Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Summing Up, Friday, April 15, 2011

The Summing Up, Friday, April 15, 2011

Patti Abbott, The Liberty Campaign, Jonathan Dee
Yvette Banek, The Baby Game, Randall Hicks
Paul Bishop, Night Judgment at Sinos, Jack Higgins
Bill Crider, Spectra: A Galaxy of Best Sellers
Scott Cupp, Adventures in Time & Space, Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas
Loren Eaton, When Gravity Falls, George Alec Effinger
Martin Edwards, The Hog's Back Mystery, Freeman Wills Crofts
Ed Gorman, The Detective in Hollywood, Jon Tuska
Randy Johnson, Texas Fever, Donald Hamilton
George Kelley, The Lost Continent, C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne
B.V. Lawson, Blue Octavo, John Blackburn
Evan Lewis, Marx Western Playsets, The Authorized Guide
Steve Lewis/David Vineyard, Station Wagon in Spain, Frances Parkinson Keyes
Julia Madeleine, Jana, David Veronese
Todd Mason, Crime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books H.R. F. Keating, All in Color for a Dime, Lupoff and Thompson, Science Fiction at Large, Peter Nichols
J.F. Norris, Broken Boy, John Blackburn
Eric Peterson, The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, Michael Weldon
David Rachels, Nude on Thin Ice, Gil Brewer
James Reasoner, Horror's Handclasp, Brant House (G. T. Fleming-Roberts)
Richard Robinson, Nice Weekend for a Murder, Max Allan Collins
Gerard Saylor, Too Late to Die, Bill Crider
Ron Scheer, Winter Range, Claire Davis
Kerrie Smith, Death of an Englishman, Magdalen Dabb
Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, Double in Trouble, Richard Prather& Stephen Marlowe

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