Friday, November 24, 2006

Racism 101

Does it really count as an apology when you hire damage contol PR people to advise you on what moves to make? Does it really count when you say I shouldn't have said that over and over on TV shows. (You shouldn't have even "thought" that is the bigger thing--but do all of us have such thoughts?) No matter how much we claim not to be a racist, is it just under our skin percolating and waiting till a moment like Richards had to bring it out.
If I were being attached by black men, would my cries be racist ones or the same ones I would use if attacked by white men? Even if I didn't yell some racial epithet, would I draw attention to their color with what I said? In other words, instead of saying,
"Get away from me, you pigs" would I insert black in there somewhere.
I hope I never find out on both counts.
Will this ever be healed?

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