Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Little Free Library

Here is their site. Maybe you would like to start one?

Every few months, this idea is brought to my attention by someone. Last month John McFetridge suggested we have a flash fiction challenge in support of these endeavors but I couldn't think of exactly how to do it. Do I charge an entry fee? But what is the prize? I am not sure but ideas are welcome.

Today Jeff Meyerson emailed me about one in New York.

The idea goes back to 2009 and you can read about it at their site. I am not sure that having one of these about a mile from two very fine libraries makes sense, but people have told me lots of older and younger people especially use it.

Our community's has been in place for about a year or so. The original builder and "librarian" moved so I am not sure how well it is being kept up but I am headed over there today with some inventory.

This is the one in my neighborhood. Do you have one nearby?


Bill Crider said...

There are two in Alvin, Texas, and since it's a small town, both are close to me.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Do you peruse them? I could stock them forever.

Anonymous said...

I see there's one in North Tonawanda, George.

Jeff M.

Gerard said...

Someone here in Lake Mills, WI built one and had the dedication 2-3 weeks ago. I'll bet our circulation numbers are kicking their ass.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I think that is a safe assumption. But any place where books are found is good.

Charles Gramlich said...

Such a wonderful idea.

John said...

No, I've never seen one of these in Chicago. The entire thing seems like what Bookcrossing.com is all about: leaving books out "in the wild" for free to anyone. Usually just frequently visited public places, though some people do take "in the wild " to literal exremes. Problem with the free book concept is every now and then someone exploits it for personal gain. "Borrowing" the book and then selling it, that is. That really bothers me. Same thing happens with Bookcrossing books and I stopped participating when I started seeing that happen with books I "released."

Gerard said...

Theft is always going to happen and always going to aggravate.

The thing about small book boxes like this is that the limited selection will likely not appeal to me.

The new one in our town is in a dead end neighborhood and I keep forgetting to go by and see what is there. I have some stuff I should add in, space permitting. Heck, I could take over some of the paperback donations we get at work.

Nicole Gauvin said...

The Little Free Library is having a Film Festival! You should enter!!