Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wednesday Short Stories" Nighthawks" Michael Connelly from In Sunshine or in Shadow, ed, Lawrence Block

A masterful story. Boy it helps a short story immeasurably when you, as a reader, have a history with the protagonist as most of us do with Harry Bosch. Things can go unsaid that other stories would have to tell you. 

Bosch is in Chicago at the Museum sitting in front of the Hopper painting "Nighthawks" (which Connelly is able to cleverly connect to both Harry and the girl taking notes in front of it). A client believes the girl to be his daughter and wants Bosch to verify it. 

The girl engages Bosch in a conversation and by the end of it, Bosch has decided not to complete his assignment. The story has so much texture and familiarity if you have read the series. He inserts just the right details but not too many. Not a wasted word and every detail builds this tale. A great one. 

Kevin Tipple

Jerry House


George Kelley 

Casual Debris


George said...

Michael Connelly shows he's a master short story writer in "Nighthawks." Connelly, a terrific novelist, could write wonderful poetry if he cared to!

Between BOSCH: LEGACY and THE LINCOLN LAWYER, Connelly's work is getting the recognition it deserves.

My WEDNESDAY'S SHORT STORIES post is up on my blog. Sorry for the delay.

Margot Kinberg said...

You know, I haven't read enough of Connolly's short stories. He is so skilled at them and novels; not a lot of writers do both well.

Casual Debris said...

I've got one for this week: "Of Missing Persons."


Jeff Meyerson said...

Yeah, I've always been intrigued by the painting ("Nighthawks") and I loved Connelly's story. It was a good anthology, but that one definitely stood out.

Still reading Pronzini's short storts. Also reread a Tony Hillerman story about Jim Chee. But the highlight was the title story of Joe Lansdale's 2018 collection, DRIVING TO GERONIMO'S GRAVE and Other Stgories. It's set (as several of his best books are) in Depression-era Texas, as the teenage narrator is instructed by his mother to drive to Oklahoma and pick up his (two weeks!) dead uncle's body and bring it back for burial. His feisty 12 year old sister (a great character) decides to come along. Great atmosphere, fun characters and a lovely picaresque tale. Highly recommended. Thanks again to Jerry for mentioning this book a couple of weeks ago.

TracyK said...

Patti, I read several stories from this anthology several years ago (including Megan's) but I did not get to this one. I need to go back and read more of the stories.

Jeff, I keep meaning to mention that my husband is reading Small Felonies 2 by Pronzini and he has liked all the stories he has read so far. He also has the first Small Felonies, which he read years ago, and I want to read that one (or at least some of it) soon.

Steve A Oerkfitz said...

I'm surprised that there has never been a book collecting his short fiction, although there are e-book collections available.