Tuesday, February 12, 2008


By Pat Dostine. (See below for website)This picture reminds me of The Wire, one of the few shows we really look forward to. This year the showdown between Omar and Marlo has completely dominated the hour for us. Although I look forward to watching Gus Haynes (City Editor on the Sun) bring Templeton to his knees, and watching whether a alcohol-fueled McNulty will end up murdering someone to get police funding to investigate last year's "bodies in houses" story, it's the dynamics of the Street that holds my interest. It's playing out like a Shakespearean tragedy. How about you? Will Omar or Marlo persevere?


Todd Mason said...

Give that it's THE WIRE, everyone dies...or, as the script of one of this season's episodes puts it, "It's Baltimore...nobody lives forever."

I'll take this opportunity to re-advertise my TV GUIDE blog for THE WIRE (hotlink at my name, as well):


pattinase (abbott) said...

I'm right there. P.S. Will you have a story for me?

TM said...

We shall see. Perhaps part of the reason I love THE WIRE is that it's a Blown Deadline Production.

(My Why Watch THE WIRE piece: