with DARE ME reviews coming in. It is different from book reviews because so few people read book reviews (or books)
Whereas a studio has poured a lot of money into producing 10 episodes of this show, plus more than 100 cast and crew members are looking to Megan for a paycheck. Ugh.

Taking off quickly today because I hurt my neck somehow and sitting here is excruciating. Have a great New Year and I will see you on the other side of 71.

What about you? 


Margot Kinberg said...

I hope your neck feels better soon, Patti! And people keep telling me that the new Little Women is very good. I've not seen it (yet), but it sounds as though I ought to!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Jackie has a list of movies for Florida and LITTLE WOMEN is definitely on it. The other, we'll see. Just keep your fingers crossed for another week of decent weather.

The weather has improved over the last week, at least in that it has been above the normal high (41) all week after being below it the weeks before. We had a high of 57.

Mostly it's been reading and watching television (DEAD TO ME is one to try, if you haven't). We've even seen a few movies on television, but I wouldn't recommend them.

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL is a primer in what not to do in making a sequel. Bad from start to finish, no humor, a terribly miscast Tessa Thompson as the lead, there was literally not one thing good to say about it. After 45 minutes Jackie told me to delete it.

MAIGRET IN MONTMARTRE was the last of four TV movies with Rowan Atkinson as the iconic Maigret. The best part of this was the scenes of Budapest standing in for Paris. These were all watchable but not really my idea of Maigret.

We watched THE AERONAUTS on Amazon Prime, another "inspired by a true story" movie that was - basically - sabotaged by the writers and director deciding to make it a "woke" movie rather than just telling the incredible truth. Two men - one in his mid-40s and one in his mid-50s - took a balloon to a record height in an 1862 flight. But to make it "hip" and "now" they changed the 52 year old to 37 year old Eddie Redmayne and the other to...Felicity Jones! You cannot (to my mind) take a "true" story and do that. Beyond that, the scenery was beautiful but most of the film (until the last half hour) was dull.

George said...

I plan to see UNCUT GEMS tomorrow. Loved LITTLE WOMEN! It is NOT a chick flick.

Patrick is headed to Hawaii and Katie is back in Boston. It was great to have them home for Christmas.

It's 50 degrees here in WESTERN NY! Shocking weather this time of year? Where is the snow?

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Jerry House said...

Some things are a pain in the neck. I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad Christmas went well for you. The ways of television programming executives are many and mysterious and the mortal mind cannot begin to comprehend them; I believe they make their decisions by casting the bones of household pets. That said, I believe DARE ME will enjoy a long and fruitful run. I really like it.

As for being happy, Christmas did the trick. Christmas Eve, we all got together at Christina's house. I made a double batch of my chili and Jessamyn brought along her super-rich homemade hot chocolate. We made Rolo cookies and decorated gingerbread cookies. the next day we were back for a yummy Christmas dinner, after which I remained lethargic for five days. It's always fun when we get together.

Willow the cat appears to be getting better, but time will tell. She remains super friendly and cuddly. A good cat despite certain leakage problems.

I've been reading a lot of short stories lately, including early issues of THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION. I've read the first dozen or so issues, all edited by founding editors Anthony Boucher and J. Francis McComas. Some very good literate and enjoyable stories stories here. I hope to read all of the issues from the 1950s over the next few months. I'm also reading Brian Aldiss' LIFE IN THE WEST, the first volume of his Squire Quartet. It's a mainstream novel about Tom Squire, a literary theorist and television personality. It's really good.

Watching a lot of old episodes of SUSPECT BEHAVIOR, a very addictive show.

'Tis the season for heart-warming good news stories. The media is full of tales of human kindness and giving. Of course, this stuff goes on every day of the year but it comes to the fore during the holiday season. I like good news and I like that it often pushes the administration off the news cycle for a few peaceful days.

May Twenty-twenty bring you plenty-plenty of happy times, Patti!

Steve Oerkfitz said...

The logistics of Christmas when you have 10 grandkids is difficult. We didn't celebrate our Christmas until Friday. And still couldn't get everyone together. My son and his son both had to work and a granddaughter was in Florida.
Have yet to see Little Women, Uncut Gems or Marriage Story. Just sheer laziness on my part.
Finishing up season 5 of Peaky Blinders which I am enjoying.
Reading mostly short stories in numerous books and mags. Finished Weight of the World by David Joy-a fine country noir in the tradition of David Woodrell. Also an Australian novel Scrublands by Chris Hammer. One of my favorite books this year. My library hold list all have come in at once. The new Spenser by Ace Atkins, the new Allen Esken and a David Joy that I haven't read.

Happy New Year to everyone.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Library hold lists always come in at once. And with my library, you often only get a week.
Jerry, I would love to be at your house for one of these baking days.
You have seen your kids three times in a couple of months, George. They must like you!
I tried the first Maigret with R.A. and he almost completely ruined Maigret for me. Why didn't they cast a more credible Maigret. RA probably bought the rights.
Thanks, Margot. I think you would like it.

Rick Robinson said...

Sorry to hear about the painful neck, hope it gets better soon.

The weather here has been cooler than that for most of the rest of the posters here, with low 40s and some rain. That's fine, though, we don't mind. Our Christmas was very low key, with just the two of us. We exchanged gifts: Barbara got almost all clothes, per her wish, and I got mostly books, plus a scarf and sweater. Very nice indeed. Now I just need time to read.

A very disappointing end to the Seahawks game last night. Now they must go to Philadelphia next week to play the Eagles. Darn. The Ducks will be in the Rose Bowl Wednesday, but I don't think they can beat Wisconsin. I'm just about done with the college games, but will probably watch the Pro playoffs.

We're having an electrical problem, and getting an electrician out this time of year is difficult.Leftovers! We seem to have lots, and are trying to eat them up. With just two of us, there always seems to be too much, even when we cut way back. I'll bet you have that problem too.

I very much hope your 2020 is better then this year. Good people deserve good things to happen.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I made baked ziti last night for three friends and I will be eating it until I toss it.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And thanks, Rick.

Howard said...

I, although a skeptic, recently tried some of the Vitality brand CBD salve on an arthritis-like wrist pain and the results were amazing. I only needed one application. If you can get some of this it's worth a try!

Gerard - who is not logged in said...

Our Christmas went well and as the children grow older the package count goes lower. Boy #1 has spent much of the past few days using the his present of a new laptop computer we bought on sale Thanksgiving Day. He has been getting a lot of college email after taking the PSAT (and maybe another college test) and I saw he put a Stanford sticker on the laptop cover. I don't think he cares about Stanford, maybe he just thinks the sticker is cool looking.

My wife works Monday evenings and has a 45 minute trip to work on a sometimes troublesome stretch of freeway. Monday night was forecasted with wind and snow and since I the day off I offered to drive her. This meant we left way early and went to see KNIVES OUT. The film was good but a let down after all the big press. It's a traditional who-done-it in a big house with greedy relatives.

Tonight's New Year's is family time at home with dinner, an attempt for everyone to decide on a movie, maybe a game, and my wife and I plan to go out to the downtown brewery for a drink.