Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Not sure why I liked this show as much as I did. 

Medical Center

September 24, 1969 - September 6, 1976 

James Daly --- Dr. Paul Lochner 
Chad Everett --- Dr. Joe Gannon 
Audrey Totter --- Nurse Wilcox 
Chris Hutson --- Nurse Courtland 
Virginia Hawkins --- Nurse Evvie Canford 
Barbara Baldavin --- Nurse Holmby 

Dr. Paul Lochner (James Daly) and Dr. Joe Gannon (Chad Everett) are surgeons at a university hospital in the Los Angeles area. Medical Center focused on their lives, and the lives of their patients whom they would treat each week. The patients were new each week leaving lots of openings for guest spots. 

Dr. Gannon was more in the Ben Casey mode than the Dr. Welby mold as far as I can remember. He was also hunkier than either of them. This was the longest running doctor show (with Welby) until  ER came along. I haven't kept up with doctor shows since the first years of ER. My very favorite was ST. ELSEWHERE though. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, Patti, I remember this! It's been so long since I've thought of it, but I do remember watching it!

George said...

I'm with you on ST. ELSEWHERE. Most of the medical programs that followed were inferior.

Deb said...

Back in the day, we referred to Everett as Chad "Bunz" Everett... For obvious reasons!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Lot of babies named Chad over those years.