Monday, March 26, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

The March, of course. Those kids knock me out, so ready to take on Washington. I hope it doesn't get knocked out of them like it did to us in the sixties. I enjoyed going on the bus with three friends. It seemed the right mode of transportation. And walking along Detroit's Riverwalk was terrific.

Lots of sunny days but where is the warmth?

Weird doc on Netflix about a cult I don't remember. WILD, WILD, WORLD. They pitched a tent and then a city in Oregon in the eighties and proceeded to take over. Or not. Still 3 episodes to go.

THE DEATH OF STALIN was fair to middling. Should have been funnier. And it assumed I knew a lot more about the fifties USSR than I did.  So many lousy movies out now.

How about you?


Margot Kinberg said...

Yes! The March! How inspiring

Jerry House said...

Happiness is 48 years of awesomeness.

I agree with you. Happiness is the March. The kids. The passion. The sanity. Speaking truth to power.

Happiness can be a warm puppy, but currently it's an arthritic cat who spreads cat snot all over when she sneezes and throws up in the most unexpected places. But when I'm sitting on the sofa and she cuddles up right next to me and starts purring, all is forgiven (except when my bride wants to cuddle up next to me and the damned cat won't move!).

Happiness is a five-year-old watching the Power Rangers movie over and over again while perfecting his Red Power Ranger moves.

Happiness is watching the sun rise while listening to good music and knowing a beautiful day is ahead.

May the sunny days also bring you warmth throughout the week.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Temps are going to be around 50 this week. An improvement, but rainy tomorrow.
Glad to see so many at the march. Lets hope something comes of this but I'm not optimistic.
Death of Stalin is on my go see list along with Unsane. Was disappointed with Thoroughbreds. Hoping Ready Player One turns out to be good. I liked the novel.
Read a lot of good books lately. Just finished Jackrabbit Smile the new Hap and Leonard from Joe Lansdale. Finally got my library book pile down.
On a sad note I just bought the new Bernie Gunther novel by Philip Kerr to learn he passed away on Friday at 62. Too young. One of my favorite writers.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Yes, the march. Those kids impress and amaze me every time.

That we were able to stay an extra week in Florida to avoid the "Spring" weather. That we got everything in the car and should be home Wednesday.

Thst we got a good amount of books read and movies seen and enjoyed most.

George said...

Loved the March and those feisty kids!

Loved Stormy telling her story. She's intelligent and credible.

Gradually, Western NY is warming up. We may hit 50 degrees today!

But, we still have snow on the ground...

pattinase (abbott) said...

Still have a few pockets here, George.
I think I needed to know more about post WW2 USSR, Steve, to appreciate it although my husband does and he liked it about as much as me 7/10.
Be careful out there, Jeff.
I think Jerry must have the lowest BP of all of us.

Gerard Saylor said...

We finally have a new Children's Librarian hired and she starts in a couple weeks.

I've been watching FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES on Netflix and enjoying it. I'll watch most anything with Sean Bean but this is a neat show even without him.

RE: Cats. One of those dang cats has taken to sleeping by my legs overnight. He keeps my legs warm but is also right in the way.

Rick Robinson said...

Seeing The March was great! Let's hope it makes a difference.

We've been working, and enjoying, several jigsaw puzzles lately. Two last week.

Taking Barbara to outpatient surgical center in an hour. They assure us all will be well.

Beautiful weather yesterday, rain the next three, but nice Thursday through Sunday with sun and temps in the low 50s. Should be a beautiful Easter.