Sunday, December 22, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

(Autumn Fallin' by Jay May)

In a show I was watching, someone referred to a recent widow as resilient, and I guess I am too. Although I still miss Phil every day, I am also happy a lot of the time. Small things--like a book I had reserved at the library came in. Or I solved some small house problem. Or I cancelled Hulu and got Showtime and now have lots of new shows to watch. Or I had an empty day in the week, and a friend texted me, "Was I busy on Thursday?" Or on a trip to Ann Arbor with other friends, I found the perfect snowman decoration for my daughter-in-law.

Small things, yes, but these things have always made up my life. Or I went out to dinner with a friend and they were playing a song at the restaurant, I have never heard before but perfectly summed up DARE ME. Life can be wonderful if I don't fixate on loss and the President. Neither of those things can be fixed.

Reading American Spy but too soon to tell. The Grammarians was not so great.
I have downloaded BRIAR PATCH, (which I read forty years ago), in anticipation of its debut on USA in January. Went to see DARK WATERS, which is about the Teflonization of the world. So depressing but a good reminder of the even worse state we are in now without a good Justice Dept and EPA.

So much good food this week. Detroit has so many great restaurants now.. I am sold on Buddha Bowls, if you never had one. Such interesting tastes.

Still watching VICTORIA but it is no THE CROWN. It demonstrates the importance of great writing. Although I love the leads who apparently married.

What about you?
And have a happy holiday. I'll be back next week.


Steve Oerkfitz said...

Love this weather. Over 50 today.
Read Briar Patch years ago. I was a big fan of Ross Thomas. It looks like they have changed the sex of the main character in the tv show.
Read the new Loren Estleman. Kinda disappointed. I may just be getting bored of Amos Walker.
Got a slew of books from the library including the new Ace Atkin's Spencer. Am reading The Weight of the World by David Joy. Really liked his latest and am going to go back and read first after I finish this one.
Have not seen a movie in the theater in awhile. Uncut Gems is on my list. May go see it on Christmas day. My family isn't getting together till Friday. Will definitely not be going to see Cats.
Watched the Two Popes on Netflix. Well acted but I got bored halfway through. Will probably watched the first episode of Dare Me tonight.
Happy Holidays to everyone.

Rick Robinson said...

Up a day early! Sounds like you're having a good "holiday time", which is terrific. Keep it up!

It continues rainy here, temps in the 40s. It may clear up some by Christmas. We're done with the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and all that. We're having a small beef roast for dinner Christmas Eve, with leftovers on the day. Same old traditional sides, but that's fine, and apple pie for desert. We usually have cheesecake, but I'm less fond of it, so Barbara said pie this year.

The Cooper's Hawk we've seen in the past has visited three times in the last week and a half, which is cool, he's (its a male) a very handsome bird indeed.

Barbara has a Christmas luncheon with her quilt group tomorrow (Monday) which will be nice for her. Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up a couple books before something new appears Wednesday.

Margot Kinberg said...

It really is those small things that keep us grounded, and help us cope, Patti. Wishing you peace this holiday season.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It is, Margot.
I felt the same way about the Two Popes. Although I guess the Argentina stuff was interesting.
Luckily I do not have to cook. Just take some sides.

Jeff Meyerson said...

You are, doing great that is. We enjoyed our day together (and dinner and the play) a lot.

Emotionally, my mind is counting down the days until we leave for Florida (less than two weeks now), though we are not doing anything specific as yet, other than: making sure not to buy food that will be left, finishing up the series we are watching and trying not to start new ones, reading library books and not putting new ones - other than Kindle books - on hold, watching the weather and hoping it holds up. We had a very cold week, but this one looks warmer than normal straight to Sunday (over 50 today, yay!).

The Two Popes is on the list, though I have no real interest and don't know when we will get to it. We did get DAVID CROSBY: REMEMBER MY NAME from the library. I know you liked it, but it was kind of a downer. The man has alienated everyone he's ever known other than his wife (and, presumably, at least some of his kids), and all he can say is he gets mad and can't control himself. He's 76, time is running out. When even Graham Nash will no longer talk to you, it's not them, it's you (as he acknowledges). Frankly, he comes across as a talented but self-important @sshole. But that's just my take. Sad person.

We did see a very enjoyable concert (our 16th and last of the year) at Town Hall, Steve Earle's fifth annual benefit for The Keswell School, where his non-verbal autistic son goes. We've seen the last four. He has his group, The Dukes, and The Mastersons, a duo who are part of that group as well as performing on their own, plus special guests. The first year it was Graham Nash and Shawn Colvin. Next up were Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams. Last year it was Warren Haynes, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. And this time it was Josh Ritter, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires. The only problem was, it was two weeks later than usual and we were stuck with winter coats in our laps.

We finished The Crown (series three). The acting is terrific - the Queen, Philip (so much better than the first one), Charles, Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter was inspired casting), even Harold Wilson. But you are way more sympathetic to Charles than we are. I agree the third series of Victoria was not up to the first two, but I love the two of them together. Also finished the latest Kominsky Method series. Douglas and Arkin are great together, and I enjoyed the addition of Paul Reiser this series. We have one more episode each of the second series of Slings & Arrows (I preferred the first, Hamlet over Macbeth) and Chernobyl. Despite what I said about new series, we did start Dead to Me (Netflix) last night. I need to see where they go with it because the premise needs to be explained. How could she (Linda Cardellini's character) put herself in that position? And there is the new season of Deb's favorite Midsomer Murders (#21), which will probably wait until we get home.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. We'll still be here next week.

Gerard - who is not logged in said...

Small things: the coffee from the library's restaurant/cafe neighbor is always very good. To save dough I only go there once a week but always enjoy the coffee.

Small things: I've been wanting to get a rowing exercise machine for years. I checked out the inventory at a fitness store and the cheapest ones were $500. I was thinking, "Maybe..." and last week saw a barely used machine on Facebook for $125. So, I scored a machine that looks to run $800-900 new.

I got the kids out the door on Saturday to find Christmas gifts for their mom. We never have many good ideas and in previous years have just bought random things from Menard's so she would have something to open. This year we bought her chocolate from the local chocolatier and some decent beer. I may take them out tomorrow as well, we'll see.

I finished season 3 of THE COLONY on Netflix. It's a post-alien invasion series from USA and I just now see it was cancelled. A solid show that I had fun watching.
I also watched 2018's THE GRINGO. The flick was a reminder that Charlize Theron is a really good actress.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I am glad you are finding things that are making you happy, Patti. This is my third holiday season without Sandi and the worst yet. I am finding nothing at all. The fact that you, and many other folks continue to find your ways out of the grief ocean mean that it can be done. I just have not found that way yet.

Travel safe and have fun.


George said...

I'm happy Patrick and Katie flew home for Christmas although Katie has to fly out early Thursday morning (6 A.M.) in order to get to Boston in time to travel from the Airport to work. Ah, to be young again!

Patrick is staying until the weekend before he flies back to California.

The weather here is in the 50 degree range--unusual for December and guaranteeing a non-White Christmas (which is okay by me).

I'm looking forward to 2020 and hoping for Change!

Rick Robinson said...

I forgot to mention earlier we finished the four-disc set of VERA, based on Ann Cleeves books. Quite good.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Wow, going to work straight from the airport is kind of a bummer. So nice to be retired, right?

Jeff Meyerson said...

Rick, I think there have been 8 series of two to four shows each. I've seen them all but still haven't read any of the books.

Jerry House said...

Happiness can come in small doses, Patti. Glad you are having more and more doses.

I took a quote from this post and used it in my Monday post. I hope you don't mind, but it expresses clearly something I wanted to say.

Yesterday afternoon was Christmas crafting time. We all made sock snowmen or penguins. Jessie brought the material, including not enough rice to fill all the socks. Oh well. Some of the snowmen came out great (including Kitty's) and because I didn't have enough rice to make a decent penguin I ended up making a Halloween ghost -- it's the thought that counts, I hope. Then we made and decorated tiny Christmas trees from pine cones. Gosh, we live exciting lives.

I picked up the making for Christmas Eve chili, a family tradition. I've got everyone fooled into thinking my secret recipe is complicated. It's not. But it is yummy.

Walt got back from Virginia. His mother is doing well after her double mastectomy. Good news.

Jessie was looking for a china cabinet. Kitty found one on Facebook, supposedly located in our town. It wasn't. We sent Mark, Erin, and Erin's boyfriend in the truck to pick it up. The directions we were given were inaccurate, darkness was swiftly approaching, so they headed home without the cabinet. The next day, Christina drove her station wagon the twenty-six miles to pick it up, only to find that it didn't fit in her car. Then, and only then, did the guy say he could deliver it! Grrr. Anyway it's now safely ensconced at Jessie's and is proudly holding items from both her and Michael's sides of the family. Much better to have them displayed rather than boxed up in crates.

Kitty got a big thumbs up from her doctor this week after the latest blood tests. No signs of the autoimmune hemolytic anemia at all -- meaning that the Prednisone and chemo worked it's magic. Her blood will still have to be checked every couple of months, but her doctor is doing a happy dance. The only thing that bums my bride out is that she can no longer donate blood; she has specific antibodies that can help kids with leukemia.

It's been chilly and rainy the past few days but i can see a ray of light as I type this. I'll take that.

Your first Christmas without Phil will probably be jarring, but I hope family, friends, and good memories will help comfort you and bring you peace.

TracyK said...

I am finally really retired, and it feels good. I will miss the people but not the stress.

I did not know that there was going to be a new show based on Briar Patch. I will be interested in what you think of either of the book or the show.

We had rain yesterday and may have rain on Christmas Day. In our area we have gone without enough rain for so long we still get excited when we get rain.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yay, Tracy. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Most women seem to. And men who read too.
Yay, Kitty. So happy you have tamed that lion.
VERA is aces, Rick.
George, give my best to Patrick and Katie. I think of them often.
Gerard, as always you live the life.
Kevin, I really want to recommend again, therapy. And getting out of your house as much as possible. You need people to talk to. My heart breaks for you.