Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Most Consistent Authors

I read Henning Mankell a lot while in CA. Somehow his themes, his setting, and his detective rarely let me down. He has just enough personal detail, enough police politics, enough stuff about what has happened in Sweden since 1990 to keep me going. And he's pretty good at plotting too.

What writers have rarely let you down? Who is your go-to writer?


Graham Powell said...

Rex Stout is number one for me. Every time I pick up a Nero Wolfe novel I know I'm going to be entertained. Among contemporary writers, probably Philip Kerr and Martin Edwards.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Just a few of many current writers:

Peter Robinson
Margaret Maron
Bill Crider
Lawrence Block
Marcia Muller
Bill Pronzini
Archer Mayor

Mankell would not make my list.

Jeff M.

George said...

I'm with Graham on Philip Kerr. Lawrence Bloch always delivers a good story. I'm a big fan of Bill Pronzini and Loren Estleman.

Richard said...

Edward Marston
Peter Lovesey
Bill Pronzini
Jeffrey Siger
Louise Penny
William Krueger
Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe only)
Ross Mcdonald

Richard said...

I have not read anything by Mankell.

Charles Gramlich said...

James REasoner, Ed Gorman, Joe Lansdale, there are three who have never let me down

Al Tucher said...

Lawrence Bloc, definitely. C.J. Box has been very consistent for a long time, although his sagebrush rebellion, anti-government views are becoming a little intrusive.

Al Tucher said...

Lawrence Block. Sheesh.

RTD said...

Colin Dexter's Morse novels were always winners!

Deb said...

Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine. Despite the door-stop size of recent books, I must admit they almost always hold my interest.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I would put Rendell and Colin Dexter very high on the list. Also Tana French and Laura Lippman.

RTD said...

Please recommend the one "must read" Mankell title; I want to include his work in my ABCs of Crime Fiction Challenge at Beyond Eastrod, but I want good advice from you and others about which Mankell book (and various other first-rate authors and books, too -- i.e., Rendell, Stout, Kerr, Block, et al). Please share your advice here or at Beyond Eastrod.

pattinase (abbott) said...

SIDETRACKED is one of my favorites.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Michael Connelly
Ian Rankin
Peter Robertson
Joe Lansdale
Robert Charles Wilson
China Mieville
Ross MacDonald
Raymond Chandler
Jack Vance

Jerry House said...

Max Allan Collins
Bill Crider
Ed Gorman
Joe Lansdale
Bill Pronzini

There are many more but these five come to mind most easily.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Has to be Grasham Greene for me, though I wish I could think of a living author but I am a bit too much of a magpie. Used to be John Irving but I had to let go many moons ago

pattinase (abbott) said...

Used to be Irving for me too, but I bailed around SON OF THE CIRCUS.

Bernadette said...

funnily enough I've just been reflecting on this issue because an Australian author I like has announced the end of her series (after 8 books). I realised with some surprise that there wasn't a dud in the bunch - that's quite rare I think. So Katherine Howell gets one vote for me

There aren't a huge number of others that spring to mind, especially not people who've produced a load of books like your Mr Mankell (I haven't read enough of his to know if I would put him in that category).