Monday, June 24, 2019

Thing That Are Making Me Happy

It was sad going to Stratford for the first time without Phil, but it still beat sitting at home. BILLY ELLIOT was amazing. An eleven year old boy does every performance (six months, 3-4 times a week) and he was sensational as was the entire production. OTHELLO is always a problematic play for me because it is hard to believe Othello would be so easily persuaded his wife was cheating. Although they framed it well as both racism and sexism at work.
PRIVATE LIVES is amusing but I most see it now as a piece of theater history. Beautiful staging and sets in all three. If you live close enough to go to Stratford, you will be rewarded.

Also saw LATE SHOW this week, which was okay but not great. Kaling's humor never quite works for me. It is always so predictable. But Emma was terrific. Actually all the acting was good and I like the writer's room insights.

Reading a Michael Robotham book, which is terrific. He is one of my favorite writers these days.

Finished FOSSE AND VERDON, which was pretty great. (FX). 

Three sunny days. I think that is our record for this summer. 

What about you?


Jerry House said...

Jessie had her port removed; the stitches come out this week. Now she has to transition from Cancer Girl to Normal Person, a total change in self-identity that a lot of people have trouble with. I think she'll do fine.

The more Trump missteps, the happier I am. (I'm also pretty scared of the possible consequences of his actions.) I am glad a light is being shone on the horrific conditions immigrant children are forced to live in at our border. (Also horrified that this could happen in my America.)

Reading a very interesting biography of Shirley Jackson by Ruth Franklin. Then I'll go on to read Jackson's HANGSAMAN.

Don't know why, but I'm enjoying the third season of RIVERDALE. We finished Season 2 of DARK and were more confused than ever. Also watching GOOD OMENS despite the petitions. Finally caught INTO THE SPIDERVERSE and enjoyed it immensely.

A tiny frog appeared in our living room and we discovered the cat has great stalking ability and absolutely no pouncing ability. We re-homed the frog to the front yard as the dumb cat preened herself for protecting us from THAT danger.

As always, I hope you have a fantastic week, Patti. And if any frogs show up in your living room please treat them kindly.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have never seen a frog around here. Great news about Jessie. A movie is coming out this fall about Shirley Jackson. Starring Elizabeth Moss. The director just did an episode of DARE ME. My favorite Jackson novel is WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE.
A very scary world indeed with the king of scare at the helm.

Margot Kinberg said...

Glad you enjoyed Billy Elliott, Patti. And as far as reading? It's hard to go wrong with Robotham...

Todd Mason said...

Well, at least he was too much a coward to actually start a new war, so far...perhaps this Could lead to John Bolton eventually out of the Admin, and free to bring his own suitcase bomb to Iran. Many congratulations, Jerry and Jessie!

Aside from watching 6K hits from the Czech Republic tote up on my blog over the last 24 hours, I've been catching some films and tv series...finally saw PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET (one long sequence of idiot-plot points, so ?almost? intentionally hilarious) and THE FACE OF ANOTHER (three big rocks in the tapioca, that if they come straight from Kobo Abe's novel...well, he was apparently a terrible student, but actually was in Med School, and should know better; otherwise impressive) and the second episode of CITY ON A HILL (fine, cast augmented by Sarah Shahi), and the rather better second episode of EUPHORIA, along with the consistently good OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT and LAST WEEK TONIGHT.

New issues of SALMAGUNDI, EQMM, AHMM, STRAND, ASIMOV'S. Straitened finances, but some magazines essential. Did splurge on the last TIN HOUSE the other fortnight.

Todd Mason said...

And glad Stratford remains a good time.

Todd Mason said...

Jordan Klepper's mostly serious documentary series KLEPPER on Comedy Central is Desi Lydic's DAILY SHOW special about sexism and attempts to redress it.

George said...

We're waiting for a landscaping crew to arrive here today. They were supposed to do all this yard work for us back in May, but all the rain has set them back.

LATE NIGHT was okay. I'm a big fan of Emma Thompson so I enjoyed her performance despite Mindy's flawed script.

I managed to whittle down my stack of Library books.

Diane is Deep Cleaning mode with Patrick, Katie, and Diane's sister, Carol, and our niece from Los Vegas all visiting us for the Fourth of July weekend. The Kelley Hotel will be full!

Jeff Meyerson said...

That is impressive. We saw the original BILLY ELLIOTT in London. I remember when they did it here that they had three boys alternating, so one doing it all is amazing. Frankly, I didn't love the show other than Billy. We've seen PRIVATE LIVES a number of times. Dated, yes, but we go for the stars - Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, others over the years. Agree on OTHELLO.

A week of rain here finally ended with a beautiful weekend. Saw Jackson Browne last night at the Beacon (first of four shows he's doing this week) and it was the best concert of his we've seen. We're staying at the Residence Inn on Broadway and 54th rather than going home Sunday night. This Friday: Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan.

Despite all the injuries, the Yankees won 8 straight this past week before losing yesterday. This weekend they will be playing the Red Sox in London.

Not home so can't access my reading. We're watching Dark, Shtisel season two, watched Good Omens, Brokenwood Mysteries (New Zealand) on Acorn, plus John Oliver (HBO), the surprisingly entertaining American Princess on Lifetime (set at a Renaissance fair), Perpetual Grace LTD, maybe a couple of others.

Gerard Saylor said...

My father went into the hospital very early on Friday morning and made the rest of the day a complete wash at work. I had trouble getting anything completed during the day but, fortunately, he is progressively recovering.

I took a decent length bicycle ride on Saturday. The first bike ride in a while and the weather was great. I need to do that more often if only because I won't tire out as quickly. That night my wife and I went out for beers.

The Boy Scouts set up the annual dunk tank on Sunday afternoon and I only lost my patience once.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I did a dunk tank once. Horrible when someone really goes after you (like my boyfriend at the time who thought it was hysterical). Hope your Dad makes a quick recovery. Jeff, do they have good rates there. I am thinking of coming to NY in the fall.
That is a houseful, George, but family is worth it.
Bolton gone is a dream come true but doubt it will happen.

Rick Robinson said...

Barbara's arthroscopic surgery on her left knee seems to have gone well, but she still has the dressing on it. She says it doesn't hurt as much, but she's on pain meds so she maybe doesn't know. It's been a round of medical stuff this last week, and more today as I see the diabetic doc in an hour. The weather has been nice, but we haven't gotten out in the garden much. I don't know if I'm looking forward to the debate this week or want to miss them. It's way too early with the election more than a year away. The neighbors, who seem to have hundreds of friends, had a very late pool party last night, so didn't get to sleep until after 1:00am.

Gerard Saylor said...

RE: dunk tank. There was a guy within the past two years that couldn't seem to miss the target. I was dunked a lot and ended up bruising my thigh because the spring powered board would drop below me and I would fall to land on it. That was a long hour.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Jackie got it because (a) she had the points for a free night, and (2) for whatever reason it was a category 5 - very low for NYC - and so cost her fewer points. The rates are not such a good deal, apparently. Jackie is checking the rates now, but she isn't finding anything she considers reasonable. There is another one on East 48 between Third and Lexington.

It was actually weird. The Residence Inn and the Courtyard are in the same building, with two different elevator systems. The Courtyard goes to 30 or so and the Residence Inn from 33 up to 60 or so. The breakfast room (for the Residence Inn) is on 3.

I thought you said drunk tank for a second there.

Rick, there is ZERO chance I will watch any debate in 2019, period. And don't get me started on these BS polls. Tell her to take it very easy on the knee. Jackie had arthroscopic on her knee about 10 years before she had to have replacement surgery, and unfortunately she fell on a trip to San Diego and hurt it again.

Todd Mason said...

I'm waiting for the debate performance to hasten Biden's collapse as a candidate. A Democrat without a racist bone in his body and without a history of at least quasi-racist and -sexist behavior and legislation (and enabling the increasingly berserk Thomas into the Supreme Court) can only be preferable...even the empty suit boys are preferable to Uncle Trump Lite.

But the ten candidates on the stage might or might not make for fewer patented Bidenisms.

Glad things are looking up, so far, for Barbara and Mr. Saylor, guys...speedy recovery. And good luck with your own diabetes checkup, Rick.

Still fond of ANIMAL KINGDOM, and BLOOD AND TREASURE is at least somewhat diverting.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Maybe I will try to find an airbnb.

Jeff Meyerson said...

These three consecutive rain-free days are only the second time it has happened since March.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And now I see heat is upon us.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Been a tough week for me grief wise.

Very glad that we have not gotten near 100 yet and the short range forecast seems to indicate it won't be happening next week. That makes me happy.