Monday, January 07, 2019


Happy to see all the new Congresspersons sworn in and know we have a chance now to right this ship which is so close to toppling over.

Happy to see Megan flying out to LA to begin writing her series. It absolutely boggles my brain that she has made this happen. It should air beginning in July on USA NETWORK. (Crossed fingers).  What a gas to see your kid's dream come true--because when she was a tiny tot, before she wanted to write novels, she wanted to make movies and this is pretty darn close.

Loved MY BRILLIANT FRIEND and am grieving its finale. Hope HBO intends to continue the tale of Elena Ferante.

VICE was better than I expected. Christian Bale was Dick Cheney and the horror of that man will haunt us for decades. I admired the performances and the way Adam McKay told a complex story in an unconventional way.

Happy that my son and his wife make such an effort to include me in Kevin's activities. Yesterday I got to see his hockey game. He is a terrific skater.  Phil got to his men's group yesterday, which he really enjoys and never expected he would want to get up on a Sunday morning to spend time with ten guys.

Have been sorting through thousands of photos in an attempt to divide them. I know I should scan them onto a cloud but that idea is even more frightening.

What about you?


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Don't worry. MY BRILLIANT FRIEND will continue.

I'm happy to be here another week and have another four week reprieve from (possible) surgery. Physical therapy is not fun but a lot better than the alternative.

I'm happy that even though we're not in Florida (we would have arrived yesterday, if not for the injury), the winter has not been terrible yet. All the storms (and we've had a bunch of them) have been rain (we are waterlogged), and the temperatures have mostly been normal or above, though colder weather is coming this week.

Also, because of where we live, we do have access to buses and subways, so can get to the supermarket and local restaurants, as well as farther afield (like downtown to the market for apples). We may complain sometimes about the service, but at least it is here. Also, we have a library close enough to get to, and we've been able to download a number of ebooks from the system.

Netflix (and to a lesser extent, Amazon Prime) has been a blessing as network television is pretty awful. Currently watching TRAVELERS, WILD AT HEART (African game reserve), MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL (every week I wonder, how did I never notice on CHUCK that he is 6'3" tall?), THE WEST WING (season two), NCIS, WANTED (just finished season two), 19-2 (Montreal police), and have a list of others to start.

Loved the RBG documentary and can't wait to see the new movie. She is amazing.

George said...

The weather in Western NY looked more like March than January: no snow, temps in the 40s, pleasant. Also, weird.

While Diane is watching the last of the HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIES she DVRed, I'm catching up on reading Big, Fat Books.

I have a couple doctors appointments in the next two weeks.

The only annoying problem is that our healthcare benefits card doesn't work. I went to pick up some prescriptions and went to use the card. Nope, didn't work. Of course, this has happened before, but I dislike being on HOLD for a half-hour while waiting for someone to resolve this simple problem.

Jerry House said...

I'm glad Phil is getting out more and that you seem to be enjoying things more.

Jeff, don't worry about Florida. It has been raining like stink here also.

Like George, I have a doctor's appointment. Mine is in about an hour for my annual physical. Aside from various aches and pains, I think I'm very healthy. I'll find out this morning.

Another Sunday family beach day. The ocean waves in the Gulf hypnotize me and help me get centered for the coming week. After the beach we went out for ice cream.

Watched a lot of television. Really enjoyed the twists and turns of DAMNATION.

And books. As of today I have finished 8 books this year, a bit more than one a day. Some better than others. Hope to finish several books this month that I started and dropped for some reason.

If it weren't so scary, I'd be happy about watching Trump box himself in with his insanity. His ratings have gone down but people are really beginning to hurt from his shutdown. a lot of people think he won't last 2019 but then we're stuck with Pence, who scares me even more than Trump.

Saturday was Jack's adoption day. He's been officially part of the family for four years now, but in reality he's been with us since he was six weeks old. Christina's hair is getting grayer but I can't blame all that on an active six-year-old.

Speaking of hair, Jessie's is growing back nicely.

As Cliff Arquette used to say, "Things are fine in Mt. Ivy!" I hope they remain just as fine in your neck of the woods.

Gerard Saylor said...

Boy #2 invited a few friends to a birthday party at the skating rink in Watertown, WI. The ride there had four 7th graders in the van but I did not lose my patience or temper. They all had a good time.

Boy #1 has a birthday in three weeks. He'll be 16 and I'm not sure what we might do outside of a family celebration. The night of his birthday is the first night of weekend Scout camping trip.

I finally watched MARS ATTACKS!. Only took me 22 years to get to it.

I've been slowly reading Willa Cather's My ANTONIA!. I am underwhelmed. The descriptions of weather, terrain, and plants are nice but I am half way through and do not understand the lasting love and iconic status.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Glad for the lack of snow. Not much going on otherwise. Been watching the second season of Handmaid's Tale. Watched the first episode of The Bodyguard and liked that. Need to watch Miss Maizel and Homecoming. Need to see Vice. Am going to see Green Book Wednesday. Started watching Golden Globes but turned it off after ten minutes. Andy Samberg is just not funny. The opening monologue was awful.
Patti-see you at 2 tomorrow.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm happy Phil is getting to his group and hopefully you both are getting out other places.

Our weather has been typical, rainy, sunny, rainy some more, temps in mid 40s. It's really beautiful this morning. Saturday night we did have really high winds and lost a tree, it blew over. I started cutting it up yesterday, will be out with the chain saw again today. Hard work.

The Seattle Seahawks season is over, they were topped by Dallas. Darn! So except for a few playoff games, sports is drawing to a close for me, as I don't bother with hockey, basketball (except the NCAA tournament), baseball, soccer or whatever else. I'll get a lot more reading done, especially on weekends.

I have some good books I'm looking forward to reading, both new purchases and gifts from Christmas. Books are such a joy.

I'm happy we ordered our Girl Scout Cookies Saturday. They'll be coming the week of Valentine's Day.

@Gerald: I've been thinking of reread that one, I noticed it on the shelf just last week. I remember liking it when I read it in college.

@ Jeff: what did you think of the Golden Globes show and winners????

pattinase (abbott) said...

You betcha, Steve.
Our weather has been November-like mostly.
Must stay away from GS cookies.
I read some of MY ANTONIA for a story I wrote and was disappointed too. Some writers date more than others.
I thought the same thing about Chuck, Jeff. He aged well.
Our healthcare benefits card has the same issues. I bet they are using the same software.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Rick, I have no respect for the Globes and never watch them. I did see a few of the winners listed and all I can say is, I don't really care. I didn't like the idea of another remake of A STAR IS BORN, have no interest in it, and I'm glad all the hype was shot down. I liked Queen's music but BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY got pretty bad reviews, yet it is exactly the kind of crowd please I'd expect the Globes to pick. Never heard of Glenn Close's winning movie.

pattinase (abbott) said...

THE WIFE was based on the book by Meg Wolitzer. It was a good, not great, performance, in a so-so film. Interesting to see if Olivia Coleman will win when the two categories are combined. Or will Lady Gaga overtake them. I hope not.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Cowboys WON!!!

Very glad to se Phil is doing better.

Our weather here in NE Dallas is very strange for this time of year. 75 again today is just not normal. Might have been caused by the heat of the playoff win. Not sure.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad, too, about the new Congress. And happy that you've had some family time.

Gerard Saylor said...

I presume I am the only one who sees Oerkfitz's name and always - every damn time - immediately thinks of Al Oerter.

Gerard Saylor said...

Related to my above comment. One of my father's PhD students had been a Colorado state champion discus thrower. He was very keen on continuing on as a thrower and earned a scholarship. But, he was a naturally slight figured fella and had to work in the gym and eat a lot to develop the bulk and power to compete.
After going to a track and field meet and seeing guys the size of Oerter, guys with heads the size of basketballs, he figured. "This is not a viable long term thing for me," and just focused on math.