Monday, July 03, 2017

Things That Make Me Happy

So happy to see three terrific plays at Stratford: GUYS AND DOLLS, THE BACCHAE and HMS PINAFORE. Stratford never fails to impress with their terrific staging, acting, singing, etc. Truly they are the gem of Canada.If you are in traveling distance, try to get there.

Really nice to meet up with Brian Busby in Stratford. He is doing the final edits on his book on forgotten Canadian novels. It will debut in August. Grab a copy. I bet the title sounds familiar.

I am so lucky to have a friend like Todd Mason who helps me out whenever I need help. 

It is always wonderful to be in Canada where life seems sane again. Happy 150th to the best neighbors ever.  

What makes you happy this week?



Steve Oerkfitz said...
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Jeffrey Meyerson said...

That book does sound interesting to me.

Glad you had such a good trip. We had dinner with George and Diane and Patrick Kelley and it was a lot of fun (and a good restaurant, an Irish pub on 50th and Broadway). This week we're going to Connecticut (after the Fourth) to visit my cousin and spend a day at Mohegan Sun so she and Jackie can gamble.

We saw our 10th show, the British INVINCIBLE, but it was probably the weakest we've seen. Jackie was practically ready to walk out at intermission, and that never happens. And speaking of that, have you noticed how many shows these days are performed without an intermission? The Noel Coward and J. B. Priestley and Horton Foote plays seemed almost like throwbacks, with intermissions.

Not all positive, however:

Still having reading issues (this was the second down month in a row), and now my computer died and needs to be replaced.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, Megan just saw A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART TWO, which had none. A student of her wrote it. How nice is that!
I won't even go into the negative stuff. I really didn't need a Trump presidency this year.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Wow, Steve. I liked it but you really liked it. My grandson did not even though his parents did. He was very troubled by moving it to WWI.

Gerard Saylor said...

I'm happy for vacation time and sick time and health insurance.

My family took a full week to visit South Dakota a couple weeks ago and had a very good time. Our week ended in my having a mountain bike wreck on that Friday. I'm glad I was able to get a doctor appointment in my hometown the Monday after. I am now wondering if I broke a bone in my hand. I have to wait until Wednesday for an appointment but can get an x-ray and other treatments without paying a few hundred extra bucks.

I'm also glad I have sick days I can take off without risk of losing my job or pay. I don't have to show up sick or injured but can stay home and let myself heal.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Yes, A DOLL'S HOUSE was another. At least most of the "no intermission" shows are relatively short. Another more traditional show, with intermission, was GROUNDHOG DAY. I think the rest of the shows we've seen did have them.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm happy that Barbara's daughter in San Diego was able to visit us for 3 days. It was great to see her - it had been years - and she came with ought kids, who demand her attention 100% of the time, so it was peaceful for her as well. We took her to food carts, Multnomah Falls, and had a full dy of just hanging out.

I'm happy I finally have my new iMac all set up. It's always a pain in the neck to do, but once done it's nice to have a new, fast machine.

I'm happy the weather will stay in the Seventies for the next week or so.

I really enjoyed Hard Ground by Joseph Heywood, a short story collection featuring Conservation Officers in the Upper Michigan Peninsula. As a result, I'll be trying a novel in his Woods Cop series.

I'm happy the garden is looking so very good, in Summer glory.

We watched the 6 CD THE CIVIL WAR by Ken Burns, and it was even better than I remembered from having watched it when it was initially broadcast. Just superb. Now I'm reading abut the Civil War.

George said...

I'm getting caught up on my Library books. The weather here is terrific!

Rick Robinson said...

"without" kids

pattinase (abbott) said...

Ken Burns does amazing docs, doesn't he?
I am constantly trying to finish library books before fines start. My local library only gives a week if the book is less than six months old. Very trying.
Healthcare is so important. I don't know why it isn't our top priority-single payer for all.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I really liked that Heywood collection too.

Jerry House said...

Like you, I am happy for Todd, and for you and Bill, and George, and Rick, and for the many others who are part of our internet community. Noble people all.

I am happy that we had the Kangaroo for almost ten weeks while Christina and her older kids toured Europe. He is a joy and delight.

I am happy the Kangaroo went home yesterday, because he is a VERY ACTIVE 5-yer-old joy and delight.

I am happy for the Fourth of July, one of my favorite holidays.

I am happy for Mika and Joe. Just because.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Patti-The first post is not mine. Not seeing Wonder Woman for the 5th time. Did see it once though.

Gerard Saylor said...

One week checkouts for books is just plain silly.

Another thing I am happy for: friends who host a Fourth of July party every year. Lots of families there. It's nice to hangout, drink beer, and see the fireworks from their lawn.

pattinase (abbott) said...

One week is silly.
Sorry, Steve. I continue to wonder why he/she just can't be his/her self.

Rick Robinson said...

Just the opposite here, Gerald. Our poor terrified cat, under the bed since the explosions started yesterday afternoon (this written on the 5th) has finally emerged but is stilled easily spooked.

pattinase (abbott) said...

The Fourth has become a terror fest. Fireworks here for two weeks. And people setting them off in their yards. Huge noisy ones. Hate it.