Monday, May 14, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

RBG, the biopic of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which was more like a fan letter than any sort of critical study, but so what. Maybe she deserves it when you go through her accomplishments. She is certainly a role model for many young women. And managed to have a loving marriage too.

Enjoying THE LAST GOOD KISS by James Crumley and MAD MEN CAROUSEL by Matt Zoller Seitz as I rewatch seven seasons of MAD MEN. Yes, it holds up very well. And it seems even more relevant today than three years ago.

Sorry the series ATLANTA is over for the year. Each episode was special, different, sad. Donald Glover is a genius.

Finished my story for the Lawrence Block antho. Hope he likes it. And thanks to Jeff for reading it for me.

Incessant rain makes for green grass. But it also makes for incessant rain.


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I was happy to get a look at the story. It was very good, as you'd expect, and certainly fit the painting, more so than many of the stories in the other anthologies.

Had a nice brunch and walk from the Lower East Side to the World Trade Center with my sister and nieces, here from California to see the Harry Potter show. We met at my cousin's restaurant, and she was as lovely as ever.

Enjoying BOSCH and THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL on Amazon & Acorn, UNFORGOTTEN on PBS, and the second series of PRISONERS OF WAR, the Israeli series that was brilliantly developed into HOMELAND. Yes, it's different, as it concentrates on the returned POWs. But we're enjoying it.

Since the new PBS version of LITTLE WOMEN got so so reviews, we watched the 1994 Gillian Armstrong-directed version on Netflix, generally considered (and rightly so) the best version on film, with Winona Ryder so much better as Jo than June Allyson (or even Katharine Hepburn), Trini Alvarado as Meg, 15 year old Claire Danes as Beth, and 12 year old Kirsten Dunst as Amy, with Susan Sarandon (as Marmee), Christian Bale as Laurie, Eric Stoltz, and Gabriel Byrne.

I really liked BURNING BRIGHT, Nick Petrie's second Peter Ash thriller, and the third is on the way to the library.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Oh, and I am a big fan of THE LAST GOOD KISS.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Such a witty writer.
Yes that nineties version was the best. Why sully it with a lesser one. I stayed away too.

George said...

Diane and I are happy our downed tree was removed and our yard is completely landscaped.

We're in for a warmer week with a little rain.

The RBG movie hasn't opened here yet, but Katie saw it in Boston. The director had a discussion with the audience after the movie.

Rick Robinson said...

It was 88 here yesterday for Mother’s Day. Both of Barbara’s daughters contacted her, a rare occuranance, one by phone, one by text (inadequate, in my opinion). We ran the air conditioning for the first time this year. We did nothing special, fiddled in the garden in the morning, worked on a jigsaw puzzle for a while,

Today is Barbara's quilt group meeting, not here this time, so I’ll read, walk, loaf, maybe take a nap.

I’m happy you finished your story, I’m sure it’s a relief.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Also a big fan of The Last Good Kiss.
Binge watched Safe on Netflix and enjoyed it. Michael Hall with a British accent. Guess all the British actors were all working in American television.
A lot of rain here.
Reading Earl Emerson's Jackson Street. It came out last fall and escaped my attention. Much underrated writer. Read Shadow Man by Alan Drew and Stolen Lives by Jassy Mackenzie.Have a hold in for Paul Theroux's new essay collection and Ace Atkins new Spenser novel at the library. Enjoy Atkins Spenser novels better than Parkers. At least better than Parkers later ones.

Jerry House said...

We had a very good Mother's Day (much better than Trump's. who praised his mother and forgot Melania). Family portraits in the morning. (I can humbly say that every member of my family is more beautiful than the others.) We followed that up with a Mexican lunch with Jessie and her girls. Yum!

Jack's soccer team may be getting better. Last Friday they tied, 3-3. This time they had five kids show up as opposed to the three last week. Everybody tried pretty hard and someday they may actually learn how to play the game. Go, Green Gators!

Watching both SAFE and SIRENS and enjoying them both. i also watched the abysmally awful QUEEN KONG; I enjoyed the cheesiness but Kitty may never talk to me again. Finally saw BLACK PANTHER and was not as impressed as many others.

I'm having a hard time putting down Dean Koontz's latest even though I now I'll hate myself in the morning. Really looking forward to John Connolly's HE, and the new Ace Adkin Spenser just showed up at the library for me.

Jessamyn is doing well. The doctors are keeping her busy and are very hopeful. Chemo starts tomorrow. Amy's workplace (one building over from Jessie's) was evacuated this morning due to a bomb threat, so she went next door to visit with her mother. BTW, no bomb found.

Speaking of which, congrats on finishing the story. You da diggidty bomb! I'm looking forward to reading it when the Block anthology comes out. Stay safe, stay warm, stay happy.

Gerard Saylor said...

My children did not give me trouble when we did things for Mother's Day. My wife worked both days over the weekend. We bought some wood trim for the baseboards of a couple rooms and Boy #1 stained, measured, cut, and installed the pieces. Boy #2 helped with dinner on both days and came to grocery store with a minimal amount of grousing.

This weekend is the annual Dairy Breakfast which is always a fun time. Except that the polka band always plays at HIGH VOLUME SO YOU DO NOT WANT TO SIT TOO CLOSE TO THE BANDSTAND. Here is a sample from 2011 back when I used to do (very amateur) library videos.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I am not seeing a link, Gerard.
Sometimes I do wonder if this is a mythical family life circa 1950. Such simple pleasures, such harmony can't be real, a polka band?

Gerard Saylor said...

I guess the link did not paste in. Maybe this will work:

Polka has always been big in the Great Lakes region. I think Milwaukee, Chicago and northern Ohio all had popular bands.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I think you need to copyright that song. Thanks for the smiles.