Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just Tell Me What's Wrong With It?

Maybe I'm the only one who has stories like this. Stories that I like, like even like more than stories that have been published. And yet, they sit on my hard drive, gathering dust. With me, they tend to be humorous stories. Or stories I like to think of as humorous. Do you have stories like this? Stories where you can't pinpoint the problem? Stories that you send out over and over.

But once in a while, someone finally gets it. That happened to me this week with a story I really liked but sent to about 15-20 literary outlets over the last two years. This week Storyglossia took it and the editor's comment was, "Boy, you really understood irony here." So finally, someone's head and mine were in the same place. Or maybe we're both a little off.

I still have at least a dozen stories nobody ever got. Maybe I need to send them out again. Maybe my sense of humor has come into vogue finally.


Steve Allan said...

Congrats on placing the story. Humor can be very difficult to achieve. Hopefully the world is ready for the rest of your stuff.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I doubt it but thanks. So many outlets claim to love humor but I see very little of it in journals or on the web. The movies and TV have trouble with it. Maybe it's a more individual thing than horror or drama or crime.