Monday, December 17, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Phil is out of the hospital after three weeks plus. Regaining his strength is going to be hard work for both of us but it is good to have him home. I owe so much thanks to the people who helped me, sent flowers, cards, phoned, offered me rides, took me shopping, picked up things for me, drove me to the hospital, took me out to the movies, for coffee, a drink, dinner. Too many people to name but thanks a million times over. Thanks to Todd for doing FFB again and again and again.

THE AMAZING MRS, MAISEL is making me happy. It is like seeing a mini Broadway play each time. Chuck (from the TV SHOW CHUCK) grew up to be a real hunk btw. Yes, I know she is a very privileged person and a poor mother, but boy it is pretty, and so entertaining. You only need one Mary Richards in life.

We are pretty much housebound for a while so good TV makes a difference. Also thought HOMECOMING was pretty good.

So grateful for UBER. I used them about a dozen times and every driver was as nice as could be.

Also grateful for the prepared nutritious meals I can get at my local grocery store. Who has the energy to cook after a day at the hospital. They are close to restaurant quality but less $$$

What about you guys?


Anonymous said...

So glad Phil's home! Wishing you both strength and peace for the healing process.

Jerry House said...

It is so good to have you back, Patti! And especially good now that Phil is home. I realize that there is still a long haul ahead of you but things seem to be heading in the right direction. I'm also chuffed that there is someone like Todd who has the time and energy to fill in on Fridays.

Anyway, reading your post this morning makes me want to happy dance.

Things are happy here on the Panhandle. Jessie has finished her radiation treatments and is now starting her chemo light. Fingers crossed, but things are looking very positive here. Walt and Christina are both doing well at work and their part-time soap business is picking up. They are expanding their product line, have placed some of their soaps in local shops, have gotten a small warehouse (no more soap prepared and stored on the dining room table!), and are scheduled to be written up in SOUTHERN LIVING magazine. Mark is doing well at his first semester of college. Erin is readying for her school Winter Guard. And Jack...well, Jack is still Jack. Ceili and Amy are both working part-time while going to school. And Kitty is still putting up with me while maintaining her ever-present grace.

I hesitate to call it happiness but it is surely schadanfraude...Trump's horrible, no good, very bad week. Sadly, it will take years for America to dig itself out of the hole he has put us in. **sigh**

With luck, our house will again go on sale this week. This time we have an agent who seems to know what she's doing.

Streamed all five seasons of WYCLIFFE and really enjoyed it. The last two seasons were especially well done.

I have to learn to duck. Yesterday we went to Lambert's Cafe (home of the thrown rolls) in Foley, Alabama, with the girls and the grands. There are now three Lambert's Cafes; the other two are in Missouri) and they are all destination restaurants. This is the place where dinner rolls are THROWN at you -- often from across the room. There are also people going from table to table, dropping free appetizers on your plate. The food is surprisingly good, down-home cooking and lots of it, putting Cracker Barrel to shame. Good time, good laughter, full bellies. We followed it up with a trip to the Tanger Outlet Mall where Kitty spent more money than we thought we had.

May this coming week (and the entire season) joy, peace, comfort, and more happiness.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill me in, Jerry. You seem to have the gift for being realistic yet always finding something bright in the horizon.
Yes, Margot, nice to stop going to a hospital every day. Although as Jerry said it is a long road.

George said...

Glad you and Phil are home safe and sound!

I was rooting for the Detroit Lions yesterday, but your field goal kicker fell prey to the swirling winds in New Era Stadium and missed the potential game-winning field goal so the Buffalo Bills won. Now the Bills get a worse NFL Draft selection. Sigh.

I was dismissed from Jury Duty. It was an interesting case, but the Crime Scene is five minutes from my house so I think that worked against me. Diane is happy I'm not serving on a Jury the week before Christmas.

Patrick will fly in from California on Thursday and Katie flies in from Boston on Friday. Plenty of trips to the Airport in the week ahead.

We're getting a slight "warm-up" this week: temps in the 40s. If this keeps up, no White Christmas for Western NY.

And, I am very happy Todd Mason stepped up and kept FFB going during your absence. Todd is terrific!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Great to have good news, Patti.

I wish I had good news to share, but this has not been a good week here. Last Sunday I basically destroyed my right shoulder in a bad fall at home, spent five hours in the ER, and have not really slept well or been pain-free since. The orthopedist took a look at the x-rays and didn't need to see me, but sent me directly to the surgeon. Surprisingly, the latter saw hopeful enough signs that rather than go directly to surgery, he suggested I rest for three weeks. He will do a new set of x-rays and decide if it is healing enough on its own, or if I need surgery, which would be a shoulder replacement.

Yikes. Not as bad or long a recovery as knee or hip replacement, apparently, but major.

In the meanwhile, I can do nothing, and Jackie yells any time I try and help. Now she appreciates how much I do normally. I can't drive and she doesn't, so we got a guy from the building to move it on alternate side parking days. I can't make breakfast or wash the dishes or do the laundry. Ans sleeping is a nightmare. The sling can be removed but I tend to wake up every hour. I'd probably be better off sitting up on the couch all night. Jackie has a recliner coming from Amazon this week.

Did I mention that Florida is probably out? Even without surgery there will be weeks of physical therapy, and driving 1300 miles is unlikely.

Jeff Meyerson said...

A few more things. We're cooking more, which is good, but have to go shopping and get it home. We had an order delivered for the first time.

I really can't concentrate on reading with all of this, other than the odd short stories.

I agree on HOMECOMING and MRS. MAISEL. We're also watching season two of WANTED (Aussie), season three of BERLIN STATION (I am not enjoying it), season six of WILD AT HEART, a few others. Amazon Prime has a very good new Jim Gaffigan stand-up special.

So, just trying to hang in until I go back to the doctor on January 2. And yes, it makes you grateful for all you usually have.

Be careful out there

Al Tucher said...

Good news about Phil!

Rick Robinson said...

So glad Phil is home! A little more work for you both, but...home! It sounds like you have a good support group around you, Patti, which is great, as is seeing a post from you. Wonderful.

Here, it's normal December weather, maybe slightly warmer, but we've had a good deal of rain and are staring to catch up to expected totals. Lots of snow in the mountains, but nothing lower down (we're at just 600 feet) so no problems with driving our hill. We baked a bunch of chicken breasts and made two large casseroles, one chicken enchilada, and the other chicken-broccoli. We had dinner from each and froze the rest for future meals. We do that sort of thing a lot, it makes meal planning a cinch.

Our Fuchsias are still blooming! They should have died back more than a month ago, but we have yet to have a hard freeze. No white Christmas here, though we are decorated and ready for the day. Waffles for Christmas breakfast, lasagna for dinner, football in between. Ah, but that's still eight days away.

Rick said...

You don't know me.
Though I am a faithful reader of this blog, I've only posted here a few times--less than 10.
I've been following your and Phil's travails and hoping for the best for you both.
I'm glad Phil is home. Good luck and best wishes.
~Rick Libott

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Rick L. That means a lot. Don't be shy if you have anything you want to say.Or do be shy if that feels right to you.
Rick R. I have always wanted to visit Portland. I still hope to make it. It always has seemed like my kind of town.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And Jeff-you never think about that happened in an apartment that is all on one floor, do you, but i trip over the two tiny half-steps in my ranch all the time.

TracyK said...

Very glad to hear Phil is at home, after all that time.

Todd Mason said...

Also glad that Phil is home, and that Uber is working out so far. This is year that entirely too many of my friends and acquaintances will be happy to be. done with. I'm glad you, Patti and Jerry, are hanging in, and that you, Jeffrey, might be able to avoid surgery/replacement.

As I didn't quite say in reply to today's post, MAISEL features excellent performances from Alex Bernstein and Marin Hinckle, and Zachary Levi, and no one's doing a bad job among the cast. I like the Palladinos' cleverness, and generally like the series.

And wow...thanks, worst (when Blogger is Acting Up), doing FFB is still a great opportunity to look in on everyone's reading and blogging, and to make sure everyone's in and the links are right. Along with getting the word out about the list, as seek to do every week. Music reviews also welcomed. If I manage to squeeze a few more ergs out, I might even find myself doing Overlooked A/V again.

Everyone take care. And watch the deceptively flat surfaces.

Gerard Saylor said...

I was helping my parents out from Sunday-Tuesday. Being homebound can be very tough.

Glad to hear the news that Phil is out of the hospital and that you accepted assistance from others.