Thursday, August 31, 2006

Philadelphia Here I Come

I spent 18 years in Philadelphia and now I know no one here-or at least not well enough to drop by. I am tempted to go see Duane at the City Paper although he has no idea who I am...I've only been here an hour but I already had a cheesesteak at the Reading Terminal and I am on the hunt for Tasty Cakes for my parents--all right for me, too.

Reading Cornelia Read's Fields of Darkness and I am mighty impressed. She has the kind of "voice" that makes you willing to follow her anywhere.

Still can't get Grey Gardens out of my head. I watched the interviews on the DVD, which were haunting. Did Little Edie ever find any happiness. The most haunting thing was in an later interview where she said the best thing about the doc. was her dancing. Truly, she couldn't dance at all.


Tribe said...

You know that Grey Gardens is on Broadway now?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I heard that, plus there's an out takes. I must see both.