Monday, June 26, 2017

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: These Anthony nominated PBO books will be priced at a bargain for the next week.


Salem Wiley is a genius cryptanalyst, courted by the world’s top security agencies ever since her quantum computing breakthrough. She’s also an agoraphobe shackled to a narrow routine since her father’s suicide. When her intelligence work unexpectedly exposes a sinister plot to assassinate the country's first viable female presidential candidate, Salem finds herself both target and detective in a modern day witch hunt. Drawn into a labyrinth of messages encrypted by Emily Dickinson and codes tucked inside the Beale Cipher a hundred years earlier, Salem begins to uncover the truth: an ancient and ruthless group is hell-bent on ruling the world, and only a select group of women stands in its way.

BIO:  Jess Lourey  is best known for her critically-acclaimed Murder-by-Month mysteries. Jess also writes sword and sorcery fantasy, edge-of-your-seat YA adventure, and magical realism, literary fiction, and feminist thrillers. She is a tenured professor of creative writing and sociology. Her book Rewrite Your Life: Discover Your Truth Through the Healing Power of Fiction, which walks readers through the process of transforming personal experience into page-turning fiction, released May 2017.

Jay Stringer was born in 1980. Born in the Black Country, he claims Glasgow as his hometown. He writes hard boiled crime stories, dark comedies, and social fiction.
His first three books, the Eoin Miller Trilogy explored the political and criminal landscape of the West Midlands. 
He now writes books set in Glasgow and New York. You can find more out about him here.


Anonymous said...

Good to know! Thanks for sharing, Patti.

George said...

This is a great marketing idea!

Charles Gramlich said...

cool. I've been seeing these kinds of promotions around. Wonder how they work.

David Cranmer said...

Excellent marketing.