Sunday, February 01, 2009

February Love Going Out

Meryl Reading.

Because I have been feeling overly emotional lately, listening the Bruckner's interminable 8th Symphony last night at the DSO (sorry Phil, I tried to get with the program) got me to thinking about people I love. So my first valentine for February goes out to Steve Lewis for doing such a terrific job of archiving the world we love around here. On Mystery * File Blog, Steve has put up his 1000th posting and his posts involve serious work. So my first valentine goes to Steve Lewis.


Steve Lewis said...

Hugs to you, too, Patti!

--- Steve

George said...

Steve Lewis is very deserving of your first Valentine. He even posted an article on his web site that I have forgotten I'd written 30+ years ago. Also, Patti, you need to limit your exposure to Bruckner if you want to maintain your emotional equilibrium.