Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Life at the Theater: Cobb

We saw this at the Meadowbrook Theater in Rochester, Michigan in 1991. My memory of it is slim. Blessing also wrote the wonderful WALK IN THE WOODS, but this play was not up to that standard.

Most of the trouble lay with the miserable person Cobb was. But he was miserable in uninteresting ways. The play showed him at three ages and used three performers to do that. Although there were some interesting aspects to his story, it was not enough to save this play.

The thing about him was--he was a great ballplayer and there was no way to get that on the stage. So you are left with a miserable racist that nobody liked.


Anonymous said...

Patti - I know what you mean. If you have a character who's simply not likeable, it's hard to really enjoy a play or movie about that person. If you strip away the ball talent and Cobb was that much of a racist I can see why you didn't care for this in the end...

Anonymous said...

I read al Stump's biography of Cobb and he was just a horrible human being.

Jeff M.