Tuesday, February 07, 2017

My Favorite MTM episode


By the sixth season, you would have thought the writers had run through just about all they could do with the characters. But this episode allows every character to shine for a minute. And Lou and Mary get to show their talent and the deep character development the show has allowed them.

Lou drinks too much and spends the night with Sue Ann, leaving a sock behind. Mary thinks it's so funny (and boy, does she nail the snickering and snorting) that she can't resist telling Murray despite her promise not to. Lou says they will never be friends again and here she gets to show off her ability to cry. She also gets to find a clever way out of their standoff. There is not a wasted line or emotion in this episode. Ted is funny in not being able to figure out whose sock Sue Ann had. Sue Ann nails her most seductive self and Murray is the clueless Murray, never realizing his betrayal is the real one.


James Reasoner said...

"Ted's Change of Heart", from the final season. A near-death experience turns Ted into a nice person--for a little while--and affects everyone else, too. The final shot of this episode is my favorite moment in the entire series.

pattinase (abbott) said...

More and more I see what a terrific actor he was.

Charles Gramlich said...

Other than for Star Trek, I never remember episode titles of anything

George said...

Most series finale's fall flat (like SEINFELD) but THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW'S “The Last Show” was excellent. I had tears in my eyes when Mary turned out the lights.