Monday, April 30, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Yesterday was as cold as February. But it looks like it will warm up considerably this week.

I managed to make myself drive around my neighborhood three times this week. That did make me happy. Although I don't feel at all comfortable yet.

Got a fair amount of writing in although my story for the anthology seems more historical than crime. I guess choosing a painting that was done in the 19th century forced me into that direction.

I have enjoyed this season of Bosch although there are too many scenes with the cops sitting around discussing the case. I know this probably is what cops do but it feels static. Still a darn good show.

Really enjoying the Barbara Vine book. Boy, can she tell a story. (Ruth Rendell).

What about you?


Margot Kinberg said...

Glad you're making progress, Patii! And I agree: Rendell/Vine was a gifted storyteller.

George said...

Temperatures are warming up in Western NY...finally!

The Landscape Guy will be coming out this week to remove our downed tree and clean up our yard from the ravages of Winter.

The Buffalo Bills drafted some good players (we'll see how good they are in a couple of years).

The Buffalo Sabres now have the First Pick in the NHL Draft. They need one of everything!

Katie is back from Greece (had a great time!) and Patrick enjoyed Montreal (he's in NYC now). Travel is for the Young.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

The only Vine book I've read was ANNA'S BOOK (ASTA'S BOOK in England), as I love books told in diary form. I've always meant to read others.

April is ending today and we're still in the mid-50s, wearing sweaters with jackets, but we are about to visit August, with UPPER 80s predicted for the second half of the week.

Whatever happened to Spring weather? You know, 70-75.

We got new, bigger, thinner, fast tablets this weekend, as Jackie was having problems with her old one. Always nice to have a new toy.

Glad to hear you are driving. I've been doing it for so long (50 years!) that it is more than second nature to me now, and I am definitely a better, safer driver than when I was younger.

I've got a LOT of library books lined up on the shelf, and my only problem is what to read first.

George, after reading the Jeffrey Siger mysteries, I envy Katie's trip to Greece.

pattinase (abbott) said...

My favorite Vine is A DARK=ADAPTED EYE.
Our IPAD is ancient. I can't believe how sturdy it was been.

Gerard said...

My wife and I finally decided on vacation plans for this summer and the family will visit Wyoming. I do not look forward to trying to driving the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Yellowstone but the rest of the trip should be fun.

On Sunday morning I attended a mountain bike 101 class at Trek in Waterloo, WI. I was talked into assisting my son's mountain bike club by coaching. I know next to nothing about the sport but I was sold after being told I could be the very last coach rider to make sure there were no stragglers.

A friend also gave me an older bike to use so I did not have to buy a new one.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm so glad you are starting to become a driver, Patti. Good for you!

Barbara and I are happy Barbara's second (in 3 days) root canal is over, and finally the pain is ebbing away, with the help of high-dose Ibuprofen. Four dentist appointments and a doctor appointment in her birthday week was way too much. But she's feeing much better and will go to her quilt group today.

We had a huge hail and pounding rain storm Saturday, and boy, are we happy we had new gutters installed two weeks ago!

I have Part 2 of my blog series What I Read During Those Months, covering the last half of August 2017, which includes Steinbeck, Capote, Rex Stout, Charles Portis and Kent Krueger. It will be up Friday as part of FFB.

I'm happy we have a new television. Our old one died, without any warning, last week so we took it an electronics recycling place (I'm also happy we have such places!), then went to Fry's and bought a new one, a Sony 49" HDTV. The picture is very good.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Patti-the weather is improving. High 60's today, 77 tomorrow.
Reading the new John Scalzi, Head On, a sequel to Locked. A SF mystery. Enjoying it on a lightweight level. Finished Josh Malerman's Unbury Carol. Liked it but it could have been pruned down a bit.
Saw the Avengers and enjoyed it more than I expected.
Liked Bosch. Am also enjoying Trust about the Getty kidnapping. It's on FX. Donald Sutherland is very good.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I was disappointed in the Scalzi. I thought the first (LOCK IN) was a lot more interesting.

Jerry House said...

Lovely weather here in the 70s this week. I'll send some of the warm weather up your way, Patti.

Granddaughter Erin was inducted into the the National English Honor Society. She will inducted into the National Science Honor Society this week. (Back in the good ol' days, I was inducted into the National Sleep at Your Desk Honor Society.)

Ten of us gathered yesterday for a pizza/work party at Jessamyn's house. Took down a porch that needed taking down, cleaned out a shed at the back of the property, switched her front and back doors, and cut down a few tons of bamboo (about a quarter of what needs to be cut down). A hot, sweaty day spiced up with a liberal amount of laughter. (I've noticed this family laughs a lot.)

Christina and Erin finally got their dates for their trip to Greece. They'll be there over the last half of June. I'm glad Katie had a great time there.

We're finally getting around to watching Robson Green's TOUCHING EVIL. Don't know why we hadn't watched it before. Haven't been able to read much this week, but I really like the Jason Aaron/Jason Latour graphic novel series SOUTHERN BASTARDS. Gritty and violent.

Some of Jessamyn's tests have been delayed because of delayed insurance issues. Her treatment plan has altered slightly and we are even more hopeful. Christina has joined the doctor appointment entourage. Her experience working in the medical field for more than fifteen years helps all of us ask the right questions to get the right answers.

TracyK said...

Good for you on the driving, Patti. I drove in my late 20s and 30s and stopped after that. Fortunately I have always been able to get to my job without driving.

I have been enjoying the books I have read lately. And reading a lot.

We are watching the new season of Bosch and enjoying it but going slowly. Only two episodes into it.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, watch it slowly. I think we rushed it and missed some context because of it.

Gerard said...

BOSCH fits a lot into each episode. I've been watching the second season of PREACHER and that show does the same.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Enjoyed BOSCH and very glad Amazon finally has the third season of RED ROCK up.

Glad to hear you are out driving around a little bit.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Had never heard of RED ROCK. Will look for it.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

It is a sort of soap opera crime deal. There are three seasons of it and as Erin Mitchell puts it: Each season has like 11 billion episodes.

I have a little trouble with the accents. It is diverting enough for me to semi keep my mind off of things and that helps. Unlike the last season of Bosch, nothing hits home and triggers me crying, and that is a good thing. Sometimes, that is all I can do is not lose it.

Charles Gramlich said...

It's starting to warm up here

Todd Mason said...

Glad my tooth remnants could be removed on Monday with only simple extraction tools...still a bit tender, but no oral surgeons needed to be brought in. Hope your tooth was similarly easily treated.

Driving outside of rush-hour traffic (or, I guess, Yellowstone) remains a pleasure or at least painless to me...hope it becomes such for you.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sadly two teeth need to be extracted and an implant installed.
I will never enjoy driving.
Warm up in Louisiana?