Monday, February 09, 2015

La Jolla

La Jolla Sunset
The thing I am most stocked up on out here is tea. I have seven boxes of tea and show no signs of throwing in the towel.

Everyone in La Jolla belongs to some sort of exercise venue. Despite being able to get outside to walk, run, swim, bike, play tennis virtually every day of the year, there is some sort of gym on every block. Sometimes more than one. You can't walk through the streets without seeing anorexic women carrying their mats to yoga or pilates or dance class.

I get very parsimonious about spending money on certain things here. I have been looking for a good price on a bottle of Clorox all week. I know I won't use that much and hate paying five dollars.

And yet in four weeks I have been to a play, three musical events, one dance event and four movies.Who's kidding who? Once I found out about Gold Star, I became unhinged.

Because I have no access to taking books out of a library, I buy books from them. Last year we mailed back two boxes. Phil is no better than me with this. So far we have bought over 16 books and downloaded four. All of these I could have had for free at my library 3 weeks from now.

I walk for an hour or two every day here but I eat more to compensate. Thus I always come home weighing just as much as when I left.

I can't unlock the door to this place. So I can only go out when Phil does and return when he does.

We spend more at the Sunday Farmer's Market than we do on the rest of our food. Organic food is expensive. Especially here.

I will never get over it being warm and dark at five each night. If it is warm it should be light outside, right?

The bookstore here never has any books on sale. How can a bookstore survive this pricing? And yet it is always pretty busy.

There is also a very good used bookstore here that is always empty. Why?

Everyone is always smiling here. I guess they know how lucky they are.

I find it funny when someone remarks on what a nice day it is. It is almost always a nice day.


John said...

I'm puzzled by your inability to unlock the door. Is it really complicated? Do you have to turn off an alarm or something?

pattinase (abbott) said...

My fingers or wrist cannot make the necessary turn--even after oiling it.

Gerard said...

I will never get over it being warm and dark at five each night. If it is warm it should be light outside, right?

I understand completely.

R.T. said...

Living in paradise has its ups and downs. When I lived in Bonita (east San Diego), I never wanted to leave. But, alas, the Navy had other ideas. So, as I whither away here on the Redneck Riviera, I remain envious of your ups and downs. Enjoy! Be well! Have pity on all of us who have been wrenched away from paradise.

Richard said...

Just buy the Clorox and pay it forward by leaving it for the next person. You can buy fresh farmer grown that's not labeled "organic" for less. Try lifting the doorknob slightly when unlocking. Enjoy the warmth and mild conditions, it's what you're there for.

A lot of those people in the gyms and clubs are taking classes, as opposed to just using the equipment. Barbara takes 5 classes a week, one every day (good thing though, with our rain).

Does that used book store have any old paperbacks?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, he does have old paperbacks but not much in crime fiction. Mostly literary.

Downs includes the ceiling caving in which is still not resolved. I think he owes us some sort of refund but not sure what to ask for or hold out for.

Will try your idea, Rick.

Gerard said...

All I know about La Jolla I learned from Camper Van Beethoven.

I try to get outside to exercise in winter but the darkness is a drag. That and my balaclava freezes over when I breath through it.

George said...

There's no Wal-Mart in or about La Jolla? That's where Diane buys her Clorox. You didn't bring any books with you? I always bring a couple big collections of short stories and LARGE PRINT books when I go on vacation. We just got 5 more inches of snow (our snow pack is over 21 inches) overnight. The temperatures are going to be around 8 degrees on Valentine's Day. You're lucky to be out of this arctic weather!

Cap'n Bob said...

Didn't Raymond Chandler live in La Jolla?

I lived in the Bay Area for 9 years and all that sun got boring after a while. I like Gallagher's line about Southern California--it's like a bowl of granola: whatever ain't fruits or nuts is flakes.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Patti, you should really try Florida next year. FIrst, it is light until at least 6 here. For us the wesather has been perfect, though I suppose Floridians would tell you it is cool. Normal for this time of year is about 75 or so and we've had a lot of low 70s and even upper 60s, with only a very feww days over 80 so far.

I was going to say what George said about Walmart. I buy a small bottle of liquid detgent for a couple of bucks and leave what's left when we go home.

The other beauty of Florida for us is. by driving we can bring a lot more stuff (including books and food).

We haven't seen concerts or plays but that is by choice, as there are many things available here, at various colleges and other venues. We've been to four movies so far and have rented several more. We have a DVD player in our room (Jackie gets what she wants). and by staying in the hotel we get breakfast every day, dinner three times a week (we only go to barbecue nights on Wednesdays), and daily maid service.

Jeff M.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We brought a book each and hundreds on Kindle. But I never seem to enjoy them as much on kindle.
I have already bought a lamp, a pillow and loads of household stuff--all I will leave behind.
Florida is looking pretty good about now but figuring out where to go sort of defeats us.
Soon I will be back in the midwest with you, Gerard.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A lot of them lived here, Cap'n Bob. It is awfully pretty.

Margot Kinberg said...

Patti - What a great collection of thoughts about La Jolla. It took me quite a while to get used to the weather in this part of the state, too...

Richard said...

Jeff's trying to pitch Florida, but the humidity can be an issue. Stick with CA.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I probably will because there is a lot to do in San Diego and we now know how to find it. Starting from scratch is sort of intimidating. And the rentals seem just as high after a perusal. And driving to FL in January seems as expensive as flying here with two nights on the road both ways. But we are thinking if a new place would sharpen our brains.

R.T. said...

At the risk of offending fellow Floridians -- I've lived at different times near Naples, near Orlando, and near Pensacola -- this state is a cultural wasteland compared to SOCAL. If you enjoy the arts -- which you do -- you are in the right place.

Ron Scheer said...

SoCal; you picked the right place to winter.