Monday, September 24, 2018


Enjoyed spending midday Saturday with all four of Kevin's grandparents listening to him play at Younger's Irish Tavern in Rome. Romeo is a charming town although sprawl continues to threaten it. Kevin came to play from his first cross-country meet. Kids today are really busy. Happy to hear middle school is going well.

A lot of strange TV shows, which we try to remain open to. Case in point: FOREVER (Amazon). Phil couldn't get into it at all but I moderately liked it. A little too vague though even for my tastes. I wonder if MANIAC (Netflix) is going to be more of the same.I couldn't get through the first episode of THE GOOD COP though. As a review said, only Tony Shaloub could pull this one off.

We were able to enjoy a dinner out with a friend and I enjoyed my first book club meeting of the fall where we chose the first three books to read. Always a challenge. We are very different readers.

Enjoying another Peter Robinson book (IN A DRY SEASON) and hoping I didn 't read it ten years ago. Oh,well. I should keep a list.

How about you?


George said...

I'm thrilled that the Buffalo Bills--17 point underdogs--shocked the NFL and all Bills fans by beating the Minnesota Vikings 27-6!

Cool weather finally arrived in Western NY. Very refreshing!

I saw Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 11/9. Our country is so messed up! Poor Flint!

I'm almost caught up on my Library books!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Afraid to see Moore's film. Flint is a travesty that doesn't get enough attention. Much like Puerto Rico.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Yea, Bills! That was the shocker of the day. I was happy the Giants also got their first win, and the Lions beat New England! And Dallas lost, so a good day all around.

I'm really enjoying the cooler weather, even though it has still been humid. 60s and 70s is so much better than 80s and 90s.

TV. We've been trying new (to us, at least) shows on Netflix (mostly) and Amazon Prime. Currently watching MINDHUNTER, SAFE, DEADWIND (our second Finnish cop show), REBECKA MARTINSSON (Swedish; not a big fan so far), the first JACK IRISH movie. We watched the first episode of MANIAC, which was very hard to follow, but will give it another try tonight. On Saturday nights we watch an episode of MIDSOMER MURDERS (we're up to series 11), and have started rewatching our DVDs of JONATHAN CREEK, a terrific "impossible crime" series by David (ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE) Renwick, with Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin. We tried one German series (DARK) but it was dubbed rather than subtitled and we didn't bother. Actually, I'm anxious to get back to series two of favorites we've enjoyed: WANTED, GLITCH, DICTE (Jackie's favorite), FAUDA. No interest in THE GOOD COP, especially after the awful reviews, and we haven't tried FOREVER yet.

Jerry House said...

Jessie's operation went well, pending results of biopsies and tests. Still a lot to do until she's in the clear but we're very hopeful. The day after the operation she bundled off with her girls and Mark to reptile show; Mark came back with a ball python for his dorm room. (His previous python -- Rolo -- dies six or seven months ago.) On Sunday she was too wiped out for either church or the beach. She's wisely taking it easy now.

Mark seems to be doing well in college, at least we think so. Mark is a man of few words.

The blazingly hot weather seems to be breaking. Mark has about forty days to get in shape for his marathon; the last few weeks he has not been able to run as long or as well as he has wanted. He feels that he might not have his usual good time in the marathon but, come hell or high water, he will finish the course. (BTW, we recently saw a bumper sticker that read "28.6" and in small type, "I got lost.")

We're on a SCOTT & BAILEY binge (we just started season 4) and Kitty is amazed how much she likes the show. Earlier we watched the first two seasons of UNFORGOTTEN, which we enjoyed.

Library books are piling up and I haven't been able to do the pile justice. I did read Brian W. Aldiss' THE BRIGHTFOUNT DIARIES, his first book, adapted from a series of sketches he wrote about a young bookstore salesclerk. I also read Reed Farrel Coleman's COLORBLIND, the latest in his continuation of Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone series. Coleman (like Ace Atkins with Parker's Spenser series) reads much better than Parker.

I know nothing about football (or sports in general) but I'm happy for George and his Buffalo Bills. 27-6! That's a lot of homeruns, or baskets, or whatever. In any event, here's wishing the Abbott's a winning week!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sad that Parker is not up to the Atkins/Coleman level of writing. Or was it just the later books. I loved the first 6-8.
We liked Scott and Bailey too except for the abbreviated last season.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Like George's Buffalo Bills the Detroit Lions pulled off an upset against New England.
Have Maniac on my to be watched list.
Not watching to many shows right now other than The Deuce and Better Call Saul.
The only movie I saw this week was Life Itself. A friend had free preview tickets so at least it didn't cost anything. Worst movie of the decade. Just awful.
Read some good books. The Dinosaur Artist by Paige Williams, a non fiction book about amateurs who find and sell fossils. Better than I make it sound. Also read Close Her Eyes by Sarah Pinbourgh which I also liked. Now reading The Infinite Blacktop by Sara Gran with George Pelecanos new one on deck.

George said...

Guess who's on the cover of the latest issue of MYSTERY SCENE that just arrived? MEGAN ABBOTT!

Megan is everywhere!

Rick Robinson said...

Cooler weather is welcome, we got some gardening done after going to the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon's "Plantfest" a Saturday ago. Plus we went to the nursery yesterday and put in a few things. I'll finish the planting today while Barbara is working out.

I have 7, count 'em, 7 library books lined up here and am struggling to catch up. I need to watch less football, a waste of three hours per game. I need to do better.

Our cat is gone and we really miss her, but it's too soon to think about another one. I'm sad every day, though.

I need to reorganize our garage. Everything has just been put down willy-nilly for a while and needs organizing. I may start on that today, or I may just go back to bed. Haven't been sleeping well.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I think my Mystery Scene expired. Maybe I have one more.
We have the smallest garage and it is so hard to even get the trash cans and car in there.
Yay, Lions. Not finding much to watch either, Steve. Not really into MANIAC but will watch the fourth episode. TV is getting a bit too quirky.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I still recommend the Aussie shows - WANTED and GLITCH. Quirky, maybe, but in a good way. And I think you might like the Danish DICTE. She has two very close friends who are involved in her life regularly.

Gerard Saylor said...

I signed up to volunteer at the beer tents for Trek Bicycle's hosting of the CX Cup race this past weekend. CX stands for cyclocross which is a mix of hills, dirt, rocks, and pavement. The course is very twisty and turning with a lot of elevation changes over the hills. It is an international racing league so I guess it is a a big deal within the cycling community.

I was volunteering as part of my son's mountain biking team. The scheduling email assigned me to beer Tent #3 from 2PM-6PM on Saturday. Once I found a place to park I went to the first beer tent I found. That tent did not know their tent number and needed no help. They sent me to a second tent.
The second tent did not know it's number and needed no help. They sent me to a third tent.
The third tent did not know it's number and needed no help. They sent me to a fourth tent. The fourth tent did not know it's number and needed no help. They sent me to a fifth tent.
The fifth tent did not know it's number and needed no help. Seeing as how my directions only listed four tents anyway I said, "Fuck it," and ordered a beer. I then found out the beer was free so I hung around, watched the races, and had two more beers before I left.

Course map at,1&op_usm=0,0,0,0&iccEmbed=0&cache=on,on

pattinase (abbott) said...

We saw the first season of WANTED (second too) AND GLITCH. Liked them both. I think we also saw DICTE.
Your life, Gerard, sounds a lot like my son's. So much activity with his son, doesn't have time for a life of his own. Nor does his wife.

Jeff Meyerson said...

If you like SCOTT & BAILEY, Suranne Jones (Rachel Bailey) stars with David Morrissey in the second season of the BBC's FIVE DAYS. Each series is five episodes, each one day in a case. The first was about the disappearance of a young mother and two children. This second series has a young baby left in a hospital lavatory , possibly by a woman who - apparently - jumped in front of the train in which off-duty cop Jones was taking her mother (Anne Reid, from Last Tango in Halifax) for a dementia test. Morrissey in the railway cop. But all is not as it seems. I think it was broadcast in 2010 in Britain. It's set in Manchester.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Can't figure out where to get it. It says HBO films but it must be the UK version.

Gerard Saylor said...

Athletic practices and high school band take up 3-4 nights during late Summer and early Fall. It can be a drag after a time but is usually enjoyable family time. Winter will likely be fairly uneventful.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Patti, I think we must have it on Amazon Prime/Acorn. It says BBC and HBO. I do remember seeing the first series (2007), possibly on PBS here, but don't remember this even existing until Jackie was scrolling around the new offerings and saw it.

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Jeff Meyerson said...

OK, late comment. We tried, really we did, but could not get through the second episode of MANIAC. Maybe we're too old, I don't know, but life is too short. It is not for us.

Note to critics: The Emperor's New Clothes.

Gerard Saylor said...

TV topics. I have been watching THE DETECTORISTS on Netflix and enjoying it quite a bit. A low key Brit comedy.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Attention---When the Dallas Cowboys lose, I AM NOT HAPPY. You will not like me when I am NOT HAPPY. Do not make me come over there and whack you with my cane. There will be no more anti Coboys postings here. I, the fat man, have spoken.

Weather has cooled here in North Texas quite a bit and we survived the latest round of heavy rains/flooding here. Boy genuis is doing very well this semester at UTD as he continues to work towards his graduate degree in Criminology.

Reading wise, very much enoyed my review subject for today, THE MENANCE OF THE YEARS. Also very much enjoying the canon of Ted Wood. Aubrey Hamilton recently wrote about one of the books in a guest review deal she does each Monday for my blog and I have been working through them from the first book. Really good stuff.

(who beleives he is not a robot but is sure robots also think they are not robots)