Monday, January 14, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Although it wasn't a bad week, I can't say there was much making me happy. Having lunch with an old friend and coffee with a newer one (Steve O.) were both nice occasions. I saw a so-so movie ON THE BASIS OF SEX-again biopics are so difficult to make artfully. Watching the ever graceful Armie Hammer flip crepes was delightful though. The streaming shows we are watching: CASE, & GET SHORTY are sort of depressing. Not just sort of. I am getting tired of characters who will pick up a gun without hesitation and in the next scene be humorous or lovable. I know this is Elmore Leonard's world but I find it inauthentic or troublesome at least.
With what is going on with the President and the climate, it is hard to find things that make me happy.
What about you?

My floor, which is in four areas.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had the chance to reconnect with a friend, Patti. Those little moments can mean an awful lot...

Jeff Meyerson said...

I feel the same way. We quit watching GET SHORTY last season. Still enjoying some shows - MRS. MAISEL, TRAVELERS, etc. We watched the first KOMINSKY METHOD and, after a slow start, enjoyed it. We'll continue with that.

Otherwise, mostly a cold but dry winter week, the kind we've been mostly fortunate to miss in Florida over the last decade or so. I did read two good books, A BORROWING OF BONES and NOVEMBER ROAD. Lou Berney is a major talent.

But Physical Therapy is not fun.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I liked NOVEMBER ROAD, TOO. Will look for BONES.
Those little moments get me through the days, Margot.

George said...

Western New York feels like a freezer with Arctic temperatures. Single-digit temps are predicted for next weekend. Brrrrr!

I've been reading a lot of Big Fat Books since leaving the house with freezing temperatures outside isn't appealing.

I watched a little of the weekend's NFL Playoff games, but with a book in my lap.

Some friends have slipped and fallen because of the icy conditions here. Be careful!

Jeff Meyerson said...

You too, George! It's definitely cold here too - we are supposed to have a few more moderate days this week - but fortunately it has been mostly dry. Of course, I can't drive, but we have a bus on the corner that takes us to the Avenue and the subway. But if the bus is late or doesn't come, standing out in the cold right by the water is not fun!

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Enjoying the milder than normal weather and no snow to speak of.
Enjoyed meeting Patti again over hot chocolate.
Enjoyed the first 2 episodes of True Detective. Starting off much better than the second season.
Read and liked the new Ian Rankin-In a House of Lies. Liking a first novel Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman. An Australian writer.
Finally got around to seeing The Green Book. Average movie with two great lead performances.

Jerry House said...

Silly Patti. You forgot to mention when you had coffee with Steve, there was hot chocolate! Hot chocolate makes me happy.

Not shaving makes me happy. Kitty decided that I should try to grow a beard, although she's pretty sure I will look like a grizzled old rum bum who lives in a cardboard box in a disreputable alley. I had a beard when we were first married. Now that I'm old and gray and white and balding, it's anyone's guess that the beard will come in full and manly-looking. I'll decide in a couple of weeks whether I'll keep it.

Healing makes me happy. Sprout the kitten is coming along nicely after his $1200 operation. The three-inch hernia was dangerously close to his diaphragm and all sorts of bad things would happen if it were not treated. He's coming along nicely and purring even louder than before. Speaking of healing, Jessie is also coming along nicely. I sincerely hope Phil is doing well also.

Sea salt caramel pretzel flavored frozen yogurt makes me happy. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it. After a cool and breezy morning at the beach, we traveled to Wild Honey in Pensacola, a great place for frozen yogurt and gelato. They have all sorts of weird and yummy flavors and toppings for make-your-own sundaes. I will be going back, but not too often if I want to keep off the thirty pounds I recently lost.

End movie credits make me happy. Jack and I watch them on Prime and Netflix, trying to count how many people have the name Jack. ANNIHILATION has six Jacks mentioned in the end credits. IRON MAN THREE had only five. This game is fun for six-year-old Jack and it gives me a kick at how fast he can recognize his name.

Even though I have disavowed buying any more books, used bookstores make me happy. I found one in Foley, Alabama, and ended up disavowing my disavowal and bought three books. But to emphasis my great restraint, there were dozens of books I wanted to buy but didn't. Does anything outside of a bakery small better than a used bookstore?

Here's hoping that happiness sneaks up on you this week and smacks you on the side of the head repeatedly so your week will be filled with joy and gladness.

Rick Robinson said...

I just got my Current Reading post up.

Gerard Saylor said...

My wife and I went out for a beer club event on Saturday and enjoyed ourselves. I've finally decided to get rid of our third car which has been sitting for a couple years. The car is only worth it's scrap value but I'll be happy to get it off the back driveway even if it is worth only $250 for the steel.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm happy that you had a couple of nice visits with friends, older and newer. And hot chocolate! Yum. Don't think I've had it in a year or more. I'm amazed there seems to be so much depressing TV and movies. Not sure who they are aimed at, but I surely wouldn't watch them.

The weather has been cold, by our standards, 30s in the early morning, up to 40s and, yesterday, 51. I got some yard work done Saturday, then vexed out and watched football in the afternoon and yesterday.

Patti, not sure why you can't put down hardwood, with an underlayment, after removing that stone you don't like.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Removing the stone would mean pulling all of the cabinets out of the kitchen because it is under them. They would have to removed with machinery PHardwood would swell since the slab we are on holds humidity. Probably have to do a floating floor with LVT on top.

Jeff Meyerson said...

We had the same problem with the floor in the hall. You would have had to use machines to get it off. Jackie ended up just having the super put down waterproof wood plank laminate flooring over the tile floor. It comes in strips that lock together and it looks great. For the kitchen you wouldn't have to get the wood as there are different finishes.

pattinase (abbott) said...

That is just what I am thinking, Jeff.