Monday, June 08, 2020

Still Here

These beauty bushes are not long for the world. Although the robins who have "sheltered" in them are also fleeing. We had an uneasy relationship so I am glad for that. I need to clear all the weeds out of the cracks now. I sprayed them with vinegar and salt but still have to excise what's left.

I was invited out to dinner last night, which was oh so nice. So tired of cooking every night and ordering out for one just never seemed worth it. I am managing to get to see people several days a week on my porch which is nice. We have had great weather lately. Really hope this is resolved before we head back into indoor weather.

Watched the movie, VAST OF NIGHT on Prime and it was terrific. Science fiction like was made in the 1950s. Still enjoying RAMY on Hulu and SRIGUM on PRIME. Reading THE POET OF TOLSTOY PARK for my book group. Also listening to MY MAN JEEVES on fm.libro. Still working on CITY OF NETS, which is lots of fun if you like movie history.

My brother called to say that reconfigured something and that the man we thought was my father is not. Glad I didn't contact those supposed half-siblings. Jeff (my brother) has a new candidate, but this guy never had kids and died long ago. I guess I will never be certain of any of this. I am waiting for my brother to give me an address from the 1940 census and see where that leads.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I can understand how you feel about ordering food for one. We've been cooking a lot more and also get stuff at the grocery we don't have to cook, but we are enjoying getting pick up or delivery food two or three times a week. We either get extra for a second dinner, or get enough to share for one meal, or sometimes we get an extra salad for future meals. Yesterday was our second order from our favorite Italian restaurant: one house salad, one fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and (warm) roasted peppers. The combination of the two was almost enough to fill us up. We got one order of eggplant parmigiana and spaghetti, and the portion was so huge (it seemed bigger than when I order it in the restaurant) that we ate the spaghetti and left over more than half of the eggplant for a second dinner (we will make our own pasta). In addition, we ordered four slices of their eggplant pizza (tomato sauce and slices of grilled eggplant) for another day.

The amazing thing is, we are being careful enough (unlike so many others) that we have been able to avoid gaining weight so far, despite not getting enough exercise, which we hope to change soon.

I haven't heard of that movie but will add it to Prime. We watched one on HBO the other night, Ad Astra, with Brad Pitt. I know it got good reviews (maybe the wide screen helped), but I also see why it was not a box office hit. It didn't keep my attention, Brad was nowhere near as good as in his recent Oscar winning performance, and I only kept one eye on it while I was finishing the Julia Spencer-Fleming book.

We finished the Belgian thriller series Into the Night (Netflix) last night, and I it certainly keeps your attention through the six short (35-40 minute) episodes as they race the sun trying to find a safe shelter as they fly around the world. I would be very surprised if there isn't a second series. The second series of Homecoming seems like little more than an appendage of the first one, so far. I like Janelle Monae but she hasn't had much to do so far. The second series of Dead to Me is getting more annoying each episode, with Judy in particular hard to take. Still watching Bordertown (Finland), The Valhalla Murders (Iceland; OK, but Trapped was much better), Srugim (Israel; I like this one a lot), The Brokenwood Mysteries (New Zealand; sort of like Midsomer Murders), Lewis (the episodes we've been able to get), Death in Paradise (another new Inspector), West Wing (up to his second Inauguration, season 4), NCIS, Outlander. Have also added Hidden (Wales), Queen Sono (South Africa; Jackie likes it).

pattinase (abbott) said...

Didn't much care for Ad Astra either. Yeah, Dead to Me was a disappointment. Homecoming was okay but over before I really got into it at all. Love Srugim. The characters are interesting and have depth. Saw first season of Brokenwood. I think West Wing is leaving netflix at the end of June so watch fast.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Thanks. I think Season 4 was the last we were going to watch (maybe 5). Aaron Sorkin left at the end of that season.

I just checked the list, and West Wing is NOT listed as leaving Netflix.

pattinase (abbott) said...

That was where I stopped watching it back in the day. Also it felt played out.

George said...

Our weather has been hot and cold. Yesterday we were in the 60s, tomorrow we may hit 90.

I'm scheduled for a haircut at SUPERCUTS on Wednesday. Diane has an appointment with her hairstylist on Friday.

And, the Big News is that the Buffalo and Erie Country Library is opening today! The branches will be opening next week. Finally, I can get some new books!

I am concerned about the prospects of a resurgence of the coronavirus because of all the protests.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Yay for libraries reopening! I'm afraid we are still weeks away from that here, but at least the city is finally at Stage 1. I agree about the resurgence, especially with the subway reopening to full service. They are demanding everyone wears a mask, but I do NOT believe there will be enough enforcement. Also, say you wear a mask to go into the station. Who is to stop you from taking the mask off once you are on the platform or in the subway car?

There is NO WAY Jackie would get on a subway now. The buses are a little better, but she won't ride one either.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Watching a lot of movies lately. Was especially impressed with the new 4k remaster of Jaws. Didn't much care for Ad Astra either. On tv been watching Barkskins on National Georgraphic and The Money Heist on Netflix.
Just finished reading Fair Warning by Michael Connelly and Nada by Jean Marchette. A bit disappointed in Nada. At least it was short.
Weather has been nice. At least I can sit outside and read.

Rick Robinson said...

You're going to take out those lovely bushes? Too bad.

Our big news was the installation of a new HVAC system; new furnace and A/C units. It took a long day for the job, and I admit I have some learning to do on the thermostat, but Barbara mastered it instantly and has the control on her phone so it's good. Everything seems to work perfectly, but the weather has been mild so nothing has really needed to kick on.

I'm not watching much (and NO NEWS), not reading much, not sure what I've been doing other than staring out the window. We did watch a few episodes of Building Off the Grid, just to see people wrestling with the elements and so forth. Also a couple of episodes of Inspector Morse. We both have been very tired, so afternoon naps are a habit now.

We're very eager for Goodwill and the Library Book Store (The Booktique) to open. We have a lot of things for Goodwill, clothes and such, and a ton of puzzles and books for the Booktique. Once that's cleared out, I can do some more organizing and weeding of the book shelves. Other than that, neither of us is eager to go out except for groceries and essentials. I wouldn't go to a restaurant, theater, mall or anywhere groups of people will be. I haven't left the house/yard since March 5, so over 3 months now, and since Barbara does the grocery stuff, I'm perfectly happy with that. I guess I always was kind of a hermit.

I'm glad you're able to socialize some, I'm sure it's good for you. Stay well, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I also have not been in a store since March and I am starting to wonder if I will be able to walk in. Now it seems like you have to understand the protocol! I badly would like to get more plants and mulch but I guess it's not going to happen so weed, weed, weed.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, really nice weather. And boy do I need a haircut but I am going to go gray. My hair hasn't seemed this healthy in a long time.

Jerry House said...

Jeff need not worry about gaining weight because I have been doing so for him. During the last three months I have gained enough for an entire zip code. Like Rick, afternoon naps have become a must.

Unfortunately, I do watch the news. Grrr! This time the protest response has been far more than I imagined it would be. Perhaps something good will come of it (fingers crossed) but our real hope is in November when we can vote the bastards out and start the long road to healing.

Erin is going to have a graduation ceremony! The County decided to hold the ceremonies in July at the Pensacola Bay Center, a large venue that holds major concerts and President Smallhands' rallies. Too many people and too dangerous for us to attend. **sigh**

Cristobel brushed by us with little or no damage. We have lucked out during the almost five years we have been here. Gulf Breeze is basically a small sandbar on the Gulf Coast so flooding is always a danger. Sly boots that we are, we are located on the higher part of the sand bar.

Protesters this weekend managed to block the 3-mile Pensacola Bridge that links the city with ours. Although we are in Redneck Central here, there is a growing number of people feed up with the status quo.

Watched THE VALHALLA MURDERS, INTO THE NIGHT, and the third season of THE TUNNEL. Just finished Season 10 of SUPERNATURAL so we are 2/3 through the series. Thank Heaven for streaming services.

Finished Max Allan Collins' GIRL CAN"T HELP IT, Arthur Conan Doyle's THE COMING OF THE FAIRIES (my FFB this week), two of Bill Pronzini's Carpenter and Quincannon mysteries, and Bill's THE PEACEFUL VALLEY CRIME WAVE. The Doyle was an interesting curiosity while the four mysteries were great entertainment. I especially appreciated PEACEFUL VALLEY, which takes place in a small Montana town in 1914 -- the writing and the characters, as well as the ambiance, evoked (to me, at least) Bill Crider's Dan Rhodes.

All is well here and, I hope, with you there. Take care, Patti.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I think I forgot THE TUNNEL up there. We never saw the original Danish-Swedish version (THE BRIDGE) but did see the U.S.-Mexican version (also THE BRIDGE), so are getting a kind of deja vu with this version. Oh yeah, he's the guy helping women. He's the sleazy reporter.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I heard that Florida Covid cases is on the rise due to opening the state. Be careful, House family!
I saw one version of The Tunnel but it has faded into the netherworld.

Gerard - who is not logged in said...

I watched Hulu's REPRISAL and enjoyed it quite a bit. It has some slow parts but I like the alternate universe they create. I started watching HOMELAND over the weekend for the first time. I suppose the one-sex-scene-with-nudity-per-episode is a requirement for a show on premium cable. I'm not complaining, of course.

Starting reading Anthony Neil Smith's latest novel, SLOW BEAR. He does better and better with each novel.

Rick Robinson said...

Patti, our local Nursery will now deliver plants, bags of mulch, potting soil, etc. they leave it in the driveway, but that’s better than nothing.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Yesterday it was 100 and the heat index was 112 before the front pushed through lowering things a bit. Dallas is opening about half of the library branches for curbside to go. That officially kicked off yesterday. We got a call asking if we could swing by Monday and get our stuff they had ready as they are swamped with hold requests and having to hold materials. Not only are they holding items for at least four days when you items in return bins that opened last week, they are also holding for at least four days when they transfer items internally between branches. We went over and got our first wave of 44 books. Most of that is graphic novel stuff for my son. Everything is laid out on the living room floor to air out and sit for a bit.

Dallas case count continues to climb again while the statewide figures indicate hospitalization are soaring. That aspect, so far, is not happening here. The climb is being blamed on Memorial Day and Mothers Day gatherings and the protest spike is not supposed to start for another week to ten days. Not sure I buy any of the explanations being given.

All I can do is what I have been doing and staying the hell away from folks. Have to go journey up to our old stomping grounds and have the car serviced at the dealer this morning. So do not want to do this. But, doing it now before things get way worse here again.

Our anniversary is Monday so things are hard right now. Heck, it is always very hard. But, this kid of stuff means it is super hard. It will be 3 years on 12/1 and it is not getting any easier.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sorry, I just saw this Kevin. Although I still am dealing with grief, the COVID 19 has overtaken it in terms of anxiety. I don't know how you endure the heat. We are usually lucky with heat, but let's not talk about winter.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Rick. I don't know how I missed this.