Monday, July 20, 2015

Alex Segura's Book Shelf

What's on your TBR pile.

I'm currently deep into Don Winslow's THE CARTEL, which has been amazing. Winslow's books are Ellroy-epic in scope and they are also informative, so you feel like you're getting a crash course on not only Mexico-US relations, but the entire drug trade. It's an epic, monster book. I'm sad to be finishing it. Up next is Neely Tucker's second Sully Carter novel, MURDER, D.C. I very much enjoyed Tucker's first book, THE WAYS OF THE DEAD, so I'm excited for this one. After that, I'll be hopefully reading Karolina Waclawiak's second book, THE INVADERS and the first Rebus book by Ian Rankin. 

Who is you favorite writer?

I love so many novelists that it's hard to pick just one - but in terms of loyalty and inspiration, I'd have to say George Pelecanos. It was his first Nick Stefanos book, A FIRING OFFENSE, that made me want to write crime fiction. I've loved most of his work since, but that book will forever hold a special place for me. 

What would be surprised to see on your bookshelves?

As far as surprising books, I have a lot of sci-fi, including a pretty big collection of Star Trek Pocket Book novels I devoured as a kid. I'm also a sucker for a quick rock biography. 

Who is your favorite fictional character?

My favorite fictional character is from Grant Morrison's ANIMAL MAN series: Buddy Baker. Grant struck the perfect balance between flawed and heroic and I don't think it's been matched since. Peter Parker and Archie Andrews are a close second. In terms of prose, I love the aforementioned Stefanos, Patrick and Angie from the early Dennis Lehane novels and Tess Monaghan from Laura Lippman's series. 

What book do you find yourself going back to?

Ellroy's White Jazz is the book I find myself going back to. Lehane's Darkness, Take My Hand is a close second. 

 I’m a writer of novels and comics. My first crime book, SILENT CITY, came out in late 2013. The second and third in the series are in the works. I’ve written a lot of comics, mostly for Archie, including ARCHIE MEETS KISS, “Occupy Riverdale” and more. I oversee Archie’s PR/Marketing and also edit the company’s Dark Circle line of superhero comics, which will launch next month with THE BLACK HOOD, followed by THE FOX and THE SHIELD, redefining the company’s stable of superhero properties. I’m married, vegan and live in New York City with my wife and two cats. I read a lot of books, listen to tons of music and watch some TV and movies. I talk about all of these things.


Charles Gramlich said...

Star Trek novels and rock biographies. Finally someone who reads the same stuff as I do. :)

jvdsteen said...

Always so cool to discover my favorite writers have a reason they are. I read a LOT of Star Trek pockets before I got hooked on Spenser and after that the Dennis Lehane and Pelecanos books myself.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things about this feature is discovering fellow book lovers whose shelves are completely different to mine. Lots of new stuff to explore!