Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Several blogs recently had talked about dreams. I only have (or remember) two kinds of dreams and pretty prosaic ones they are. The first type features various versions on the idea that I realize it's the math final and I haven't attended class all semester. The second type has me hunting through various rooms of a house, secret rooms that I hadn't known were there. Generally the rooms are old and dangerous. I never go outside.
My husband, on the other hand, has fabulous dreams. He's usually in a foreign country, often eastern European, and is often called upon to do valiant acts. I think he's channeling Olen Steinhauer.
Certainly lying next to him has not influenced my dreams at all. I never travel, never save the world. Only last night, he traveled across the ocean on the back of a whale, sitting in a deckchair.
I wonder if writers use up their imagination in the daytime. Do you have prosaic or exciting dreams? Do you remember them?


Steve Allan said...

I've been having weird dreams about ex-girlfriends lately. I either find that they're in some sort of trouble and need help, or that I'm at their funeral and I can't seem to remember their name. No riding any whales (unless you count one ex - I'm kidding). A friend suggested that it's just guilt for finding a place in life where I'm really happy.

As for imaginative dreams like something out of a Neil Gaiman story, I really don't have those. And I don't dream in crime fiction either.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Don't share the first bit of info with your wife. Dreams can be a tricky subject at the breakfast table.