Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Forgotten Books, March 15, 2013

THE SPEED QUEEN by Stewart O'Nan

I believe that Stewart O'Nan can write any genre of novel, from a POV from either sex, set in any time period, and make it work. THE SPEED QUEEN, written in 1997 was his brilliant attempt at writing noir. The subject of a pre-publication controversy, O'Nan's original title was Dear Stephen King, but Doubleday changed the title under pressure from King's lawyers. (Later King wrote O'Nan a letter telling him how much he's enjoyed the book).

The book is framed as a series of questions answered into a tape player by murderer, Marjorie Standiford, nicknamed the Speed Queen because of her love of the drug and love of fast cars. Marjorie looks back at her life on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, her boyfriend, a car freak named Lamont, how she got pregnant, goes to car shows and learns to mainline speed. A story every mother yearns to read about their child.

Sent to jail for drug possession,  she is seduced by another inmate. When the two are paroled, they move in with Lamont, Marjorie finds out that Natalie is sleeping with Lamont, just as a $9000 drug buy turns ugly. Under the influence, the three hit the open road, murder an elderly couple and botch a gory, Charles Manson-like robbery at a Sonic before being chased down by the police. There is the possibility for a stay of execution as Marjorie tells her story. She maintains her innocence in the murders until the end.

The thing that sells this rough, raucous and sad story is the voice O'Nan captures so well. The entire story moves as if on speed. Apparently a play has been made of it. Can't imagine why no movie.

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and THE WEST WIND, Cyrus Townsend Brady
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Kevin Tipple, Patrick Ohl, BROKEN FACE MURDERS, Darwin and Hildegarde Teilhet


Ron Scheer said...

Great review, Patti. Wasn't Speed Queen also the name of some household appliance?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I think a washing machine.

Gerard said...

SPEED QUEEN does sound like a good one.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like a great book. I really will look into this one. Wish I'd waited until today to put in my latest book order.

Anonymous said...

Always such a nice variety of books here! And an excellent review of Speed Queen, too.