Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I think Kevin is a pretty amazing kid. Of course, I'm his grandmother. This post is to help me remember him at age seven but I would love to hear what you or your kids were like at seven too.

 There have been lots and lots of lego kits in Kevin's seven years. He can't be persuaded to take them apart once built. His pleasure, immediately, was in following the directions rather then free-form styling.

Kevin's favorite thing to read right now is CALVIN AND HOBBES. He likes comic strips and does a few of his own. 

Kevin is interested in art in general.

He is a selective eater and chocolate ice cream cones and warm pretzels are his favorites. 

One of his favorite TV shows is RABBIDS INVASION and we are waiting for the first books to appear in two weeks. 

Kevin loves board and video games of every kind and won a trophy for coming in third place in chess.

                             Sportswise, Kevin likes to skate, swim, bike and ski. As yet, the charms of baseball have eluded him.

One of his very favorite activities is making up games to play. Understanding the rules is sometimes difficult for we adults.

We love you so much, Kevin. Stay the smiling, sweet, generous, eclectic boy you are. And thanks to Josh and Julie for making a grandson that is so special.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Patti! And Kevin really does seem like a terrific kid.

Anonymous said...

Great, Patti. Kevin has terrific taste - my nephew, who is about to turn 14, also loved Calvin & Hobbes - and it's great that he has his own likes and dislikes rather than relying on what other people like.

Jeff M.

George said...

Patrick and Katie were great fun at the age of seven. The teenage years get more challenging. Patrick loved to build with LEGOs and Katie to read (we always had lots and lots of books around...that hasn't changed).

pattinase (abbott) said...

Whoops. Have to add legos. He has a million of them.

Chad Eagleton said...

I have to agree with him on Rabbids. That's a pretty fun game.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It's a TV show too.

Gerard said...

Ian is dancing around.
"Ian, if you want, we can sign you up for dance classes."
"I already know how to dance" and starts dancing around.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Kevin is gifted. I'll bet he reads at a level above his age/grade. And I predict he will grow up to be an engineer, architect, or, better yet, a cartoonist or a science fiction author.

Charles Gramlich said...

Not unlike my own son. Baseball instead of Hockey.

Gerard said...

Last year we were on our annual trip to KS. Boy #2, Ian, had awfully smelly feet. We were questioning him in the car.

Us: "Ian, are you sure you're washing your feet when you shower?"
Ian: "Yes, I'm washing them." He says in an aggravated voice as we are interrupting his game or book.
Us: Well, let's be clear. Are you soaping the wash cloth well and then scrubbing your feet?
Ian: Soap? I don't use soap.
Us: You don't use soap?
Ian: No.
Us: Do you use soap at all when you shower?
Ian: No. Why do I need to use soap?

pattinase (abbott) said...

You mean your water doesn't come pre-soaped?

Gerard Saylor said...

I've made periodic notes on a separate blog since January 2010 to record observations and events about my children.

When Boy #1 was 7-years-old he used to watch the TOP GEAR (The British TV show) every day. When playing during the day he would talk in an English accent and repeat what the TV show hosts would say, "Hold on!" and "Oh My!"

He used to come into our room in the early mornings to watch TV as we tried to sleep. He had a kid sized chair in there and would lean back and put his feet on the cheap, short TV cabinet we have. He would always press his feet against the shelves which would thump as they fell back into place. He'd then open and shut and open and shut and open and shut the cabinet doors. That would drive me nuts.

Boy #1 is 11.5-years-old now and he still fusses with things when reading or watching TV. When in his room reading he'll be thumping on the wall. Yesterday we watched a movie and he got excited, stood by the large TV cabinet in the family room, and was opening and shutting that door. "Quentin, stop that! It's annoying."

Colingwood said...

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