Monday, May 21, 2018


Megan came out for two days. It was nice to have her around although for too short a time. We saw a rather bad movie, she installed Roku for us so we could get Filmstruck on our TV, we celebrated Josh and Julie's 23rd anniversary, went out for three good restaurant meals and ate Arab food at home. We found a terrific new takeout place in a gas station. Am still hunting for a book to read.

Megan will shoot the pilot for DARE ME in August / Sept. Her new book GIVE ME YOUR HAND has been purchased by AMC and YOU WILL KNOW ME by Marti Noxon so lots of excitement for Megan.

Finished watching SAFE on Netflix and found it disappointing. Hate it when too much comes out at the end. Although I thought there was some nice moments and good acting.

Is there anything prettier than a redbud in bloom?

So what are you up to?


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Great picture of Meghan with Phil.

We saw ESCAPE TO (not FROM, as some critics would have it) MARGARITAVILLE. Jackie hated the first act, thought the second was really good. From the reviews, I wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't disappointed. As long-time Jimmy Buffett fans, we were familiar with all of the songs, but it was more a road company/Las Vegas-style time passer than a real Broadway musical. It's no MAMMA MIA, let alone BEAUTIFUL or JERSEY BOYS. But it was nice to get into the city on a beautiful Sunday without rain.

I've been enjoying several books without being knocked out by anything. We're really involved with the second (of two) series of Israel's PRISONERS OF WAR. As long as you let the HOMELAND comparisons go, this is well worth seeking out. Fortunately, our library system had the three discs from season one and four from season two (we're halfway through). We're enjoying the windup (two episodes to go) of the final season (sad) of THE AMERICANS, and we're a couple of episodes from the finale of BOSCH, season four. We're also watching THE INDIAN DOCTOR, set in South Wales in 1963, and WILD AT HEART (we're on series five, I think), both on Amazon Prime (or Acorn). The star of INDIAN DOCTOR was Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays DI Sunny Khan on the current UNFORGOTTEN.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Enjoying the (mostly) warm weather. Get to live in shorts and a t shirt.
Watched Safe. Enjoyed it but it wasn't great. Didn't see any movies in the theater this week, but watched a disc from Netflix-My Friend Dahmer. One of Dahmer's friends from high school became a cartoonist and did this originally as a graphic novel. I liked it better than I was expecting. Watched the Netflix series The End of the F***ing World. I liked it better as the show went along.
Read The Girl in the Spiders Web and enjoyed it. The first sequel to the original trilogy.
Reading All the Pieces Matter about the HBO series The Wire. Makes me want to rewatch it.
Jeff-I have no interest in Margaritaville nor Mama Mia or Jersey Boys(have always hated The Four Seasons with a passion).

Charles Gramlich said...

sounds like very exciting news!

Rick Robinson said...

Sounds like a nice visit from Megan, and good news about her books.

I had two library books came in, RAGGED LAKE, by Ron Corbett, which was nominated for best original paperback Edgar, and THE BLIGHT WAY by Patrick McManus, the first in the Sheriff Bo Tully series. The later is an ebook. I don't remember now why I decided to put a hold on it. The other I read a review and it sounded good.

Beautiful weather here, mid-70s, but will be warming over the next week, with high 80s for Memorial Day. We'll be having ribs and all the trimmings that day, a meal to look forward to. cream. The garden is abloom, it's nice to get outside and do a little Spring trimming and weed pulling, and just enjoy the sunshine. This is a beautiful time of year.

Gerard Saylor said...

Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast was Saturday. I suppose other states have dairy or farm breakfasts but, this being Wisconsin, dairy breakfasts can be a big events. It's one of the few occasions where ice cream is a legitimate breakfast food. The coffee is always super scalding hot as well.

I rode along with my son's mountain bike club on Wednesday evening as a adult helper. I road along with a group of middle schoolers and I was sucking wind during several parts of the ride. One of the assistants is a graduating senior who had podium finishes during last fall's season. Following behind her was nice because I could mirror her actions and try to learn by example. When she changed her place in the riding order I started to founder a bit.

I finally worked through four boxes of old papers. It took a while to separate into keep, recycle, or shred. A local bank held a shredding day this past Saturday and I was able to drop my two trash bags off and not do it myself.

Jerry House said...

It seems like every week I'm saying congrats to Megan. Count this week in as well. It's nice to see talent recognized.

Speaking of talent, Always-Late-to-the-Party Jerry finally began dipping into I BRING SORROW. The stories I have read so far have knocked my socks off. Great work, Patti!

Beautiful weather here.

Mark graduates high school this week. I'm getting old.

A lot of great books lurking on top of Mount TBR. For a bibliophile, I'm living the dream!

It's been a week without crises (in my home anyway -- not in the country). I'll take that.

BTW, there are many things as pretty as a redbud in bloom...a laughing baby, my wife's eyes, a Chagall painting, a cresting whale, and so on. But there is something wondrous about a redbud. To be in its presence while it blooms is a special moment in time.

I hope your week will be filled with special moments in time, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks to all of you for bringing joy to my life every Monday (and other days too),

Margot Kinberg said...

I like this feature so much, Patti. I'm glad you're doing it. And it's great you got to spend some time with Megan.

George said...

Diane and I spent a week visiting Martha's Vineyard. Patrick and Katie and some of their friends were running a half marathon there so we decided to go watch them. We stayed at a wonderful luxury boutique spa. Now we're in Albany on our way home. I can just imagine the pile of mail waiting for us when we return to Western New York!

Glad you and Phil got some time with Megan. Her star is really rising!

Gerard Saylor said...

I forgot to mention my congratulations on Megan's news. Taking on new jobs like that must be exciting.

pattinase (abbott) said...

So much fun to go to Martha's Vineyard.
Thanks, Gerard.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Congrats to Megan.

The fact that it has yet to start doing the 105 dance here in North Texas.

Getting to go to Michael Bracken's Texas writers bash this past Saturday. Had a very good time and held it together in public. For the most part.

Having a visit yesterday from my son, his wife, and both of my grandsons. The newest one, Jacob, will be five years old this Thursday. A few pictures went up on my blog late yesterday for those who wish to see.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend, Kevin.

Rick Robinson said...

I look forward to this post every week, Patti, to hear good news and happiness from all the contributors.

Todd Mason said...

Further, tardy congratulations!