Monday, April 23, 2018

Watching my grandson play in his first LL game of the year. He got a nice hit and made some good plays at first base. His friend, Grant, came along to watch and has the making of a standup comic. He said he and Kevin were the class clowns. That was new to me. No bad behavior on the part of parents either. A nice afternoon.

And good weather finally. We deserve it, don't we.

We went to a friend's house to watch RAGTIME on her DVD player. A long time since I have seen some of these actors. James Cagney, no less. Harold Rollins sure died before his time.

Enjoying KILLING EVE with Sandra Oh. What a great actress she is, especially paired with Jodie Comer.

What about you?


George said...

We may see temperatures in the 60s today with no rain (or snow!).

Patrick is in Montreal, Katie is visiting Greece. My kids really get around!

We have our tickets for THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Can't wait to see it!

I'll be watching the NFL Draft on Thursday night to see what the Buffalo Bills do: move up or stay put with their two First Round picks.

Jerry House said...

Yes, you deserve all the good weather! Warm here, with occasional rain. Fort Walton Beach -- just down the road -- got a tornado.

The overwhelmingly thing that made me happy this week is my oldest girl's strength and determination. Thursday she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoma, with a double mastectomy followed by radiation and chemo in the near future. The prognosis for all of this is good, especially with the medical staff she is working with. Jessamyn's pragmatism, courage, and sense of humor all speak well for her future. So, we're concerned, not worried. I am very proud of my daughter.

Speaking of family, we got together Saturday for a joint birthday party for Amy (20) and Mark (18). On the menu was roast chicken, potato salad, cake, ice cream, and laughter.

And Erin came back from a week in Akron for the High School Indoor Percussion Group World Championship where her team made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated.

Sunday -- Earth Day -- made me happy. Now, for the remaining 364 days of the year...

A lot of good television and reading this week.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Howard Rollins, Jr., not Harold.

Jackie agrees with you about Sandra Oh and KILLING EVE, but I dislike those kinds of stories and quit in the first episode.

We're watching PRISONERS OF WAR, the original Israeli version of what became HOMELAND here. More low key, as you might expect. Two soldiers are returned to Israel in a prisoner exchange after seventeen years in Syria. (In HOMELAND, they were rescued by Delta Force after 8 years.) And, of course, there is no Carrie Mathison character.

I'll be curious to see how it develops as it goes along.

I liked Steven Brust's GOOD GUYS and the other books I finished , and I have a bunch more on hand.

The weather finally seems to be getting back to normal levels.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Jerry, sorry to hear about your daughter. All best wishes to her and your family.

Rick Robinson said...

I read the E. L. Doctorow Book and liked it, but never saw the film. Yesterday I put up a post of some Spring in the garden shots, but it may be short-lived, another nice day in the 70s, then we hit 80s, which above about 83 is too darn hot for me. I may have to run the air in April!

Barbara's birthday is Thursday, I still haven’t gotten her card or gift (she says she doesn’t want anything, but we know how that goes!). So the pressure is on.

Like George, I’ll be watching the NFL draft. It’s more talk than decision, but I like seeing who the first round picks are. The rest I read in the newspaper. After that, it’s wait until September for any more sports and I care less about NBA, soccer or baseball.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

One of my grandsons broke his thumb during their first baseball practice. He broke his little finger last year and his leg the year before that. I would say he can't get a break but obviously he can.
Weather finally warming up.
I turn 70 on Thursday. Can't believe I will live longer than both my parents.
Been watching a lot of TV. Baseball esp since that's the only sport I follow.
Lot of good books to read. Just finished Len Deighton's SS-GB.

Gerard Saylor said...

I forgot Howard Rollins had died. An online article says his death was only six weeks after diagnosis.

My older son's Scout Troop had a camping trip over the weekend. I had to work Saturday so I drove up to the state park on Friday and came back that night. I drove up after work on Saturday and stayed the night. Lately I've eschewed using a tent and instead either used a hammock or slept with a tarp wrapping my sleeping bag.

The overnight low was 30 and I should have layered a bit more. I wasn't cold but I sure wasn't comfortable. I think that is the 2nd or 3rd time when I figured "Oh, I'll be plenty warm" and I was wrong.

I was a bit proud of myself in using a fire starter to get a paper towel lit as fire tinder. Maybe I am finally getting the knack of using the starter.

Gerard Saylor said...

Oh yeah, I also have 3-4 months of audiobooks downloaded to my phone. I just now put a Richard S. Wheeler book on there, have Megan's gymnast book, and a couple by Steven Hamilton, two by Olen Steinhauer, and I'll give Donna Tartt a try.

Jennifer Croissant said...

I always liked the "I could love a million girls" number from RAGTIME so superbly performed by Donald O`Connor a full 30 years after SINGIN` IN THE RAIN. And it was great to see Jimmy Cagney back at the age of 81 after not having appeared in a film for 20 years (since ONE, TWO, THREE 1961). I cant believe its over 30 years since Cagney snuffed it, for me he`ll always be the greatest film star of all-time.

Jennifer Croissant said...

Sandra Oh was also good in LAST NIGHT an edgy cult oddity about the end of the world from 1998.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Jerry-As you can imagine, I share your pain. I have a friend whose daughter is going through the same thing now. It is an epidemic with younger woman. It has to be linked to pollution.
Steve-Happy Birthday. I did it on Jan 1.
I can't imagine HOMELAND without Carrie.
When I think of Gerard, I think of him in the woods!
I don't think I have ever seen LAST NIGHT. Will look for it.
The book was better than the movie, Rick. They dropped a lot of story lines.
Loved Montreal but liked Quebec City even more. Hope he gets to visit that too. I regret never getting to Greece.