Monday, July 15, 2019

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Saw WILD ROSE, which I liked less than I expected. It was like a documentary except it wasn't. Plus that Glascow accent was so difficult. A very nice week here although we could use some rain.

I have been watching PROJECT RUNAWAY. It is very soothing because Phil and I never watched it together so I have no memories of that. Any show we both enjoyed is hard to watch. But I am doing okay. Still running around with friends too much. At some point, I am going to have to learn how to stay home and face it.

Trying to finish EUPHORIA for my book group. Next book is on Flint Water Crisis. Dread that one.
Going to read CONVICTION (Mina) first though.
Three times in the last few days the name Michael Bennet has come up. What do we think of him at the Democratic nominee? Have to get the media to take notice because that is key. Although I think there are some fine candidates here I don't have much faith in them beating Trump. He's got too many cards up his sleeve.

What have you been up to?


Jeff Meyerson said...

Nice week here. Warm but without the humidity that can make Summer in the City so oppressive. That will be returning later this week. And we have only had one 90 degree day this year so far.

We went to see Earth, Wind & Fire at the Beacon this week. They always put on a great show. It was actually quite interesting judging the difference between the last time, at Madison Square Garden, which holds 18-19,000, and the 3,000 seat Beacon. The biggest problem was 12 guys moving around the smaller stage and all their equipment.

We tried to get through J. K. Rowling's second FANTASTIC BEASTS movie, but Jackie had to fast forward the last half hour, because who cares? Not us. And we're giving up on THE ROOK on Starz after three almost incomprehensible episodes. I get it, Myfanny (rhymes with Tiffany) has had her memory wiped, but she doesn't even seem to be trying. And what was the point of the auction scene this week? That's OK. I don't care.

Still watching mostly Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have the DVD set, but now that we found it on Prime, we are re-watching GAVIN & STACEY. It was created and co-written by James Corden and Ruth Jones, who play the main characters' sidekicks. Also a hoot are Rob Brydon as Stacey's Uncle Bryn and Alison Steadman's as Gavin's mother Pam. Try it if you need a laugh. We finished Season one of DARK (German), and are at episode 7 (of 12) of season two of SHTISEL (Israeli) on Netflix, and finishing up THE BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES season one (New Zealand) and PITCHING IN (British) on Amazon Prime. We're trying to finish up seasons and series before we move on to new shows and new seasons of ones we've watched.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I watched and liked GAVIN AND STACEY before anyone knew who James COrden was but will watch it again. Laughs are hard to come by. Keep meaning to start DARK but waiting for a return of focus.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Read Patti's Shot In Detroit and liked it a lot. Am now finishing up Mr. know It All by John Waters. Next up We Were killers Once by Becky Masterman. Have a lot of books on hold at the library. Afraid they will all come in at once. Especially looking forward the new Jo Nesbo and Adrian McKinty.
Finished Stranger Things on Netflix and was disappointed. Just got too silly for me. Especially disliked the banter between David Harbour and Winona Rider. Much better is City On A Hill.
Saw the new Spiderman. Not much else opening this week that looked interesting. Looking forward to The Art of Self Defense and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
Weather has been nice. Hot but that doesn't bother me. As long as my air condition works. I enjoy sitting outside and reading.

George said...

We celebrated Diane's 70th Birthday over the weekend. And my first Social Security benefit payment was direct deposited in my bank account. Yoo hoo!

I have an appointment today with my hand doctor. I'm hoping for another cortisone shot. The arthritis in my left hand is bothersome. My hand doctor gave me a cortisone short in January and it worked for about four months...and then the swelling slowly returned.

Our weather-guessers are predicting a Heat Wave starting at the end of the week: 90-degree temps for several days! Yikes!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yeah, I bailed on Stranger Things. Pretty decent weather, yes.
Happy Birthday, Diane! Those zero birthdays are tough.

Rick Robinson said...

I hope you're wrong about Trump. Wonderful weather here, high 70's, low humidity, the garden is blooming, the Lillies are starting to open. Everything is fine. We're getting up very early (4 a.m.) to watch the Tour de France every day (except tomorrow, which is a rest day) and enjoying it. I'm reading a mystery set during the Tour, Black Jersey by Jorge Zepeda Patterson, and enjoying it, too. Next I'll get back to the Heinlein juvenile novels with Tunnel In the Sky.

I've been trying really hard to eat right (very minimum carbs and sugar, more protein) and have managed to lost a couple of pounds, though that's not enough. It's kinda boring, too. **Sigh**

Jerry House said...

I'm optimistically hoping that Trump gets his flabby rear end handed to him in 2020. I'm tired of having my country being stolen away.

I'm glad you're taking things slowly. It's a difficult but necessary transition to make.

I'm happy that Barry passed us by with his expected 6 to 7-foot flooding. In very concerned about all those who were not as lucky as we were here. (Hoping Deb and her family are doing well.)

Signed up for a trial period on Acorn TV. Finally watched Season 20 if MIDSOMER MURDERS and a few other shows this week. But it's a bitch to log onto it on our television (don't know why) so may not keep it because of the frustration.

Our friend from Virginia had a business meeting in New Orleans so she flew her mother out from California for a little va-cay. They were there during the storm so they did not get to do much. They then drove over for a visit with us, staying at Christina's and hopping back and forth from there to Jessie's and to our place. We hadn't seem either of them for a couple of years so it's great to get together.

Yesterday would have been my mother-in-law's 96th birthday. I've often told the story of how she took out once to a Chinese restaurant and demanded to use a coupon from another Chinese restaurant, as well as ordering food the restaurant we went to did not serve. Anyway, in honor of her every year on her birthday we celebrate with Chinese food. This year all of us (and our guests) went to a Chinese buffet in Foley, Alabama. The food was fantastic and I managed to find the couple of pounds (and quite a few more) that Rick said he lost. Before eating, the ladies spent an outrageous amount of money at the Tanger Mall Outlet wile I took Jack to the playground for a couple of hours. All in all, a great 96th birthday celebration for Eileen and I wish she were still around to enjoy it.

Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow Jack turns seven. The little rugrat is getting too old and is becoming so mature. **sigh**

No beaching this weekend. It's Blue Angels weekend and, despite a number of activities cancelled because of the storm, the tourists, crowds, and traffic make the beach JUST TOO DARNED MUCH for us. Besides, we can watch the Blue Angels practice almost anytime. We just have to look up.

Enjoy your week, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I do believe that cutting out carbs in the key to weight loss but my god, they are in almost everything. So frustrating. We celebrated Eileen's birthday here, too, Jerry. A friend and I went to a great Asian fusion restaurant. Eating out three nights in a row has certainly put a few pounds on me. It's hopeless.

Gerard Saylor said...

Two days late again. I was out all day this past Saturday. I drank water and some gatorade all through the day but was still wiped out in early evening. I ended up sleeping about 11 hours into Sunday morning.

I've been very slack about reading. I have CJ Chivers book THE FIGHTERS about soldiers/Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq but have just been watching a lot of TV. I'm wondering if political fatigue is getting to me and stopping me from reading about anything recent.

I did finish listening to the biography HANDSOME JOHNNY about gangster Johnny Roselli. Roselli's crime career stretched from Prohibition into the '70s when he was murdered in Florida. Roselli worked under the Chicago mob but did so in Los Angeles. A charismatic, handsome, and charming guy who moved in some wealthy and famous circles.

I have a trip to Yellowstone NP coming up starting this Saturday. The trip includes a two day hike. I've been walking with a weighted backpack because I don't know if the altitude change will be difficult for me or not. I keep trying to get Boy #2 to walk along with the dog and I but he always declines. He is getting a lot more reading done than I am.