Monday, May 06, 2013


LOW WINTER SUN, a new AMC show, filmed in the city and about Detroit cops, will be premiering in August on AMC.

AMC has released a trailer for the new original series Low Winter Sun, which stars Mark Strong (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyZero Dark Thirty) and co-stars Lennie James (The Walking Dead,Jericho, Snatch). A contemporary story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption in a world where the line between cops and criminals is blurred, Low Winter Sun begins with the murder of a cop by a fellow Detroit detective. Seemingly the perfect crime, in reality the murder activates forces that will forever alter the detective's life, and pull him into the heart of the Detroit underworld. Season one consists of ten, one-hour episodes and premieres Summer 2013 on AMC.

Detroit is profitting by this series with lots of locals providing various amenities and their talents to the show. The cast and crew are here. Hopefully this will do better than DETROIT 187, which was never given a chance to develop. 

Cay another cop show break through? 


Anonymous said...

Patti - Oh, that sounds like an interesting premise. I always like shows that feature cities other than always NYC and LA. Nice for Detroit to get some 'press.'

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this one works. I definitely think it has a better chance on AMC (or FX or TNT or SyFy or USA) than on one of the three "big" networks.

Jeff M.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Strong played the same role in the original 2006 British miniseries.

Jeff M.

George said...

I'll be looking for LOW WINTER SUN. I'm still counting the days until LONGMIRE returns.

Anonymous said...

May 27, George.

A few others coming soon:

Major Crimes, June 10.
Falling Skies, June 9.
The Killing, June 2.

Jeff M.

le0pard13 said...

Good Detroit. You notice the leads are Brits?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Looking forward to LONGMIRE although I wish they wouldn't try to do an entire novel in 40 minutes.
I guess because it is based on a British show. Northern England also has low winter suns.
Crossed fingers on THE KILLING.

Al Tucher said...

I hope this one makes it. I was enjoying Detroit 187.

Come to think of it, when I like something, that's usually the kiss of death.

michael said...

AMC doesn't have the need for ratings that ABC faced.As far as I remember the only AMC series cancelled after one season was RUBICON. I still miss that show which was doomed because I liked it.

While AMC series don't appeal to me, there is no arguing, the network has not had a bad show on its network since it turned to original scripted series. I suspect LOW WINTER SUN won't disappoint.

Todd Mason said...

Well, there's no lack of good and better cop shows now, so there's no reason another can't do well.

Three episodes in, I'm pretty happy with the interesting RECTIFY. And not solely for Abigail Spencer in a diaphanous t-shirt, though I can't say that upsets me. It's getting a second season.