Monday, November 02, 2020

Still Here

I cannot imagine how the USA can survive another four years of Trump. Or the world for that matter. And yet the race has tightened in Michigan. Crossed fingers. I will certainly not be watching the returns on Tuesday night. Four years ago took way too much out of me. If Trump wins, one of the many things that will happen is that he will do nothing about Covid. And he will continue to service the 1% and forget the rest of the country.

Finished QUEEN'S GAMBIT (Netflix) and I think it was about the best series I have seen in recent months. Although I liked BORGEN a lot too, this was so beautifully presented and well-acted. Certainly they are my two favorites since summer. Watching THE BAY on Britbox set in the very strange town of Morecombe, which for some reason Phil and I traveled to the year we lived in England. It was fun that year to simply take a train to somewhere that seemed interesting. Morecambe was a mistake. Although it is set along water it seems to derive no beauty from that.  The beach and water are very dirty looking for one thing. THE BAY is a crime series and good enough to pass the time. Looking forward to the new Hugh Laurie series on PBS tonight. The one with Dawn French preceding it is quite odd.

Finishing up REBECCA, DEEP WATER, and CARY GRANT. All good.

My porch visits have ended as we settle into lower temps. A big loss. I have only one friend who comes inside the house and we are both careful not to expose ourselves elsewhere. Thank God for Kate. 

Thank God, also for my brother who sat in with me on my twice yearly call (usually it's a visit) with Merrill Lynch. I have never paid enough attention to investments, but Jeff is a whizz at it. Because I have done nothing for almost a year, I have more money than I did a year ago. Although that will end in two weeks with the purchase of a new furnace.

My hair is completely gray now. I have to say since I stopped coloring it, it is thicker and my scalp feels better. I am sure I look older though. But 20 years of dying my hair was enough for me.  

I have become a better cook during this period. I find myself doing interesting things with chicken and fish most nights. Too bad Phil isn't here to see it. I cooked for the first 25 years of our marriage and it was very dull indeed. He took over for the next 25 and was an excellent, imaginative cook.  He never made the same dinner twice.And now it is back to me and because I have so much time on my hands, I am putting more into it.

Halloween was pretty quiet although there were some kids out and some people left tables with treats on them out. There are not a lot of small children on my block. 

So what's new with you?


Jerry House said...

I remain cautiously optimistic about the election although part of me wouldn't put anything past Trump and his ilk. There's a good chance that some of his enablers in Congress are on their way out, though.

Chilly weather seems to arrived on the Florida Panhandle. At least in the morning, then it warms up. I don't mind it but it came as a sudden surprise. Hurricane Zeta missed us but the edge of it caught Pensacola and Escambia County just to the west of us; they're still working on picking up debris from Sally.

Television continues to be mainly old episodes of POIROT and the late night comedians. We did watch two horror flicks on Halloween night but both were so forgettable that I've forgotten what they were. Eventually we'll be in the mood for THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT and other fare, but not now, I think.

Not a single trick-or-treater was seen this year. What little candy we bought to hand out this year we ate yesterday.

The bridge to Pensacola was more damaged than originally thought; it will take a year at least to repair it. There are still some parts that are too dangerous to inspect and at least one barge remains jammed into the bridge. The suspension of tolls ($5 each way) on the alternative route (which adds at least twenty miles to the trip) has been continued to November 19. After that, it will be getting costly for some to get to work. The economic impact of the damaged bridge is severe on local businesses.

Saturday Christina got a call from Jack's principal; Jack was exposed to Covid and has to be quarantined. We are Jack's caretakers while Christina works and she does not want to risk exposing us. So she probably will have to miss two weeks of work and stay home to school Jack online. Today he was supposed to start learning about division. Two weeks of being locked up with an active eight-year-old and trying to school him might well end up with some blood being spilled, or, at least, someone going insane. Add to that Jack not being able to see his friends and being easily bored, and GAACK!

Between the bridge and Covid, Kitty and I will be isolated from the family. A birthday get-together this weekend was cancelled, as was our Beach Sunday. Ptah!

A new era should dawn on Tuesday and things may soon be all lollipops and roses. I hope so. And I hope your week will also be all lollipops and roses, Patti.

Margot Kinberg said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed The Queen's Gambit, Patti. I've been wondering about that one. I'm glad you have some support with your investments, too. My husband and I have been working with our financial stuff, too, as retirement gets a little closer. Wishing you a good week!

Jeff Meyerson said...

I don't think Trump can win (Michigan or the country) without major chicanery, which of course is his specialty. But I am cautiously optimistic we will not be going through the nightmare of four years ago. I saw fairly early on that it was going to be a disaster, and took to bed early - like 9:30. They are talking a possible 500,000+ deaths by February from Covid, and yet he professes to believe it is all a media hoax which will disappear as soon as the election is over, and his (sorry) idiot supporters believe him.

But anyway. Our accounts have gone up this year too. If nothing else, since we got home from Florida there have been no trips, no theater, no movies, no concerts, almost no eating out. Granted, we are on the almost daily Amazon delivery list, but it is mostly just get food from the grocery or restaurants.

Now that you raved about the chess show, maybe Jackie will reconsider. We didn't care much for the David Hare ROADKILL with Hugh Laurie. Who exactly are we supposed to care about or root for? Just so unpleasant top to bottom. The second episode of THE UNDOING was my last, or Jackie will kill me for yelling at the screen. I found it unbelievable and idiotic, and Nicole's whispering is fingernails on the blackboard for me.

What have we watched this week? A lot, as always. We really enjoyed most of THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (other than the terrible end scene) on Netflix. I was particularly impressed with Sacha Baron Cohen's Abbie Hoffman. Of course, Aaron Sorkin felt free to change things around to suit his dramatic purposes rather than the facts at time. For instance, Bobby Seale was shackled and then severed from the trial in early October. Fred Hampton was killed by the cops two months later, not the same day. But overall, better than expected.

If you want to turn off your brain for a while, you could do worse than a movie I'm sure Bill Crider would have loved, BIG ASS SPIDER! on Prime. It's an updated 1950s giant bug movie, and a lot better than SHARKNADO. We also enjoyed the Dolly Parton documentary on Netflix, done on the occasion of her 50th Anniversary at the Grand Ole Opry.

Jeff Meyerson said...

For some unknown reason this made me cut this in two, so:

Sadly, we finally finished SRUGIM on Prime, a very enjoyable Israeli series. We did add another half hour show, TRUTH SEEKERS (also Prime), sort of a British comic take on THE X-FILES with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Frost is a broadband installer but also seeks out the supernatural, or it seeks him out. The first episode wasn't as good (or as funny) as I hoped, but it has potential. Watching SCHITT'S CREEK and THE GOOD PLACE, to fill out our half hour slots. So far, the latter is good but, for me, doesn't live up to all the hype. Jackie doesn't watch it but I am watching HIGH MAINTENANCE (HBO on Demand), last series to date. On the other hand, she is watching HIS DARK MATERIALS, I'm not (HBO).

Still watching the new REBECCA MARTINSSON and COMMISSIONER MANARA (both Prime), and have added another picturesque show on that network, THE MALLORCA FILES. This pairs a somewhat uptight British woman constable and a more relaxed German male Sergeant on the beautiful tourist island solving crimes. A second series is coming. This has ten episodes.

There must be a couple of dozen series we have saved on Netflix and Amazon Prime (some are Britbox or Acorn) that we haven't started yet, plus others that we have finished one series and not yet started the next one (DERRY GIRLS, RITA, DARK, RAIN).

Let's just hope that next week at this time we are not all in mourning for ourselves and the country.

Oh, one last thing, your mention of Morecambe. For years we traveled for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks with our friends Bob and Sue in Britain, going around the country buying books to ship home for resale (or to keep). Bob would pick an area and take me (the women entertained themselves during the day) to North Wales, or Scotland, or Southampton, or many other places. In Lancashire we went to Preston and Lancaster and especially Carnforth, which had a huge bookshop next to the railway station (which featured in BRIEF ENCOUNTER, by the way). One year, since we were in the area, we stopped at Morecombe, and it was as awful as you say. I remember when we left the town, Bob said we should call in an airstrike and wipe it off the map.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It is amazing that the beach, the water and the town fail to have any charm.I guess they ran out of towns to set British series in. Thanks for the recs, Jeff. I am following your lead and yes, the Hugh Laurie was dreadful.
Jerry, I envy you having all year access to the outdoors. We are going to have a warm week here but that will probably be it until April or May.
I am sure both my brother and my ML guy think I am too conservative with my account, Margot, but not as conservative as some friends who pulled every cent of their money out in 2008. If I had done that, which I wanted to do at the time, I would have far less security today.

George said...

Glad your brother helped you with your investments. Once the Covid-19 vaccine shows up, you'll see the Stock Market go up.

Snow fell here and the winds are still brisk, but tomorrow the weather begins a warming trend. By next Sunday, we're supposed to be in the 70s!

I started watching Season Two of The Mandalorian on DISNEY+. Love Baby Yoda!

Patrick leaves Pittsburgh tomorrow to drive to North Tonawanda. He plan to self-quarantine at his cousin's condo in Lewiston (about 20 minutes from here). Katie plays to drive home from Boston in a couple of weeks. It will be great to have the kids home for Thanksgiving! Stay safe!

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I really liked Queen's Gambit. Scott Frank can seem to do no wrong. Also watching Fargo and The Undoing. Rewatched a lot of movies this week including Open Range and Bad Times at the El Royale. Also liked Borat 2.
Reread Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama which I didn't find as good as I remembered it. Finishing up the new Ian Rankin.
Can't drive for awhile as I am walking with a boot on my foot for several weeks.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Glad to hear it, George.
I loved QUEEN'S GAMBIT. Best thing on Netflix since THE CROWN, especially in terms of production values. Money really helps a production and so too a great story.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Two more shows I forgot:

LOCH NESS (aka THE LOCH) (2017; Prime). a gay music teacher is found dead, an apparent suicide until it is discovered a piece of his brain was removed through his nose while he was alive. Then a heart from someone else (who we see chained to the bottom of the loch) is found on the beach, so it is apparently a serial killer. A hot shot Chief Inspector (Siobhan Finneran from Downton Abbey and Happy Valley and The Stranger) is brought in from Glasgow.

Also started series three of THE GOOD FIGHT, which I got on DVD from the library.

David Cranmer said...

My nerves are also on edge for this election though I'm (knock on wood) confident Biden has a better than average shot. I will be watching tomorrow but with enough alcohol to survive the evening either way.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Patti, I'm binge-watching HOUSE, mainly for Hugh Laurie and his infuriating character than anything else. I'm afraid it might switch from a medical drama to a medical soap opera, something like GREY'S ANATOMY. I hope not. I will be watching CNN over the next couple of days and hoping Biden breasts the tape.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I would love to see THE GOOD FIGHT but cannot justify buying CBS ALL ACCESS for one show.
I am sick with fear, David and Prashant. I would like to watch HOUSE but I get any disease they discuss.

Gerard Saylor said...

Halloween came and went with zero participation or acknowledgment. We did not even carve pumpkins.
I have one episode left the second season of THE BOYS. A series with a lot of blood and gore and some scary villains. My mind still wanders easily and I have given up on reading. I'm going to have to admit to it and return my library books and continue to listen to audiobooks.

I have been mentally preparing myself for Trump's reelection. Just as importantly I've been saying it out loud to hopefully help prepare my wife. I doubt it helps her. His reelection will cause more trouble but it will be the deep disappointment in my fellow Americans for falling for his con and ignoring his true nature.

I've dealt fairly well with pandemic trouble and stress. Having a secure job has certainly quelled a lot of anxiety. But, my father has now spent two weeks in the hospital (non-COVID) and that has added different worry. Things would be so much different with a competent President with an actual plan and a desire to do well.

Jeff Meyerson said...

We feel the same about CBS All Access. (I certainly wouldn't pay for Star Trek: Discovery.) CBS ran the first series of THE GOOD FIGHT last year, and we were able to get series two in the library in Florida this winter. I was surprised to see that our library has series three. In Florida, the library buys the DVD that has the whole season on one disc, but here they have three separate discs with 3 or 4 episodes on each. It really is one of the better shows.

Rick Robinson said...

We watched Ken Burns' THE MAYO CLINIC which was very good, and are two/five discs into his THE CIVIL WAR. This is my third time watching it, Barbara's second. So good, but slow at times.

We may watch some election result coverage tonight, but it's likely there won't but much that's definitive. I expect it will take a couple of days, and then if it's not a very clear majority for Biden, Trump will call it rigged, etc. and demand recounts and other delaying tactics. I expect it to be a nightmare.

It's going to get rainy here staring tomorrow, which is fine, we need it.

I read George Ballairs' DEATH OF A BUSYBODY, which I really liked.

Stay well, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Would like to watch THE MAYO CLINIC. Will look for it.

pattinase (abbott) said...

we can only hope at this point, Gerard. 538 is still convinced Biden will win. Of course, they were in 2016 too.

TracyK said...

I am very stressed about the election and I just want it to be over. I will watch Queen's Gambit once I read the book. We have been watching Person of Interest (in the last season now), Season 4 of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, lots of Animaniacs, and some movies (RED, Arsenic and Old Lace, and the Star Trek rebook from 2009).

I have never died my hair and it started turning gray early (it ran in the family). Since March I have not had a haircut so it is long for me, hits my shoulders. It has some curl at the ends, doesn't look too bad. I am enjoying it and my husband likes it too.

Gerard Saylor said...

My mother and brother turned gray fairly early. I'm 49 and I still have only a bit of grey by my ears. I've had one haircut since the pandemic began and my hair is, for me, super long.

The Topic Causing Everyone Stress: a facebopok friend in my town went to vote at about 7AM this morning and the poll line was stretching outside of the City Hall building. Good thing today's weather is warm with a high of 63 and no rain.

Todd Mason said...

Prashant: Sadly, HOUSE does get a bit soapy or at least a bit more farfetched than it can sustain by the last season or so. Saving money on cast meant some pretty unconvincing plot turns.