Monday, November 18, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

In the next week or so, FROM SEA TO STORMY SEA (Lawrence Block) should be available. My story used this painting by Harvey Dunn for inspiration. Can't wait to see the other stories.

Saw MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN and SOUTH PACIFIC this week. The second was at the historic Redford Theater, which plays classics on the weekend.
Couldn't help but wonder how many people in the huge audience at the Redford Theater was getting the message as well as the music of SOUTH PACIFIC.

If Norton was going to change MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, he needed to explain Robert Moses better and not just in one long speech by him (Alec Baldwin). These were important issues (and still are) and if addressed would be better in a tv series rather than a movie. I am sure the typical movie-goer would not know Jane Jacobson or Moses.

Trying to get into THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 by Ruth Ware.

Watching LINE OF DUTY on Acorn. VG. Finished the first season of SLINGS AND ARROWS and waiting for the second. Have given up on the three network shows I thought might be watchable. EVIL got too woo woo for me.Started THE CROWN. Thought it was a seamless transition to new cast. Wish Phil was here to give me the synopsis on Harold Wilson, Anthony Blunt. Thank goodness I have an iphone.

Hoping it warms up soon. This is too cold for November.



Margot Kinberg said...

I'm excited for that release, Patti! And lucky you to get to some shows; I haven't been to a show in too long...

Jeff Meyerson said...

Looking forward to your visit here next week. Also looking forward to seeing SCOTLAND, PA, a musical adaptation of MACBETH set in redneck Pennsylvania, which the NY Times liked a lot. Before that, however, both Jackie and I have to have wisdom teeth (one each!) extracted on Thursday. I thought all hers went years ago, but she had one left.

It was a quiet, cold week. Stayed in a couple of days, did some reading. We started THE CROWN series three last night. Also watching series three (Acorn) of THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL, set in India, which is colorful and well done. We've watched the first three series (so far) of LINE OF DUTY. There are five to date, with a sixth on order. Caught up on DOC MARTIN with series nine. (No announcement yet on if it will continue.) Finally watching SLINGS & ARROWS (4 of 6 in series one so far) and it is very good. Agree on EVIL. One episode was enough for us. We are still watching STUMPTOWN, and Jackie watches several things I don't - BLUFF CITY LAW, TREADSTONE are two that come to mind.

Jerry House said...

Looking forward to the Block book.

Christina and Walt headed off to a new makers' market to sell their soaps early Sunday so he had Jack for the night. Always a pleasure. Despite decent weather, the market was sparsely attended. Bummer for Christina and Walt.

Mark was home from college for a couple of days. We really missed his smile and laughter.

Since Mr. Beefy died last Monday, his brother Anvil has been confused and lost, going around the house looking for his buddy. Jessie and Ceili have been piling on the extra loves (as has Amy long-distance from Boston). We hope Anvil will start feeling better soon. Sometimes it takes the loss of a person or a pet to make us realize how important they were in our lives.

Watched and enjoyed the final season of THE MAN IN THE HIGH TOWER. the final scene, however, was just a bit too much. Also watching CASTLE ROCK and TREADSTONE as they progress, although TREADSTONE is too herky-jerky for our tastes. Maybe it will improve.

My new podiatrist fixed my foot so I can walk comfortably. That's a plus. I have a number of routine medical tests coming up that I'm not looking forward to, but my primary care doc tells me I appear pretty healthy. (As opposed to my wife, who not only appears pretty healthy, but appears pretty.)

Kitty is starting to get into holiday decorating, which should be interesting because she's also into the whole minimalist thing. She does all the decorating because my idea of decorating involves only bacon because I think bacon is beautiful and should be everywhere. Can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Have a fantastic -- and, i hope, warmer -- week!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Jerry-you should have a standup act. Hope Anvil comes around.
Can't wait to see you, Jeff and Jackie. Thanks for finding a show to see on a Monday and at a good price.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Patti, meant to mention - in case you didn't see it - Lesa Holstine had a review of the Block book on her blog yesterday and mentioned you, as in "Patti Abbott, Charles Ardai, and Jan Burke wrote intriguing stories."

I meant to mention how young Rachel McAdams looks in the first series of SLINGS & ARROWS. She was 24 but seems even younger.

George said...

Congratulations on the story in FROM SEA TO STORY SEA!

Temps are moving out of the 20s into the 40s later this week. No major snow storms forecast this week.

I'm chipping away at Library books again. It's so easy to REQUEST books...hard to get them read by the DUE DATE!

Plenty of good movies open THANKSGIVING week. Diane really wants to see the Mister Rogers movie.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Wow. Jeff. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I have to agree with you on Motherless Brooklyn. Too self consciously arty. Probably see Ford vs Ferrari this week. Maybe The Irishman but because of it's length I may wait until it shows up on Netflix in 2 weeks. Been watching the third season of Handmaid's Tale and looking forward to the last season of The Man in the High Castle.
Been reading Book of Bones all week and still not finished. For some reason John Connelly's books are slow reads.
Patti-don't worry about messing up my copy of The Widow. It's just a paberback.
Hope the weather is milder when you go to NYC.

YA Sleuth said...

Will be looking for your story--sounds like a really great collection.

I'm becoming more impatient with network TV--I find the plot(s) too predictable, or character developments unearned (if that makes sense). Reading Lisa Jewell's THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS--surprised by the many perspective shifts, so far entertaining.

Looking forward to getting back to THE CROWN.

Gerard - who is not logged in said...

Boy #1 earned Life rank in Boy Scouts yesterday. Now he needs a Eagle project.

My wife bought a series of tickets to the Overture Center in Madison because she really wants to see HAMILTON. The show is in town over the next two weeks or so and I'm not sure if I or Boy #2 will go with her. Part of the ticket package included SPONGE BOB and she took Boy #2 to that a month or so ago. But they were seated in tiered seats that are very, very steep and Boy #2 freaked out from the height. They left after only 15 minutes or so. I think she was able to change the seats from that last show.

Rick Robinson said...

Our weather remains the same as the last week or two: mid to high 50s days, mid 40s night, either sunny or cloudy, with occasional showers. We need rain, but we're getting barely hundredths of an inch now and then.

Since I watch little TV other than PBS Newshour and some sports, all of the things you and the others say you're watching are blanks to me. We were happy the Oregon Ducks won their college football game on Saturday.

I'm reading steadily, but slowly, and am having problems with enough books for two posts a week. If I read an oldie for Friday, that's the book I'd put for current reading too, but that feels like a cheat. Thoughts?

I seem to be reading more short stories, though many are quite long, than novels lately. Is my attention span eroding, I wonder. I'm looking forward to the collection you're in, though I'm not a Block fan.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Rick-Why not review a short story for one or the other. I loved to hear about shorts I missed.
Gerard-I earned a GOD AND COUNTRY badge as a girl scout. I took it seriously until I discovered boys. I have a terrible fear of heights too.
YA-first two episodes of THE CROWN were terrific. I really like the actor playing Philip especially.

Rick Robinson said...

Good idea, Patti, but if I do Friday an old story anthology, don't see how I can do one of those for Monday... I'll figure something out.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Just do a story or two, Rick.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Obviously, Olivia Coleman resembles the Queen much more than Claire Foy. I like the Philip too, though I think he sounds more like the real Charles than Philip.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, Rick, my grandiosity "This week, let's compare in detail the following editions of the Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, and the NY Public Library Desk Reference..." is not the most sensible approach, frequently, if you have any sort of life...I happily seek out reviews of stories on their own, you might note...or part one of the anthology review is Current Reading, part two is FFB...

Someone has re-entered my life and helped give it more everything. Including happiness, definitely.

And when I've taken the time, I've watched the ROMPER STOMPER tv series (which I didn't realize at first was a quarter-century-later sequel to the fine film, which helped put Russell Crowe on the map for US audiences), and have been particularly enjoying MRS. FLETCHER among the series new to me. Starz's import of DUBLIN MURDERS is welcome as well. My returned friend made sure I finally saw GET OUT. HBO has THE LIMITS OF CONTROL up this month...see it if you'd like a kind of philosophical parody of spy/caper films. I like it even better each time I look at it.

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

Hang in for season 2 of Slings and Arrows. It's so worth the wait! -Kate