Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Kind of Town

Three days in Chicago to attend the American Political Science Association with my husband. Have you ever had dinner with eight political theorists? How many political theorists does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: An infinite number because none of them would ever notice they were sitting in the dark.
And yes, Chicago is the most fantastic US city.
But that's not what this is about. This is about ineptitude. In four days, I never got my laptop functional because suddenly the piece that allows me to add on a keyboard and a mouse and a flash drive would not fit into any port. And still won't.
Also my new cellphone kept sending me messages to set up my voice mail and telling me to hit the pound key, which I did. Then it advised me to seek advice on what the pound key was. Isn't this the pound key ######.
Then four of us went to Oak Park and were give ipods to do an audio tour of Frank Lloyd Wright land and the snotty tech guy warned us that people like us (read old) liked to hit just any old button and if we did hit any old button he couldn't be responsible if we had to listen to the tape in Japanese. So keep your fingers away from this button, you old f****.
Every day I get just a little further behind in the tech war. Skip one step, let one thing pass you buy and you're dead. Of course, you are anyway.


Sandra Scoppettone said...

I wondered where you were. I love Chicago. In my salad days I loved it because the bars stayed open later than in N.Y. But there are other reasons to love it.

I'm sorry about your tech troubles. It drives me insane when I can't get stuff to work, but because I'm so compulsive I stay with it for hours and hours until I get it to work...or take it to Best Buy to fix.

About old. Wait until you're so old that they don't even notice you're there to tell you about the buttons.

Yes, # pound key.

Saw Blacksnake Moan tonight on your suggestion. Loved it. I can't believe how good Ricci was. And Timberlake is a very good actor. So thanks.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Glad you liked it. Try The Pageturner too. That one is still haunting me. Right now I'm kneedeep in Weeds although they sent me the second disk first so I have to wait for the first one before I can start.
People in Chicago kept asking me how I had time to watch all these movies and shows. People always ask me that. I have to learn to keep my voracious appetite for any narrative to myself. But what are they doing at 10:00 at night?

Anonymous said...

Just so happens that I toked my first two discs of WEEDS over the weekend as well. I really dislike the Magical Black People trope (even as slightly modified here), and Parker's bit of business with the iced coffee beverages is getting to be a bit distracting by the end of the first season...but good enough to continue with.

Those other folks are, of course, teaching themselves Sanskrit, volunteering at the Free Clinic, or Improving Humanity's Future. But, hey, BURN NOTICE comes back this week.

pattinase (abbott) said...

That's exactly why my husband won't watch it. He thinks its demeaning. But I like those two women enough to put up with a few problems here and there.
I wondered what had happened to Burn Notice. It didn't feel over.

Steve Allan said...

"because none of them would ever notice they were sitting in the dark"

lol. I miss my poli sci classes sometimes; not that I'm doing any thing with the degree.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A common problem, I'm afraid.