Monday, July 06, 2020

I'm Still Here

I MAY DESTROY YOU is very hard to watch because of the sexual violence against women (and men too). And also watching the sexual behavior of this group of people is itself hard. So many risky moments for a likable group of people. However, it is so well done, so in the moment, that you can't look away.  It is hard to find movies that develop an idea as well as television does now.
Enjoyed watching HAMILTON with the family. Miranda is a genius. I can't think of another musical able to impart so much information in that amount of time--and do it to music. Quite a production. Although there is an irony of a black cast presenting US history with so little attention given to slavery. Or even a man of color having reverence for a nation that has treated people of color so badly. I guess BLM really brings that home right now.
Listening to Peter Robinson.s BEFORE THE POISON. Reading the Frances Wees book, almost done, and trying to sort out my thoughts about it.
It has been in the nineties for a few days and is likely to continue for a week. ugh.
How about you?


Jerry House said...

The temp was 97 here on the Fourth so we continued to shelter in place. We did go beaching early on Sunday morning to avoid any crowds. A pod of dolphins put on a half hour-show for us a few hundred feet offshore, allowing us to start the week off with joy.

Nature got a little close in Christina's development. While they were away va-caying in Alabama last week, their neighbors reported a family of bears climbed their back fence to explore their yard for several nights. Walt had put up a large plastic swimming pool to keep Jack busy during the summer and the bears evidently had a great time with it. Sadly, plastic pools and bear claws do not mix and the pool was ruined. A few days ago, a neighbor was up very early and reported a large bear roaming their front yard; the bear was evidently three foot tall while on four legs.

Watched clips of Trump's race-baiting on the Third and the Fourth. Ptah! Between that and his urging his base to ignore the pandemic, I would say he can't get any lower, but in my heart I know he will. He seems to be losing his grip on both subjects and his attacks on Biden are getting nowhere, so there's hope. I shouldn't feel too cocky, though; I have to remind myself that the Democrats have a history of pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.

This week has basically been a short story reading week for me. I have been plugging through a couple of what George would call "big fat books" -- Otto Penzler's BIG BOOK OF GHOST STORIES and TH COMPLETE SHORT STORIES OF J. G. BALLARD. Two very different books, both well over a thousand pages, both enjoyable. I should finish them up this week or the next. I also have Max Allen Collins/Mickey Spillane waiting for me at the library, although they put books in quarantine for seven days before you can pick them up. Waiting for that (probably far-off) day when I can roam the stacks at will again.

I'm going for mindless television now, Watching the last season of RIVERDALE. It seems like every character is taking turns being bi-polar, and the worship of the late Luke Perry's character is way overdone. I understand that Luke Perry was a good guy and everyone on the show want to memorialize him, but -- sheez! Naytheless, I'm enjoying the show and its many impossible plot points and cultural references. And where were all the sex, drinking, plotting, saving the community, mad murderers, and hot young girls when I was a high school senior? I'm beginning to think I did high school wrong.

One thing I cannot do wrong is wishing you a fantastic week ahead, Patti!

Margot Kinberg said...

We watched Hamilton, too, and loved it, Patti. As you say, Miranda has so much talent. I wonder what his next big project will be.

Jeff Meyerson said...

No, we couldn't watch I May Destroy You. I don't care how well done it is, it just was not for us. HAMILTON? We'll see it someday, I guess. Both of us, however, hope it is not going to be another in the category with THE PRODUCERS or THE LION KING - something that just cannot live up to all the incredible hype.

Yes, we're here. Even though I doubt I've slept more than an hour or an hour and a half at one time, I do feel I am making slow progress with recovery. Yeah, it would have helped had the doctor given me a clue of what to expect. But he didn't.

I don't love the heat, but it's summer. We're shopping and cooking and eating and ordering food from restaurants. We like the open-air dining that seems to be all over the neighborhood here - it gives it a festive air we can all use - but I'm still not ready to eat in a restaurant yet, even outside.

We watched ACT ONE, which George recommended, from Lincoln Center last week, and enjoyed it. Also watched some favorite movies over the weekend - 1776 and THE MUSIC MAN. We did catch Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers in A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, which seemed an odd movie in some ways, but was worth watching. I think Fred Rogers was a special person.

Even though we are getting alarming crime rate stories here, New York is still on top of the virus to date, with infection rate around 1% and hospitalizations and deaths down. It is hard not to want to knock some heads together (I'm looking at Florida and Texas and Arizona) and yell, "Stupid!" But what do you expect when morons follow a Grifter President? It is going to take a long time for this country to come back from the damage he has done, with plenty of help from Moscow Mitch and a lot of stupid people.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

The 90's temps don't bother me. I'll take heat over cold anytime.
Enjoying I'll Be Gone in the Dark and Perry Mason on Hbo. And The Politician on Netflix. After finishing Dune I thought I'd check out the movie again. It was even worse then I'd remembered. Pretty much everything about the movie was terrible. Made up for it with Come and See, a 1985 movie about the horrors of Nazi rule in Belorussia during WW2. A very powerful movie.
Finally finished Dune than read The Kind Worth Killing a very clever crime novel by Peter Swanson which I liked a lot. I'll have to read his other books now. Now reading Colin Whitehead's The Nickel Boys which just won the Pulitzer.
I must be one of the few who has yet to see Hamilton. Not a musical fan but I'm curious after all the hype.
Going this morning for another eye injection. The first seems to have helped some. Unfortunately they cost a small fortune. $375 just for the medicine they use. Luckily my eye clinic found a third party that covers most of it as medicare doesn't.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I started the Swanson book but boy, I am listening or reading too many books at once. Starting to run together especially with Sommerdahl on Acorn or somewhere.
He will appear in the 2021 version of his first play IN THE HEIGHTS.
I keep meaning to watch ACT ONE. I loved the book when I was a kid.
Bears-that would really freak me out.

George said...

Diane and I watched HAMILTON on DISNEY+ and loved it. I'm watching WARRIOR NUN on Netflix and looking forward to Charlize Theron in THE OLD GUARD that will be available on Netflix this Friday.

Our string of 90 degree days continues. We're under a HEAT ADVISORY all week long. There's a chance we might get some rain this coming weekend which might take us down to the 80s. I feel sorry for people who don't have A/C. Because of the coronavirus, the cooling stations remain closed.

AMC has sent me email saying they intend to open "soon." Looking at the the coronavirus daily cases going over 60,000 per day, I tend to doubt this will happen. Stay safe!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, we might break the record here for days over 90. Looks like at least five more.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Waving hello from Dallas where the State Fair has now been cancelled, local medical folks are requesting military assistance, the case count is over 1K for the fifth day in a row, and the forecast is for 100 degree days with a heat index of 110-115. Oh, and we have had fireworks every night for ten nights in a row. Hoping for a break with that tonight.

I have had to push back my medical appointments to next month in the hope that maybe then I can do stuff. A good friend of mine was exposed by a nurse during a medical procedure last week and awaits test results which may not mean much of anything as the test was done on the same day she was exposed.

New neighbors down the ally were having all sorts of work done and the AT&T service got damaged and has not been working right since for us and my next door neighbor. Because of that there has been very little TV watching as we stream Hulu through the XBOX.

Hanging in as best as we can. Stay well folks.

pattinase (abbott) said...

This is what Michigan was like in April, Kevin. Hoping we don't get to that again but am not betting on it. There seems no hope we are going to get either herd immunity or a lasting vaccine.

Rick Robinson said...

Nice temperatures in the low to mid 70s here, though overcast mornings. Yesterday we had rain for about 45 minutes in the early afternoon, followed by sun the rest of the day. The garden is loving it and everything is in full bloom, even the Beebalm, a few weeks early.

Don't have the streaming special services, so no Hamilton for us. Maybe someday it will be available to everyone. I've been reading the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, and plan to move to short stories after that, as I have many anthologies waiting.

We bought a chair which, after waiting months (due to the pandemic) to get I didn't like. The return was problematic due to a hefty restocking fee, but finally yesterday we got that straightened out and a new, more comfortable chair will arrive soon. Tomorrow the arborists come and then we will be done with the years' expenses, we hope. It's been an expensive one.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I need a new more comfortable chair!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

ME TOO!!!!!