Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The cost of aging

We are faced with the probability of spending about $120,000 a year to take care of my parents who now require substantial help. Luckily my savvy brother has managed to parlay their modest savings into something that would allow us a few years of this sort of care. How does anyone afford this otherwise? It is obscene that people who worked hard all their lives often have to end it warehoused. Why don't we provide good health care in this country. European countries value it. Where did we go astray? Why is it better to spend our money on waging war?


Sandra Ruttan said...

I have no answers for you. Of course, we have a different health care system here.

Anonymous said...

The AMA decided it was time for doctors to stay rich, as they started to get rich at mid-century. That hasn't worked out all that well, even for most of the younger doctors, as insurance companies, Who Really Know How to Stay Rich, decided to cut out their useful tools/partners in crime as time went on.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thw whole thing is shocking. I can't imagine the sort of care some people must get. And yet how do we afford to care for people leaving work at 65 and living to 100. It is sort of daunting. The best generation has collected tenfold what they paid into social security I imagine.