Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday Book Review Club, WELL READ, THEN DEAD

After several stories in venues like EQMM, Terrie Farley Moran has written her first novel. Don't you love the cover. You will probably enjoy the story even more.

Sassy and her BFF, Bridgy, have come to Fort Meyers from Brooklyn to open a combination book store/cafe. It's become a focal point for the community due to its many opportunities to both discuss books through several book groups and to have a nice breakfast or lunch. Both aspects of the business are treated seriously and you can imagine just such a place. (I hope there is one, in fact).

One day, one of their most faithful patrons turns up dead. Her death is followed by several other disquieting events and Sassy is drawn into solving the murder. There is more than she thought to be learned about her friend and her background.

This is a charming book. Terrie Moran manages to combine great location details, a group of fun and funny characters, lots of references to southern cuisine and life, references to books and food, some Floridian history and geography, and a mystery to solve without overloading the book with any one of them. And, oh, a cat named Paws who has a distinctive personality as well. I read this book during a particularly stressful week and it was a tonic. It is a smooth and quick read.

This is a terrific start to a series. Can't wait to see what's going on in Fort Meyers next.

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Anonymous said...

Patti - Oh, I've been hearing such great things about this novel! Yours is the second or third blog in which it's been praised. Time for me to read it, methinks.

George said...

This sounds like a book Diane's Book Club would enjoy. I'll pass on your recommendation.

Rick Robinson said...

The cover says "cozy" loud and clear. Perhaps a little more so than I would normally read, but I might try it if the library has a copy. Is it paperback original?

Sarah Laurence said...

I do love the cover and it does sound like a fun premise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti. PC problems so I am anonymous. That's so much for your lovely review.

Richard, it is a cozy and a paperback original, the first of a three book series published by Berkley Prime Crime. Most library systems do carry copies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely review. I hate autocorrect.

Barrie said...

I've been meaning to pick up this book. I remember Terrie from My Town Mondays. And I'm so excited to read her debut! Thanks for reviewing, Patti!

Linda McLaughlin said...

This sounds like loads of fun and I do love the cover. There really should be more places like this. It combines two of my favorite things: eating and reading!