Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forgotten TV: Crusader Rabbit

No, not Happy Days but Crusader Rabbit.

I was quite attached to this show growing up. From what I can tell, it was aired here and there.It was the first animated TV series and began airing in 1948.For more information, you can go to this site.
Sorry to be quick today. 


Todd Mason said...

Mostly an ABC show when ABC was a very weak third network, often sharing clearance on their affiliate stations in any number of combinations (with Dumont, the early '50s Paramount Television Network, or, obviously CBS and NBC) in all but the largest markets. While they had the big advantage of having the former NBC Blue network radio station web behind them, Dumont was giving them a run for sustainability for a brief while.

And, of course Rocky and Bullwinkle have their ancestors here.

Todd Mason said...

Ah...that it was actually syndicated after NBC budget-cutting is probably why I associated it with ABC stations (having read about it running on them over the years), who had even less feed than the bigger tv networks for their kids' hours.

Amusing that the '70s revival/repeats were keyed to Multimedia, which were the legacy core stations of Dumont.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have only slightest memory of this and it may be that I only remember people talking about it.

Yvette said...

I vaguely remember Crusader Rabbit, but I do instinctively know that I loved it as a kid. Funny thing, I sort of remember the theme music....Maybe.

Rick Robinson said...

I watched it as a tyke, and remembered liking it a lot. It was part of a (I thought local) show hosted by a character named "Sheriff John", who was at some point fired off the show for being drunk in the studio. Funny thing is I saw a couple of episodes a year or two ago and thought they were really awful. Rocky and Bullwinkle show was miles better, of course.

There was also the early Beanie and Cecil (the sea-sick sea serpent) show, which was probably about as bad as this one.

Todd Mason said...

Well, Rick, early BEANY AND CECIL had Stan Freberg and Daws Butler working on it...and won (fwiw) an Emmy (the only one a Paramount Television Network program won).