Monday, June 03, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

I am determined to find some things that are making me happy. And one is the lovely hydrangea, George Kelly's gift allowed me to put in my garden.There are actually two of them because they were having a sale. This was Phil's favorite shrub and we always had a bunch of them around before this house. Thanks, George.
The HULU show, CATCH 22, is making me happy. And rewatching DEADWOOD before I see the movie. Also the second season of FLEABAG. It starts strong and just keeps building. Liked the documentary THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM at the theater.

As I am knee-deep still in financial stuff and shredding my past, I am going to leave it at this.

What about you?

P.S. We are going to celebrate Sandra Seamans online next Monday. If you knew her or have anything to say about her, let me know.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Nice, Patti. I'm sure Phil would have loved them.

The highlight for the week (despite the awful weather) was Bob Seger's Farewell Tour concert on Thursday at Jones Beach. He still can do it at 74.

The weather has warmed up, which is good. The excessive rain is not.

We're enjoying several shows. One that was better than I expected was FOSSE/VERDON, with Sam Rockwell and especially an extraordinary Michelle Williams bringing them alive. We never mind subtitles - in fact, sometimes I think Jackie prefers them - so are watching the Spanish show THE MINISTRY OF TIME, reminiscent of the American time travel show TIMELESS (but better, less slick) and season one of the German DARK, which has understandably been compared to STRANGER THINGS. The latest series of BOSCH, based on one of the better books (TWO KINDS OF TRUTH), was very good and we raced through it. Also watching season two of the British LINE OF DUTY (investigating possible crooked cops), with the ubiquitous Keeley Hawes the target this season. Sat through six hours of the (very) loose adaptation of Richard Preston's THE HOT ZONE. Ebola is scary. The mini-series was mostly a snore.


Margot Kinberg said...

Those flowers are lovely, Patti. Among other things, they are life-affirming. Thinking of you...

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks for the recs, Jeff.
Thanks, Margot.

George said...

Lovely photo of those hydrangeas, Patti. Phil would have enjoyed them!

We have new appliances arriving today: new dishwasher, range, and microwave. Right now, we're playing the Waiting Game.

I'm rereading GOOD OMENS in preparation for watching the new AMAZON PRIME series. I have tickets for DARK PHOENIX later this week.

It's 42 degrees here in Western NY today. We're supposed to heat up to the 70s by the weekend.

Gerard Saylor said...

Wisconsin summer had a beautiful weekend start. I did not do much but my wife and I went out to our friends brewery on Friday and hung out for 2-3 hours.

This is the last week of school and I go down to IL to help out my parents for 3 days.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I will try to make sense of GOOD OMENS without having read it.
I have only been to Madison so don't have much feel for WI.

Rick Robinson said...

Lovely Hydrangea, Patti. How nice of George to gift it to you. It made me happy to see a Monday "Happy" post from you! As you know I don't watch much TV except PBS, but I'm glad you're enjoying the shows you do. Don't shred your past, but clean out and honor it.

Jerry House said...

Hydrangeas are Nature's way of letting us know there is good stuff all around us. So glad you are enjoying them.

School ended this week so shuttling the grandkids has been greatly lessened. Just as well; it's too darned hot to do anything during the day.

Our niece stopped by on her way to visit Kitty's brother in Florida. She's smart, funny, and great company. We laughed a lot and she got to spend time with our girls.

This weekend we'll be heading up to Atalanta to catch a musical performance of Rick Riordan's THE LIGHTNING THIEF and check out some interesting dining venues. A trip to the Atlanta zoo and to a cat cafe are also planned. Supposedly it will rain like stink while we're there, but who doesn't like a little rain?

Jessie, Christina, Erin, and Amy went camping this weekend so we inherited Jessie's two pugs for the duration -- something that made the cat very wary. They are bind, deaf, and senile but are very happy dogs and were great company. Last time they saw a young alligator near their camping spot; this time it was a baby armadillo.

Jessie has finished her last round of chemo --yay! Kitty has gone weekly to monthly chemo -- also yay! Kitty has finally stopped the Prednisone that she had been on for the last two years and going off that stuff has affected her sleep patterns great -- boo! hiss! -- but these effects should not last long -- hopeful yay!

In the meantime I keep muddling along, which is just fine for me.

I hope each week gets easier for you Patti. You have a lot of love and support out here.

Gerard Saylor said...

I imagine Wisconsin summers are much like Michigan summer. Both states get plenty of vacationers for lakes, woods, and weather that usually sits in the 70s.

I did recall one thing from last Friday evening. My wife and I were sitting at a beer garden patio when the friend-of-a-friend on the other side of the table said I looked like Jeffrey Dahmer. This is absurd. Everyone knows I look like Ed Gein.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Ha. Gerard. You are too much a family man to look like either.
Jerry-thanks and thanks for the great family catchup. Love hearing about such a wonderful family and how they are thriving.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

See this post return made me happy. The fact it has not started bing 104 plus every damn day also makes me happy. The fact that the dryer and the dishwasher both went down and were on the IL for a week did not make me happy, but the fact they were fixed and returned to the daily roster was a happy thing.

Was a huge fan of DEADWOOD so I was looking forward to the movie. Bored out of my mind after a half an hour and quit. It might just be me.

TV Wise---HARROW and KILLING EVE. Good stuff in very different ways.


Lastyear said...

Enjoying both Good Omens and the new season of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime and the 3rd season of Billions. Also Chenobyl on HBO. Liked the Deadwood movie but didn't love it. Liked the first episode of NOS4A2. Loved John Wick 3. It was over the top cartoonish with a death count of 167. Went Tuesday to see The Who at Little Caesars Arena backed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Great show. Remember seeing them in the mid 60's at the Grande Ballroom for only $3.50

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Last post was mine. Steve Oerkfitz. Not sure why it came up under Last year.