Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Leaving

A new story appears in Flashing in the Gutters today. The challenge was writing stories based or influenced by a specific country song. I still like writing short shorts better than anything. The strengths of poetry and short stories combined.

Three good movies in the last ten days: The Departed-Leo and Mark were outstanding. Jack didn't ruin it but I could have taken about half as much of him. As good as Infernal Affairs, the original, for me. Half Nelson-three great performances in a so-so movies, The Last King of Scotland. Forrest Whitaker was astounding but the Scottish doctor's motives were enigmatic till the end.

Reading Tomato Red (Woodrell) when I stay awake long enough. Tonight we see The Tokyo String Quarter which seemed like a good idea when the Tiger playoffs were just a dream.

Is it me or is this Tiger team dream a gift from another dimension? Who are they?

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Maria said...

Oh, you should have seen it, Patti. The first few innings Oakland was on fire and Detroit was making stupid mistakes. But then Ordonez hit one out, and the crowd began to rev, and then the boys did two. Three-to-three, bottom of the ninth, two outs, two men on. Ordonez steps to the plate as calm as could be. And I swear, as soon as you heard the sound of the bat on the ball, you knew. It starts sailing for the scorboard, falls in well behind the fence. Three run homer for Ordonez, and everyone's on their feet. Leyland starts to cry, the crowd goes INSANE. It was utterly, utterly beautiful.