Monday, May 10, 2021

Still Here

 Megan has been here for a few days and what a gift that is after 16 months. We saw a fairly bad movie (NOBODY), went out to lunch, went out to dinner, had dinner at Josh's house, and had a pedicure, my first ever. Also watched 1934's DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY with Frederic March, what a strange film.

Crazy about the Apple TV series FOR ALL MANKIND. Odd to feel affection for an alternative history of the space program but it is so interesting to envision the changes that would happen if the Russians had landed on the moon first. 

 Back into the horror show of THE HANDMAID'S TALE. My interest is waning.

Been listening to a lot of the music (soundtracks) of Nicholas Britell (Succession, Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk) 

I will be a bit sparse here for the next two weeks. 

What's happening with you?


Steven A. Oerkfitz said...

Went to see a couple of movies in the theater. The very light weight Together Together. I can hardly remember it 6 days later. Also a good new action film from Guy Ritchie-The Wrath of Man. Rewatched several favorites on disc-The Hot Spot, Big Fish and In Bruges. On tv enjoying Mare of Easttown.
Reading Hard Cash Valley by Brian Panovich. I liked his first two books and am liking this. Also started Bullets and Other Hurting Things. A tribute to Bill Crider. Enjoyed the William Kent Krueger and Joe Lansdale stories. Not so much thge Bill Pronzini. Patti's story is next.
My youngest daughter and her family just spent a week in the Great Smoky Mountains. A lot of pictures of overtly friendly bears.
Glad you got to spend some time with Megan.

Todd Mason said...

Pedicure wouldn't quite be torture to me, but close enough. Still horribly ticklish on the feet.

As it turns out, PERSON OF INTEREST is now streaming on HBO Max. I've now seen some episodes I'd missed, and will forsake WGN America, now rebranded after its news of sorts programming, at least till it drops off HBO Max and I might get nostalgic while WGN is still running it in wee weekend hours.

The SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketch mocking MARE OF EASTTOWN was pretty funny, even if the attempt at mockery of Philly accents didn't work so very well. Since they didn't hire the racist guy the other year, they manage, I gather, to not have anyone from Philadelphia on staff.

Some of the troubles are abating, but I haven't heard from one friend all weekend who was in some of the more pressing trouble...

Very glad you had a good time with Megan! And the first season of CONDOR is worth pursuing throughout. Dunno if they'll go ahead with the second season episodes immediately or wait a bit.

Margot Kinberg said...

Bad film or not, how wonderful that you got to see Megan. That must have been a real lift, Patti.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Glad you were able to get together at last. I'm sure you enjoyed the visit.

Nothing much going on here - we did eat out once. It would have been more but it has been way cooler than normal with several rainy days. They promise warm weather the second half of the month.

We're watching NO SECOND CHANCE (the Harlan Coben French series), which surely has the stupidest bunch of cops in history. They really believe this doctor was involved in the murder of her husband and kidnapping of her daughter? She was shot in the back and almost died. Two years later (where we're up to) they are just as stupid, arresting her! I can't say I like it, as everyone acts in a ridiculous manner, but it certainly keeps your attention. (This is a PBS Passport show, though we are watching it weekly on one of our PBS stations.)

Also watching ATLANTIC CROSSING, which is taking many liberties with the facts. Missy LeHand collapsed and had a stroke in June or July of 1941, not after seeing Princess Martha with FDR at Christmas. MARE OF EASTTOWN is definitely worth your time.

Need to go to Costco. Bakc with more later.

George said...

Glad you were able to spend time with Megan! We're experiencing the same joy with Patrick and Katie visiting for Mother's Day. Katie baked a delicious Carrot Cake (with Patrick's help) and some Oatmeal Chocolate cookies. Yum!

So far, May has been wet and cold. But the weather-guessers see a warming trend by the end of the week.

I read Michael Lewis's brilliant THE PREMONITION. The U.S. has some smart medical experts...but few people in Government listen to them!

Stay safe!!

Jeff Meyerson said...

I love carrot cake, George.

There is nothing nicer if you have to shop than going to Costco at 8:30 on a Monday. The lot was empty and the store was empty. We just stroll around for half an hour - mostly milk and berries and bananas.

Weather is still cool and overcast, though the rain ended early. We are going to eat in our favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch today, for the first time since before we went to Florida 16 months ago.

We're enjoying series two of SEASIDE HOTEL. It's now 1929 and we'll be interested to see what happens to these characters after the stock market crash. Also enjoying MONEY HEIST - nearing the end of the first part. We watched (via library DVDs) season four of THE GOOD FIGHT, and can't say I was terribly impressed. I did enjoy the last "Who killed Jeffrey Epstein" episode, without taking it too seriously. Only a few more episodes of THE GOOD PLACE to watch.

I'm reading Stephen King's THE INSTITUTE. It's a quick read but so long and so nasty that I can't read too much at a time. The Yankees had a good home stand against Detroit, Houston and Washington. Now they had for Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Texas.

George said...

Jeff, the Yankee fans in Western NY are all excited about the Blue Jays playing their home games in Buffalo. Right now, the stands will be filled to 33% capacity (which could go to 50% or more depending on the Covid-19 numbers).

Katie has developed into an excellent baker. She's taken some classes and isn't afraid to tackle some difficult desserts. Her Carrot Cake is delicious...and that's not just a proud Father talking. It's three layers of Heaven!

Jerry House said...

Sad news. The thirty-two-year-old youngest son of Kitty's cousin died this week. We have had no clear word yet on what had happened, only that all his systems began shutting down. Although close to her cousin, Kitty has not seen the family since before we moved to Florida. The boy (at least he is in our minds) was by all accounts one of the truly nice people. a shame. The loss has hit Kitty pretty hard.

Jessie finished her AA degree in Accounting this week. One of her online teachers, however, has not released the final grades for her class -- this is the same online techer who refused to post assignments but expected the students to do them anyway. Where do they get these jamooks? Anyway, Jessie will start on her BA this fall online. It's helpful for her work.

Before heading off to the summer camp job he has no clue about, Mark will be tking scuba lessons. Amy has decided to join him. Both are looking forward to it.

Planning the first week in August at Cape Cod with everyone. We haven't been to the family cottge for several years and are not sure what shape it's in; Kitty's brother and nephew do the upkeep -- at least we hope so. Looking forward to real fried clams (with the bellies) and lobster, as well as taking a side trip to Kimball's Ice Cream in Westford, Ma, where they serve the world's best ice cream.

Watched a pretty outlandish Chloe Grace Moritz film about a World War II flight being attacked by both Japanese fighters AND gremlins, with a baby in a disoatch box hanging from the outside of the plane during the battle scenes. Since my taste veers toward the lowest common denominator, I enjoyed it. I'm not so sure about Kitty. Also watched on about a guy who keeps getting murdered every day, GROUNDHOG DAY-style -- surprisingly funny. The first season of SHADOW AND BONE was a hit at the House house. I may even go read the books.

Still reading short stories. I've added five of Otto Penzler's "Big Book" anthologies to the mix. I'm also continuing my John Creasey kick, going through several of his The Baron novels (written under his "Anthony Morton" pseudonym) and in the m idst of a roger West adventure. Between the anthologies and the Creaseys, I'll have enough to read to take me to the next decade, so I'll be mixing it up with other books over the next week or two.

After putting up with a sore foot and ankle for weeks, Kitty is finally going to see a podiatrist this week. This will mark a long series of medical and dental appointments for both of us. It's not easy getting old, but it beats the alterntive.

So glad you got some quality time with Megan. Have a great week, Patti!

Jerry House said...

George, can you mail some of the carrot cake to Florida? It sounds so yummy!

Gerard Saylor said...

I missed checking in last week. I re-discovered Colin Bateman's comic crime novels after what must have been a 20 year gap. I just listened to MYSTERY MAN which is a great novel for crime fans because the Belfast narrator is the owner of a mystery book shop and he often comments on the genre.

My wife and I had a outdoor get together with a six other people on Saturday. I never talk much in regular circumstances and had to force myself to do so after such a long gap. For Mother's Day we went to Home Depot and buy fencing to stop the rabbits from eating the rest of our garden.

Tonight Boy #1 and other valedictorians attend a reception hosted by the School Board since the usual conference wide dinner is cancelled because COVID. Since this is a School Board meeting I'm thinking there will not be beer.

Rick Robinson said...

Not much to report this time, no movies watched except an episode of VERA, which I enjoy. I read a three novelette collection of fantasy-adventure by Poul Anderson, my Forgotten book, and gave a try to THE DJINN OF THE PURPLE LINE which won the Best Novel Edgar. I only got about 40 pages before I quit. Didn't like the characters, setting or where it seemed to be going. It was the mystery Best Novel of 2020? I doubt it. The Edgars are strange sometimes.

I'm reading some short stories from several collections and anthologies, I'll pick something for Wednesday. Right now I'm about halfway through a book from the library, the novel NARROWBOAT SUMMER, which is different than my usual reading, but I'm enjoying the characters and the setting is interesting. I still have a lot of library books on hold, hope some come soon.

So glad you had that long stay with Megan, sounds like a good time.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I so enjoy hearing about all of your lives. We are spread out, aren't we? CA (2), OR, WI, FL, MI, NY West, NY East and sometimes TX and NJ.
Packing for my trip now necessitates making copies of every credit card. And taking my three doubled-space pages list of passwords. And of course, the weather is a crap shoot this time of year. Megan's plane was completely full. I am hoping for less than that.

Steve A Oerkfitz said...

Jeff-There is one drawback to going to Costco at 8:30. You have to get up at the crack of dawn. Having spent much of my working life getting up at dusk, I refuse to get up before 9:00.
Patti-Sorry you didn't like Nobody. It got pretty good reviews.
Hope you have a nice trip.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Biggest TV highlight has been GRACE via BritBox. Really good.

Scott had a visit with his neurologist last week and is not happy as the goal posts have been moved. We had understood that if he made it a full year with no new seizures since the one he suddenly had last July, he would start weaning off the anti seizure drug. Now, instead, it will be months and he has to clear two more brainwave tests first. the first is at the end of the month with another sometime in December. In the meantime, he is NOT cleared to work a job, work on getting his DL, and is supposed to just keep doing what he has been doing.

While he is not happy, Dad is far more calm about this new development. He does not remember that night, but I vividly do. Am in no rush to rock the boat.

In the meantime, next Monday afternoon we see the eye doc. Now that we are both fully vaccinated, this and other things that have been put off, can finally be done. I have needed to go for quite sometime now as I am having some eye issues which seem to be slowly getting worse. Because of the virus and all, I have had to wait far too long to see the eye doc. Hopefully, things can be resolved easy.

Hope one and all have a great day and week.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Rick, I told George Easter about your experiences with the Edgar Best Novel winner (DJINN PATROL), and he said that his wife read it and was "underwhelmed." Yet BLACKTOP WASTELAND by S. A. Cosby, an outstanding book with much critical acclaim, wasn't even nominated. The Edgars too often suck.

Jerry, that Chloe Grace Moretz movie (SHADOW IN THE CLOUD) sounds right up my alley too. Thanks for mentioning it.

Todd Mason said...

Well, BLACKTOP WASTELAND is getting universal praise, on the lists I'm on including the Horror list at Indiana U, and is up for the Anthony...the Edgars have been too weirdly insular for quite some time, an opinion which has not endeared me to a hard-working juror on one set of awards on another discussion list.

pattinase (abbott) said...

You know this happens every year with the Edgars. Suddenly a bunch of novels you have never heard mentioned or reviewed turn up there. Now I think there are other awards that are basically a popularity contest so I am of two minds. But BLACKTOP is pretty much the debut of the year. Perhaps it is too violent for a mostly female group. I have no idea really.
Kevin-glad you can get to the eye doctor. My brother told me a few days ago he hasn't been in eight years, which frightened me.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Steve.
It was way too violent for me although Bob Odenkirk was fine as expected.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

That is very scary about your brother, Patti. Macular Degenerations runs big time in both sides of my family so I am always worried about that. It is never a case of if, but when it first gets diagnosed and I am at that age. But, other things are going on too so we shall go and hope for the best.

The Edgars have always struck me weird. I thought it was just me and that I was missing something. I feel better now.

(believes he is not a robot, but if he is, requests an upgrade of several critical systems)

TracyK said...

I am very happy that you were able to have Megan visit for several days, Patti.

Not much new going on here. On Mother's Day weekend I picked two movies: Joker with Joaquin Phoenix and Avengers: The Age of Ultron. The Avengers movie was much more fun. Joker was a good movie but so disturbing.

Reading THE MIRROR & THE LIGHT, and it is going to take me forever. But I will finish it. It is good, but I like a faster pace in a book. And it is 757 pages. Reading POIROT AND ME by Suchet in between, and just purchased a bunch of books of essays.

Rick, I have ordered a book of E.B. White essays and I am expecting to enjoy it. (Because of your post on Reading E. B. White.)

JJ Stickney said...

Happy to hear your good news on Megan. Our son, who works remotely, was able to satay with us for a month and he got his 2 shot vaccine locally in that time.
We just finished the last Tom Barnaby/ John Nettles episode of Midsomer Murders. Can not stand his replacement so we are casting about for another British police procedural that we haven’t already watched.
Agree that For All Mankind is worth the time. I love the slightly real feel of surrounding events.
Reading the Ames book you recommended, good stuff.

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Yay! You're still here!!
So am I - we havent died!!
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!!!!
Follow us Upstairs then:
♡ ♡

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Looks like the spammer scum have found you, Patti. Comment moderation is a hassle, but it keeps these things off the blog.