Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes I think my life is excessively about story 

I wake up, eat, and go work on a story ((I am currently working on a story based on a Grimm's Fairy Tale). I take a break to clean a little and play a story on my boombox (THE REVISED FUNDAMENTAL OF CAREGIVING) which I am reading a second time for my book group.

I return to my own story--get bogged down, and switch over to another story about a burglar.

Second break for more cleaning chores, I put on my IPAD to listen to Alan Sepinwall talk about TV.

At lunch, I read Sara Gran's first Claire DeWitt book.

After lunch I go to the gym and listen to some more FUNDAMENTALS on the treadmill.

Work for an hour or two more on my own stories, and then clean some more while I finish up Alan Sepinwall.

At four o'clock I read THE REVOLUTION WAS TELEVISED by Sepinwal-about the TV shows that changed the game.

After dinner, I go for a walk where Phil and I discuss various writing problems. He talks about the story of Alger Hiss (he is working on a book about Nixon) and I tell him I cannot figure out how to get my burglar into a certain spot.

We come home and both of us reads for an hour.(Probably a NEW YORKER story and one of the books)

We put on the TV at eight-thirty or so and watch about ninety minutes of story. (Last night it was VEEP and MAD MEN).

Then I go up to bed and read Sara Gran for an hour before he joins me.


On the weekends, you can add in a movie or two and possibly a play. Or we meet up with friends who talk about what they've read, seen at the movies or watched on TV.

This was not always the case with me. I used to have a job, two parents to tend, a grandchild to babysit often. But now it is story, story, story. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I like it. When you're on vacation how does the schedule differ? Do you keep writing when you're away?

Isn't it interesting? Don't you look back and think, I'm busy all day with (well, I won't say with nothing but you know what I mean) relative minutia, how did I ever have time to work and do everything I used to do?

Phil writing about Nixon sounds very interesting to me.

Jeff M.

Todd Mason said...

Multitasking, multitasking, multitasking.

pattinase (abbott) said...

If I am on a long vacation--like California--I write every day. But short shots, no.
I have no idea how I wrote anything before two years ago. But I swear I got almost as much writing done then as now. Although my house is a lot cleaner.
NIXON ON THE BEACH. The influence of California on Nixon.

Charles Gramlich said...

In the summer that is true a lot of the time for me as well. Not during the school year, though. Unfortunately.

Chris said...

I'm in a slump. Need to kick it.

Anonymous said...

Parkinson's Law: Work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.

On the other hand, it sounds as if your house is really clean!


pattinase (abbott) said...

I was in a slump for months. It happens.
Not clean at all. We are inherently sloppy.

John said...

Yes, it is pretty much the same with me. I would much rather be reading than anything else these days. Commuting on public transport makes it easy to read a lot every day. Occasionally we're out on the bikes -- far away from anything to do with the internet or computers -- but I still have a book in the car and I'm reading allthe way to our destination.