Monday, November 13, 2017

Things That Make Me Happy

It makes me happy that Kevin is always inventing games even if I never quite understand them!

Really enjoyed a local production of A RAISIN IN THE SUN, which is more powerful now than ever. Well, at least as powerful now as ever.

Happy to have lunch with some old friends that have been going through the same sort of hard times we have but have not let it beat them down. Janet was a professor of folklore before her retirement. Andrea, a professor Italian. It was fun to compare recent reads, movies, tv, trying to stay away from the BIG TOPIC. And fun to hear they are having their first grandchild soon. The parents have not asked the sex, which I find incomprehensible. Why talk about the baby as it when you could take about it as she or he?

How about you? 

Oh, and this from Ken Bruen.
  Patricia Abbott's collection of stories are just electric
Utterly amazing
In any collection there are usually a few duds.
Not here
no way
The short story form is perhaps the most difficult to achieve artistry in
PA joins the very select few
Frank O Connor
Raymond Carver
De Maupassant
who has not only mastered this art but brought something entirely new to the genre
A dark captivating compassion.
gra go mor


Jerry House said...

Mark ran in the Pensacola half marathon yesterday morning and came in first in his age group and fourth overall! He ran it in 1:26:45, cutting 3:15 off his record. For reasons I can't understand, he was awarded an engraved cutting board. #??! #thatswhatilikeaboutthesouth

Our niece Lauren is down from Virginia for a week's va-cay with her boyfriend, his father, and the father's fiance. We all got together yesterday for a laughter-filled afternoon. Kevin's ability for inventing games must be contagious because Jack brought it to a new level while playing SORRY! with (Matt (Lauren's boyfriend), Brian (Matt's father) and Ceili. (They were playing ever-changing Kangaroo rules.) At one time Matt vowed to out-cheat Jack without realizing he was going against a five-year-old- expert.

A new doctor and a new course of treatment for Kitty's low level anemia seems to be on track.

Binge watched and enjoyed the two seasons of HAPPY VALLEY. Season three is due in 2019; looking forward to it.

The weather has been beautiful here -- averaging about 20 degrees below normal. But, hey, I'm from New England. A lot of Floridians on the Panhandle are bundling up. Wimps!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Ooh, I should have said Kevin won his elementary school's 5K race. He was unimpressed by the win, but his Mom, a high school state track star was elated.
Loved HAPPY VALLEY. Hope I am here in 2019 to see it.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I'm wishing the new season of HAPPY VALLEY was here now, as well as other Netflix/Amazon/Acorn series we've enjoyed.

Not the greatest week - when the temperature drops from a beautiful 74 to a record low 24 in 7 days it comes as a rude shock - but we're here, we're doing fine, Thanksgiving is coming.

Since they're not going to be on TDF any time soon, Jackie got advance tickets for two musicals she wants to see for the Spring, where the $99 price tag seems reasonable compared to current Broadway prices if you want to see something at short notice - THE BOOK OF MORMON and the forthcoming Jimmy Buffett musical ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE.

Nothing of major excitement, but I have been doing some reading, including the very good BIBLIOMYSTERIES anthology and Michael Connelly's TWO KINDS OF TRUTH.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Trying to read a Louise Penney after seeing how excitemed fans were about her in Toronto. But the books are so long and the pace is so slow I am not sure she is for me. But only 50 pages in so...

Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoyed a good night out with Lana at a good restaurant recently.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Never watched Happy Valley. Will have to check it out. Binge watched the 3 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies and Stranger Things. Enjoyed the new Michael Connelly. Skipped Murder On the Orient Express due to the mostly negative reviews. Looking forward to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri which I believe opens this Friday. Weather could be better.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Nothing better than a good night out, Charles.
November in Michigan. What could be more gray. Happy Valley is one of the very best crime series. Trying to convince my husband he can take it.

Margot Kinberg said...

A Raisin in the Sun really is a powerful story, Patti, isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed that production.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

HAPPY VALLEY is the one show that Jackie insisted on using closed captions for.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sadly, I am using them more and more. Tinnitus getting worse.
Thanks, Margot.

R. K. Robinson said...

Sorry, nothing this time for happy. Fighting my Diabetes numbers, have a PSA coming and eye appointments a-plenty. I hate medical stuff.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It is hard to come up with happy many weeks. Sorry, Rick.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Wow. Great endorsement from a great writer (one of my favorites). Congratulations!

pattinase (abbott) said...

What a nice man he is.

George said...

Great Blurb! Well deserved!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, George. I certainly never expected such a kind one.

Gerard Saylor said...

We attended the athletic awards ceremony at the high school on Monday evening. Boy #1 competed in cross country and mountain biking. He is not good at socializing and during the cross country potluck afterwards he sat off to the side by himself until I sat next to him and told him he cannot escape his father.

Boy #1 earned a varsity letter for cross country. My wife and myself were impressed but he was "Meh."

Boy #2 went to JZ Biztown last week. I went along on this a couple years ago with Boy #1. Their is a mini-city set-up indoors and all the students are given adult jobs like business owner, mayor, utility worker, banker, etc. Boy #2 was CEO of something and got excited about it. Students were supposed to dress the part and Boy #2 actually wanted to go out shopping the weekend before and buy a button up shirt.