Friday, August 19, 2022

FFB: VENDETTA, Michael Dibdin

This is the second in the series (1990) concerning the police work of Aurelio Zen. Inspector Zen is one of the more sophisticated cops and the Italian settings in this series always wowed me.
In VENDETTA, Zen investigates the assassination of a millionaire and all of his his guests at a posh location in the Sardinian mountains. Despite a sophisticated security system, no pictures of the intruders exists. A lot of pressure comes from Zen's higher-ups to solve this high-profile, seemingly locked room-type murder.

I like this series a lot. Michael Dibdin died far too young.



Margot Kinberg said...

He did indeed die too young, Patti. The Aurelio Zen series is a very good one, and one I should pick up again!

George said...

Once again, I have Michael Dibdin books on the shelf...waiting to be read. Dibdin gets moved up on the Read Real Soon list!

Jeff Meyerson said...

I know that several of the books were adapted - perhaps on PBS - but I never saw them.

OK, I checked. There were three, they ran on the BBC in early 2011 and on PBS Masterpiece Theatre in July 2011, with Rufus Sewell as Zen. The books done were VENDETTA, CABAL and RATKING, the second, third and first in the series.

TracyK said...

I read two of these, the first two, ten or fifteen years ago, and then never continued with the rest. It would be interesting to see the BBC adaptations.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, I caught the PBS run, and remember little about them other than they were interesting and well-mounted. It had gotten by me that Dibdin died suddenly and relatively young.