Friday, July 06, 2012


My review of Safety Not Guaranteed is here.

Patti Abbott, The Assistant, Bernard Malamud
Yvette Banek, The Great Mistake, Mary Roberts Rinehart
Joe Barone, On Beulah Heights, Reginald Hill
Brian Busby, TheChignedo Ship Railray, H.G.C. Ketchum
Bill Crider, Jack of Shadows, Roger Zelazny
Scott Cupp, Children of the Atom, Wilmar H. Shiras
Martin Edwards, The Public School Murder, R.C. Woodthorpe
Curt Evans, Man Missing, Mignon Eberhart
Ed Gorman, Hard Man, Allan Guthrie
Jerry House, Z is for Zombie, Theodore Roscoe
Randy Johnson, Umney's Last Case, Stephen King
Nick Jones and Nick Jones, Fletch, Gregory MacDonald, The Chase, Richard Unekis
George Kelley, The Deadly Isles, John Holbrook Vance
B.V. Lawson, Monkey Puzzle, Paula Gosling
Evan Lewis, Murder '97, Frank Gruber
Steve Lewis/Barry Gardner, No Sign of Murder, Alan Russell
Todd Mason, I Hear America Singing, The Autobiography of Gerry Mulligan
J.F. Norris, Case of the Petticoat Murder, Jonathan CraigLinkDavid Rachels Sin Pit, Paul S. Mitchell
James Reasoner, The Buzzard's Nest, Tom West
Gerard Saylor, The Specialists, Lawrence Block
Ron Scheer, Jim Marshall's New Pianner and other Western Stories, William De Vere
Bill Selnes, The Judas Window, John Dickson Carr
Michael Slind, The Gutter and the Grave, Ed McBain
Kerrie Smith, They Came to Bagdad, Agatha Christie
Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, Murder on the Side, Day Keene
TomCat, Follow as the Night, Pat McGier
Prashant Trikkanad, The Doctor, His Wife and the Clock, Anna Katherine Green

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